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My Take on Uhuru’s Speech at DeMathew’s Funeral


From a Netter responding to another netter:

You surely understand Gikuyu. Those knuckleheads spoke in Gikuyu most of the time. Remember De’Mathew was very close to UK. The latest popular song was on the debt we have to pay. It is from the song that Kieleweke and a few musicians spoke of no debt to pay but majority are for Ruto. Kabogo surprised me with the issue of one invited but refused to attend. I think Rao read the mood and knew who may get a standing ovation. He did well to keep off. Anyway Murathe represented Rao:)

My Response:

Unlike his father who mostly insulted people when he switched to the vernacular, Uhuru rarely does that and on this particular occasion, he was actually reinforcing his message of national unity. Indeed, the only person who has to worry in what he said is Ruto and his diehard supporters because the president is saying wachana na mambo ya ukabila and sowing seeds of discord, i.e., wachana na hate speech of the like we saw being hurled by one of Ruto’s supporters. Translation: If you badmouth Raila in Central, mtakutana na sharia and he is not playing–and don’t say you were not warned. NSIS wako na instructions and you’ll see haujaona if you want to test resolve coming from the top. Note how the good governor also warned about the same and you will know hii si mchezo.

Now, for KM saying “Central is with Ruto,” that is just wishful thinking. Again, nobody is arguing Ruto does not have support in Central, which he cleverly cultivated especially during the first term when Uhuru was asleep but, ironically, the very tools he used to garner the support is being deployed to undo the support and one by one we are seeing the outcome to the point soon you will not see anyone serious around him in Central.

When that happens, he will only count on the support in Central among those who have sworn never to vote for Raila for one reason or another, including tribalism akin to the racists in the US who will never vote for other than a white man–and votes the moron in White House is counting on much like Ruto will count on similar among the voters from Central.

However, the big difference in both the US and Kenya is, the racists are not enough to re-elect Trump and even when joined by non-racists, they will still fall short in 2020 much the same way those who hate or won’t support Raila on account of tribalism just won’t be enough to prevent Raila from gaining the 50%+1 he will need, especially with Uhuru and the system’s blessing.

Take that to the bank.

Netter’s Response:

That message was directed at musicians and folks in General. He initially said they need to be careful with what they say. When did Ruto get accused of such? It was over messaging. If he wanted to attack Ruto, message would have been on early campaign. Listen to the message from the beginning. Newspapers would have grabbed such message.

My Response:

Ruto is a very clever man and as a student of Moi politics, he learned from the master, not unlike others except Raila who is a master of politics himself 10 times better than Moi the only difference being he has yet to be sworn as president courtesy of the system that has been saying no but apparently not anymore. So, don’t expect Ruto to be peddling divisive, hate or tribal based messages; no, he pays and will continue to pay others to do that for him. We know that; Uhuru knows that and that’s what Uhuru is warning him about. If it was his father, you know what he would have told him in Kikuyu but Uhuru is far too diplomatic than his father and how he put it is as sharp as he could–for now, anyway.

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My Take on Ruto’s Reception at DeMathew’s Funeral


From a netter:

I have been watching the funeral service on Inooro. Ruto is now speaking. Those saying that Ruto does not have support in Central should have watched the reception. The most popular politicians there with the welcome and vigele gele remains Uhuru, Ruto and Kabogo. Folks insisted on Kabogo being introduced as a Governor. Waititu’s disaster makes Kabogo, now popularly known as Kaba (afadhali) Kabogo.

My response:

Speaking for myself, I have never said and neither would anyone serious say Ruto does not have support in Central; he does. His problem is not that he doesn’t have support there; rather, his problem is he ain’t seeing the inside of State House as president because the people who decide that (not voters) have said he won’t and that is the end of the story. If in doubt, ask Raila but I know you won’t be able to so just take my word for it or keep hoping I am wrong.

That being the case, it’s irrelevant who is popular today in Central, and that is not to say anything about what that would be more special than all other parts of the country. This is precisely what BBI is intended to fix and it shall, namely, and as Waiguru aptly put it, shedding the belief and mentality among some in Central that mothers did not only give birth to president material only among the Kikuyus and Kalenjins.

We have known this all along and preached it to no end very happy to finally see Uhuru and other powers that be coming to the same conclusion.

We know old habits die hard, meaning, we know there are many in Central still caught up in old tribal thinking that a Luo and Raila specifically cannot be president but the pharmacies will have enough anti-depressants to provide relief for those who will succumb to depression following Raila being sworn as president.

Same Netter:

Mzee Omwenga
Thanks for acknowledging that. Many are in denial. I did add “for now”. I do not think Raila’s heritage or being a Luo will affect him. It becomes an issue if the politicians drum their support using those archaic nonsense.

As whether Ruto will be denied state house by a few, I plead with you and those advising Raila to ignore and dismiss Ruto’s bid at their own risk. He stands a very good chance of winning it. Any serious poll today will see him ahead with double digits numbers.

Uhuru has not publicly shown his position. His actions favor Raila. For now, he is aloof.

Uhuru may be pushing his candidate the way Kibaki did and yes, the same wazee led by Kibaki, Nick and others tried to sell Mudavadi. He was totally rejected so I would be cautious of getting support from a lame duck president.

Moi tried it in 2002 and Kibaki in 2013.

With new constitution, the same advantage Rao will have can be used by Ruto since it wont be reserved for Raila. If I were Ruto, I would support it 100% and use to lure others. A powerful prime minister going to Mt. Kenya will neutralize board room plans by Uhuru. A split in Mt. Kenya will not guarantee Rao presidency. He will not get Eastern and Coast will be split btw them. Same in Western and Nep. That to me does not look like a win for Rao.

My response:

You say, “I do not think Raila’s heritage or being a Luo will affect him. It becomes an issue if the politicians drum their support using those archaic nonsense.” You are dead wrong. There are people in Central right now, today, who will not vote for Raila because he is a Luo. These are also the same people who will not vote for anyone other than a fellow Kikuyu, never have and never will. And, btw, nobody needs to prod them or openly drum their support; the sentiment is in their DNA. That’s a fact you cannot argue with.

Nobody was more shaken than these never Railas when the handshake was announced and these are the same segment Ruto is counting on and, strategically speaking, it’s the only card he has right now–unless the powers that be, starting from Uhuru change tune and give him the hand, instead of Raila. Chances of that happening are near nil, though. Fortunately for Raila, the most important among those who swore Raila will never be president as long as they had a say, which they do, they have changed tune and now not only say he can, they will do everything to make sure that happens and that’s just a matter of time.

You say, “As whether Ruto will be denied state house by a few, I plead with you and those advising Raila to ignore and dismiss Ruto’s bid at their own risk.” I am on record even in my column to continue saying Ruto is a formidable candidate who must not be dismissed, even with the thus far subtle support Raila is getting via the handshake. I am not alone this time (I was virtually alone preaching in the endless public postings and private pleas not to let Ruto go or to bring him back after he left Pentagon and I laugh how people like Miguna laughed me off in my dogged quests but that’s history now).

You say, “[Ruto] stands a very good chance of winning it.” I disagree only because it’s not much about what chance he has of winning via the ballot than it is whether the system wants him as president. Right now they don’t want him as president therefore his chances are nil notwithstanding the vote.

You say, “Any serious poll today will see him ahead with double digits numbers.” Your wish; okay to so wish. That being said, I won’t take any poll from Kenya serious for another 10 years.

You say, “Uhuru may be pushing his candidate the way Kibaki did and yes, the same wazee led by Kibaki, Nick and others tried to sell Mudavadi. He was totally rejected so I would be cautious of getting support from a lame duck president.”

You are in the US and understand the lame duck concept but let me assure you we have no such a thing in Kenya. If you don’t know why, ask and I’ll find time and be happy to enlighten you beyond what I say below.

“Moi tried it in 2002 and Kibaki in 2013.”

Neither president failed to install their man because they were lame ducks; in Moi’s case, there was a combination of factors that did his wish in: (a) an overwhelming rejection of his project Uhuru and (b) an alternative who was acceptable to the “system.”

Take it to the bank were the opposing candidate not Kibaki, Uhuru would have been president in 2002 with a totally confident mta do attitude and nobody would have stopped that from happening so, it was not about Moi being a lame duck president but the system (of which Moi was and in some ways still is a part) saying no, there is a better alternative here and there was–for all initially, but only quickly to turn for the system.

Kibaki, of course, got his man in in 2013 so I have no idea what you’re talking about him being a lame duck president.

As to what you have said about the proposed constitutional amendments, here is all you need to know: If Ruto supports the BBI initiatives, then all it means he has bowed down to the powers that be and accepted some crumbles in the new system, rather than risking be compeletely finished politically. If he opposes and puts out his balls and dares anyone to crush them, they will.

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Public Service Musing: Beware of Scammers!

Computer Virus Scam(1)

Well, the scammers nearly got me today!!! I am always very careful not to open any attachments I don’t know the sender or clicking on links while browsing.

I must have let my guard down today because I followed a news story link to a site I regularly read but, as in the case for most of them, I do not follow other suggested stories at the end of the story I am reading, which are typically not from the same source so I don’t bother–except today.

Today, I let my guard down and clicked on another suggested story–and believe it or not, it is a story I ordinarily would not even find interesting to read as it was supposedly about someone dying from taking a selfie from a rooftop!

People dying from doing moronic things such as that I have no time to find out even what happened–and it’s amazing how many really dumb and moronic things people do for who knows what–some downright suicidal!

Anyway, the moment I clicked on the link, my computer screen was filled with a page bearing what looked like a legitimate Microsoft page with an auto voice message saying my computer has been locked due to something about a virus and that to unlock it, I must call the number provided and the message warned not to turn off the computer or restart! I checked the number and determined it was not Microsoft so I immediately knew I am dealing with scams I have only heard or seen on Youtube!

I didn’t quite panic but I took a deep breath and said, “what should I do now?”

Of course, calling brother Claude, who is an expert on these things is what first came to mind as always but, before doing that, I decided to turn off the computer despite the stupid warning; after all, I save important or work related documents on cloud so no worries there.

I restarted the computer but the same stupid page warning was on!

I did this 3 times to the same effect, but I noticed everything else was working such as Word, Outlook email, etc. The only thing I couldn’t do is close the browser.

That’s when I decided to ask Google and he told me to go to Task Manager and tap “End Task” which the blogger suggested should fix the problem.

And it did! Phew!!!

I was fortunate but in reading about this, and from what I know from previously, the way these scammers work, is they scare you into either giving them your password and other personal data or in other cases they ask that you pay, usually $200 for an individual (more for businesses) to “fix” the problem and create a firewall to protect your computer–never mind that you already have one, especially if your computer is new with the latest security features.

Anyway, back to being very, very, careful on what attachments to open and what links to follow I suggest you do the same!

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Of Raila, MOUs and NASA Coalition

NASA Coalition(1)

A netter posted this in one of the forums I belong:

Benji Ndolo (@BenjiNdolo) tweeted at 5:06 AM on Tue, Aug 20, 2019:
I’m just curious eh, how is it possible for @RailaOdinga to run for President when he has a signed pact with H.E Kalonzo which was deposited with the Registrar of Political Parties a 2nd time? Kenyans we must be honest or nothing will ever work.

My response:

Because the contract has a force majeure provision that cancels the MoU owing to yet again another stolen and this time nullified elections. Kalonzo, a lawyer, knows this that is why you won’t hear him raise it as an issue unless he wants to join the ignorant like this one or pretend to be.

His response:

Thank you SO for the explanation. I see folks losing trust over these arrangements. Add Uhuru move and will see why it will be difficult to trust these politicians.

My response:

Making political deals and pacts is nothing new as its been around for as long as there has been politics; what is new since Kibaki days, is flagrantly shredding MoUs with impunity as was the case in Kibaki’s case. Less so in Uhuru v MM. The MoU with NASA does not fit the reneging model, definitely not as flagrant. So, there will continue to be deals like this and I have no doubt one is being negotiated right now between and among the key players.

His response:

The Kibaki one was unfair and mean. That does not make other deal-breaking OK. It only makes harder for other candidates to accept such deals. The also put communities at logger’s head as Uhuru is now doing to Kikuyus in RV. I still hope that Kikuyus stick with Ruto and reject Uhuru so that other can learn a lesson. I totally agree with you on Kalonzo and Raila. Raila did not win unless the agreement was to stick together come rain or shine. For Uhuru and Ruto, that does hold water. Uhuru and Kibaki sail in the same boat. Dishonest souls who must be condemned. If Uhuru is man enough, his word of sticking with Ruto after 10 years should stay. If the argument is that Ruto is corrupt, why not give us the evidence.

I dont think Ruto will make a good leader but what Uhuru has done to him must be condemned. The Kikuyus will continue to look very bad after the 2002, 2013 and 2017 conmanship. He is being called in Mt. Kenya a ngiri which forgets very fast. Believe, Uhuru will face a very hard time if abandons Ruto for Raila. If they stick to referendum and peace and Uhuru keeps off, that will be fine enough. If Uhuru goes to campaign for Raila in 2022, it will not go down well in Mt. Kenya for Uhuru. He will face opposition. It will be worse in the diaspora.

Right now folks are speaking ill of Uhuru and the best way to explain it are the songs below by Peter Kigia (Uhuru kumi, Ruto Kumi) and by late John De’mathew (We pay the debt first).

I am for honesty and not the Uhuru conmanship which started with Kibaki. Folks are saying Uhuru is selling fear.

My response:

You’re likely not to see this in the larger media but let me break it down for you and others here like this:

Ruto’s problems go far beyond whatever agreement he had between he and Uhuru. I can tell you without fear of contradiction that there are enough powerful individuals who knew from the day they lured Ruto to join Uhuru that he will never be allowed to become president of the country primarily because if he does, some people will see cha mtema kuni as never even imagined before. One of his minions inadvertently (moment of excitement) let the cat out of the bag in showing the true character of who you will have running the country and the extent of their shrewdness were Ruto to be president. Let me just leave it there.

Remember, the powerful people I am talking about are not just players in the game; they are the very ground the game is played on without which there is no game.

So, one can sob and wail Uhuru is walking away from his word, but those who matter and were instrumental in putting Uhuru in office to begin with are not losing any sleep over it, and that, btw, includes Uhuru who has his whole set of issues with Ruto not the least of which is Ruto’s conduct and things he said during their first term.

Some of these like rigging his people into elective office at the expense of Uhuru and his supporters is public information we have shared. But there is more and this one I’ll leave it there as well.

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Siasa ya 2020; A Collection of Thoughts & Comments

Raila and Ruto2

My Thoughts and Comments in Social Media August 18, 2019

On someone saying Raila will have a difficult time getting support in Central:

It is easier for Raila than people assume and if there’s one person who can wow people, even the hardcore haters, it is Raila. He invited me to come see for myself back in 2013 as he campaigned in Central and I was pleasantly surprised.

His efforts paid off as he got more than the target % votes he needed to harvest there (Central) and we know, not from IEBC, but from our own tallying using live reporting from polling stations–and that less numbers from problem stations where we know numbers were cooked majorly.

That was when Raila was going against Uhuru; now Uhuru is behind him. For Raila, he’s not bothered neither would he spend a second mulling over how easy or difficult it will be. No. He’s a better campaigner than those who would worry over such.

All he needs to do, with the help of the president, Waiguru and other nationalists from the region, is to harvest record number of votes while limiting Ruto’s votes to the fews thousands of brown bag beneficiaries, haters and the even fewer who legitimately wouldn’t vote for Raila for reasons that have nothing to do with money, hate or tribalism.

On someone refusing to believe Governor Nanok has not defected from ODM:

KM you’re so anti-Raila even when faced with hard truths you would rather concoct and believe something else; one of Trump’s sycophants calls that “alternative facts.”

Here is the back-story to help you dig out of your world where no good tidings for Raila ever fails to get you upset and you’d rather it was the opposite.

First of all, having known Nanok as a friend for many years, and in particular knowing internal issues NASA faced during the 2017 campaign which several of us sounded alarm bells, Nanok being one of them, I was not surprised when Nanok started toying with the idea to join team Tangatanga.

Fast forward to yesterday, my belief is Nanok was planning to publicly part with Baba but he was overcome with the organic jubilant welcome Raila received at the event and he just couldn’t bring himself to say what he was planning to.

So, he instead changed course and said what he did and Raila knowing he had the upper hand, cleverly welcomed Nanok back from his temporary desire to join Tangatanga.

As Nanok said, (to paraphrase him) a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush.

He’s right on but one can certainly understand many a politician struggling between grabbing the brown bag and jumping to Tangatanga or remaining put with Baba. Though

I must hasten to add tor Nanok, it is not about brown bags.

The man is one of very few politicians I know who are incorruptible with money or anything else; very principled and I see a major role for him in the next national government.

Anyway, for the rest being wooed with brown bags, most are choosing the latter (staying put with Baba) and even many who already went with Ruto are monitoring things closely and will come crawling back to Baba when writing on the wall is clearer for them. He will, of course, accept them back.

Post from a netter:

I would not call Ngunjiri a dream. Other than Waiguru, for central, thecrest are nightmare team. This is speculation and a sure way of finishing Waiguru. That lady Ngirichi will take advantage of this to finish her.

If I were Waiguru, I would condemn this dream team with the strongest terms possible. She said she and will be in Jubilee so whoever did this article is finishing her. Not yet Odinga. You dont let the cow see the rope.

Those in RV have one thing in common. They will be annihilated by Ruto. None can make it in 2022. Remember Ruto delivered RV/Kalenjin fir Rao in 2008 and UK in 2013 and 2017 and showed Ruto Isaac dust. With him on the ballot you expect Kalenjin to vote for Rao? That is another nightmare in RV. If Waiguru moves to ODM, her political career will come to a halt. Ngunjiri won’t make it. But Rao has a better chance in Central/Mt. Kenya

My response:

Your’e clearly stuck in the past and that’s alright. Here are the facts: first, it’s a fallacy that Ruto “delivered” RV in 2013 and 2017.

He did not.

Nobody knows who won RV in both elections as the numbers were cooked worse than 2007 and everyone including you knows that so let’s not argue about it.

Second, while I would not argue that Ruto doesn’t have a significant following in RV, what I know is Raila will give him a run for his money in the region while locking him out in all other regions.

Third, Raila is consulting very closely with people that matter in Central, including Governor Waiguru so we can agree you do not know better than they do in how to harvest votes in the region. That includes who they have as lead vote getters.
Ditto RV where the ground is fair more fertile for a good Baba harvest.

Last but not least, there won’t be such a thing as Jubilee come 2022.

Same Netter:
Right now Ruto has very strong support in Mt. Kenya region. UK is wobbling.
Problem is that UK won’t be on the ballot. It will be Raila Vs Ruto. To suggest that Raila has an upper hand there NOW is very misleading.

Do you ever imagine that Raila will run on any party but ODM? You expect Uhuru who is facing opposition even in his Kiambu to tell Mt. Kenya people to leave Ruto in Jubilee and join ODM? And they will join ODM? Uhuru will have very strong magic to do that.

This is what happens. If referendum happens, it will pass even with Ruto opposition.

Seats will be there but that will be end of the marriage btw UK and Raila. To the most UK will keep off campaigns which will be good for Rao but won’t guarantee him votes.
UK seem to prefer an expanded Govt. He has not said he supports and will campaign for Raila. They both agree on expanded Govt. The other side will say it will be a wate of money and aimed at creating seats for Raila and other losers. The latter will be bought by some but it will pass.

I support the plan to create PM and probably one more seat of DPM but with calls to reduce parliamentary and other unnecessary seats. If they did that, it will have overwhelming support.

Whether extra seats makes Raila win is another story. Ruto can also use it to attract other communities. He may also use to pull Mt. Kenya on his side too.

My response:

“Right now Ruto has very strong support”

That statement wouldn’t have been true even before the handshake and before Uhuru fully realized the extent Ruto was undercutting him to the point Ruto was bragging he is running the government when Uhuru was hitting the bottle.

Did Ruto rig his URP candidates and others from Jubilee in elections everywhere in Central at the expense of Uhuru supporters? Yes he did.

Did these bought and paid for rigged in representatives start badmouthing and disrespecting Uhuru and basically saying the president was irrelevant?

Yes they did and this will be proven to be their most costly mistake because it made Uhuru resolve even more than he had previously to make sure Ruto is politically neutered and that is work in progress.

Here is what I have said about this elsewhere: “this [Ruto walking around with a swagger and his people badmouthing the president] so nfuriated Uhuru to the point he all but declared war against Ruto.”

Remember the day the president proclaimed Ruto was tangatangaing looking for 2022 votes instead of working?

That was not by accident; the president was fully briefed on what Ruto was upto and came on board with what is going on and that is, the powers that be saying Ruto ain’t seeing the inside of State House as president, or even PM at Harambee House for that matter and will see to it that is the case.

And when the powers that be say Ruto ain’t seeing the inside of State House as president, take it to the bank.

My post:

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru has shaken things in politics in articulating a strong case why Baba should finally be sworn as president. Her words and actions, along with those of others from the region and across the country will certainly this a reality come 2022.

Meanwhile, some no doubt brown bag beneficiary by the name Wangui is badmouthing Raila and Kieleweke falsely claiming that Ruto has RV and Central locked therefore Raila has no chance against him. She’s also poopooing BBI referendum proposals as an effort to create jobs for “lazy political losers.”

Her poorly written piece regurgitating Tangatanga talking points dangles like an eye sore when compared to what the good Governor said and continues to say.

In any case, even without knowing the facts, who would you believe; Waiguru or Wangui?

Waiguru, of course.

Netter response:
Let us make it clear that Waiguru said Raila is acceptable in Central. She also said that she will go where Jubilee, not Uhuru or ODM or Raila will tell her to go. Take this from me, Waiguru will never defect to ODM, the party of Raila unless there was acceptable merger. If she leaves Jubilee or the party Mt. Kenya will take in 2022 [That will never ever be ODM] then will be defeated like mbaya. Her political career will come to end the way her first marriage ended. I dont think she said she will be Raila. The word you must underline is MAY.

One thing I like about you Omwenga is that you are very very hopeful. The only other factor I must remind you of is that nobody you have ever supported in Kenya for presidency ever occupied State House. So if you supports Ruto now, I will support Raila because I support only winners:). Let me remind monos like Mutuku that you never supported Moi and in 2002 you supported Nyachae before they start to accuse me of misleading them.

Rao is not going anywhere my friend. I would rather you and me support our buddy Matiang’i. Ask him of the person in KU he used to call Security Courier. He lived in KU while studying at UON. Uhuru may actually sell Matiang’i under Jubilee in place of Ruto. Raila may buy into Matiang’i. His problem is what he brings on the table but will be an easy sell in Mt. Kenya and Kenya in general compared to Baba. I think Baba and UK won’t run but will sell Matiang’i.

Guess what, if that happened, Omwenga and Kuria will campaign for Matiang’i. He will win and so in 2022, one Maurice Nandwa Khaguli will treat Kuria with a lot of respect. His poisonous tongue will be fine. Sema Matiang’i

My response:
KM you say, “She also said that she will go where Jubilee, not Uhuru or ODM or Raila will tell her to go.” I assume you did not read or have forgotten what I have said about this: there won’t be a Jubilee Party to speak of come 2022; rather, there will be a re-emergence of TNA and TNA will be in an alliance with the former NASA and that is the force Ruto will face and be shown the music. Jubilee will remain a shell of its former self as Ruto would have bolted (or forced out) with his URP to some other competing alliance that will still be David v Goliath, except Goliath will defeat whatever that David turns out to be in a KO.

No one has ever defeated the state machinery in Kenya or any other country and neither will Ruto become the first one to do so–even though clearly he thinks he can, which is his second major mistake.

You say, “One thing I like about you Omwenga is that you are very very hopeful.”
Yes, to the core.
You say, “The only other factor I must remind you of is that nobody you have ever supported in Kenya for presidency ever occupied State House.”
Here is the record:

In 2002, I supported Nyachae but, as everyone who knows anything about these things, we knew my frind and political mentor had no chance, once Raila said Kibaki tosha. Given we ALL wanted to defeat Moi (except for a few of you, if you supported Uhuru then), we cherefully rooted for Kibaki and were thrilled when he won.

In 2007, I supported Raila and he won in a landslide but Kibaki rigged the elections and declared himself president.

In 2013, I supported Raila but neither Uhuru nor Raila garnered the requisite 50% + 1 of the vote; however, the system gave the “victory” to Uhuru in a gold platter.

In 2017, I supported Raila and he decidedly won the August elections but Uhuru attempted to rig him out yet again only for the Supreme Court to say NO. Raila, against advise from many, including yours truly, decided to boycott the ensuing elections, giving Uhuru legal victory.

I therefore laugh because I know people know they are lying when they keep saying Raila is a “perenial loser” when, in fact, he has won not once but at least twice only to be denied the presidency by the powers that be.

Those are the facts. That is history.

Now, we have the handshake and President Uhuru Kenyatta–and the system, are saying they agree this cannot continue on so we must have in place both a government structure and electoral system where Kenyans can rest assured their votes will count and not negated at the whim of vifaranga vya komputa operators at the direction of State House and other government organs.

You say, “Rao is not going anywhere my friend.”

The good news is, I don’t have to take your word for that, neither should anyone.

Rather, I take the word of the president, Governor Waiguru and other like minded nationalists that it’s about time Raila was given his due chance to lead a country he has sacrificed so much for, and has already shaped and continues to shape her history.

Btw, do you know the biggest difference in Raila, his quest for the presidency and our support for him all these years?

Amepatiwa ama atapatiwa mkono na serikali.

That’s a big f***n deal as the next US president would put it.

Post on FB:

UoN Lecturer Herman Manyora is on to something here where primarily contends President Uhuru Kenyatta will remain in office beyond 2022. But the good professor is off on this and other contentions.

Nobody knows what Uhuru’s intentions are beyond 2022 but I am of the view he would not want to continue serving in any prominent capacity. Raila is not president but is keeping busy doing statesman-like things outside of government albeit many in support of the government, especially the behind the scenes strategizing to make sure the #handshake and #buildingbridges initiatives are fully implemented.

I can see Uhuru doing the same thing while enjoying life to his sunset, namely, acting as a statesman while enjoying life in retirement. His woman will be holding port as part of the expanded Executive, so, his and others’ interests will be well taken care of. Note I am using “his woman” here in the same way I would say “his man” so no insinuation here about anything beyond exactly that!

This being the case, it is moot to comment on Manyora’s other contention that Uhuru would want to vicariously be in the next government via having Matiang’i holding brief for him.

Not necessary.

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