My Take on Uhuru’s Speech at DeMathew’s Funeral

24 Aug


From a Netter responding to another netter:

You surely understand Gikuyu. Those knuckleheads spoke in Gikuyu most of the time. Remember De’Mathew was very close to UK. The latest popular song was on the debt we have to pay. It is from the song that Kieleweke and a few musicians spoke of no debt to pay but majority are for Ruto. Kabogo surprised me with the issue of one invited but refused to attend. I think Rao read the mood and knew who may get a standing ovation. He did well to keep off. Anyway Murathe represented Rao:)

My Response:

Unlike his father who mostly insulted people when he switched to the vernacular, Uhuru rarely does that and on this particular occasion, he was actually reinforcing his message of national unity. Indeed, the only person who has to worry in what he said is Ruto and his diehard supporters because the president is saying wachana na mambo ya ukabila and sowing seeds of discord, i.e., wachana na hate speech of the like we saw being hurled by one of Ruto’s supporters. Translation: If you badmouth Raila in Central, mtakutana na sharia and he is not playing–and don’t say you were not warned. NSIS wako na instructions and you’ll see haujaona if you want to test resolve coming from the top. Note how the good governor also warned about the same and you will know hii si mchezo.

Now, for KM saying “Central is with Ruto,” that is just wishful thinking. Again, nobody is arguing Ruto does not have support in Central, which he cleverly cultivated especially during the first term when Uhuru was asleep but, ironically, the very tools he used to garner the support is being deployed to undo the support and one by one we are seeing the outcome to the point soon you will not see anyone serious around him in Central.

When that happens, he will only count on the support in Central among those who have sworn never to vote for Raila for one reason or another, including tribalism akin to the racists in the US who will never vote for other than a white man–and votes the moron in White House is counting on much like Ruto will count on similar among the voters from Central.

However, the big difference in both the US and Kenya is, the racists are not enough to re-elect Trump and even when joined by non-racists, they will still fall short in 2020 much the same way those who hate or won’t support Raila on account of tribalism just won’t be enough to prevent Raila from gaining the 50%+1 he will need, especially with Uhuru and the system’s blessing.

Take that to the bank.

Netter’s Response:

That message was directed at musicians and folks in General. He initially said they need to be careful with what they say. When did Ruto get accused of such? It was over messaging. If he wanted to attack Ruto, message would have been on early campaign. Listen to the message from the beginning. Newspapers would have grabbed such message.

My Response:

Ruto is a very clever man and as a student of Moi politics, he learned from the master, not unlike others except Raila who is a master of politics himself 10 times better than Moi the only difference being he has yet to be sworn as president courtesy of the system that has been saying no but apparently not anymore. So, don’t expect Ruto to be peddling divisive, hate or tribal based messages; no, he pays and will continue to pay others to do that for him. We know that; Uhuru knows that and that’s what Uhuru is warning him about. If it was his father, you know what he would have told him in Kikuyu but Uhuru is far too diplomatic than his father and how he put it is as sharp as he could–for now, anyway.

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