Of Raila, MOUs and NASA Coalition

21 Aug

NASA Coalition(1)

A netter posted this in one of the forums I belong:

Benji Ndolo (@BenjiNdolo) tweeted at 5:06 AM on Tue, Aug 20, 2019:
I’m just curious eh, how is it possible for @RailaOdinga to run for President when he has a signed pact with H.E Kalonzo which was deposited with the Registrar of Political Parties a 2nd time? Kenyans we must be honest or nothing will ever work.

My response:

Because the contract has a force majeure provision that cancels the MoU owing to yet again another stolen and this time nullified elections. Kalonzo, a lawyer, knows this that is why you won’t hear him raise it as an issue unless he wants to join the ignorant like this one or pretend to be.

His response:

Thank you SO for the explanation. I see folks losing trust over these arrangements. Add Uhuru move and will see why it will be difficult to trust these politicians.

My response:

Making political deals and pacts is nothing new as its been around for as long as there has been politics; what is new since Kibaki days, is flagrantly shredding MoUs with impunity as was the case in Kibaki’s case. Less so in Uhuru v MM. The MoU with NASA does not fit the reneging model, definitely not as flagrant. So, there will continue to be deals like this and I have no doubt one is being negotiated right now between and among the key players.

His response:

The Kibaki one was unfair and mean. That does not make other deal-breaking OK. It only makes harder for other candidates to accept such deals. The also put communities at logger’s head as Uhuru is now doing to Kikuyus in RV. I still hope that Kikuyus stick with Ruto and reject Uhuru so that other can learn a lesson. I totally agree with you on Kalonzo and Raila. Raila did not win unless the agreement was to stick together come rain or shine. For Uhuru and Ruto, that does hold water. Uhuru and Kibaki sail in the same boat. Dishonest souls who must be condemned. If Uhuru is man enough, his word of sticking with Ruto after 10 years should stay. If the argument is that Ruto is corrupt, why not give us the evidence.

I dont think Ruto will make a good leader but what Uhuru has done to him must be condemned. The Kikuyus will continue to look very bad after the 2002, 2013 and 2017 conmanship. He is being called in Mt. Kenya a ngiri which forgets very fast. Believe, Uhuru will face a very hard time if abandons Ruto for Raila. If they stick to referendum and peace and Uhuru keeps off, that will be fine enough. If Uhuru goes to campaign for Raila in 2022, it will not go down well in Mt. Kenya for Uhuru. He will face opposition. It will be worse in the diaspora.

Right now folks are speaking ill of Uhuru and the best way to explain it are the songs below by Peter Kigia (Uhuru kumi, Ruto Kumi) and by late John De’mathew (We pay the debt first).

I am for honesty and not the Uhuru conmanship which started with Kibaki. Folks are saying Uhuru is selling fear.

My response:

You’re likely not to see this in the larger media but let me break it down for you and others here like this:

Ruto’s problems go far beyond whatever agreement he had between he and Uhuru. I can tell you without fear of contradiction that there are enough powerful individuals who knew from the day they lured Ruto to join Uhuru that he will never be allowed to become president of the country primarily because if he does, some people will see cha mtema kuni as never even imagined before. One of his minions inadvertently (moment of excitement) let the cat out of the bag in showing the true character of who you will have running the country and the extent of their shrewdness were Ruto to be president. Let me just leave it there.

Remember, the powerful people I am talking about are not just players in the game; they are the very ground the game is played on without which there is no game.

So, one can sob and wail Uhuru is walking away from his word, but those who matter and were instrumental in putting Uhuru in office to begin with are not losing any sleep over it, and that, btw, includes Uhuru who has his whole set of issues with Ruto not the least of which is Ruto’s conduct and things he said during their first term.

Some of these like rigging his people into elective office at the expense of Uhuru and his supporters is public information we have shared. But there is more and this one I’ll leave it there as well.

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