My Response To A Blogger Implying Use of Government Force To Crush the Opposition

10 Aug

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[Blogger] enda pole pole don’t talk about how “long the arm of govt” is as that could also be crimes against humanity for which I can assure you neither Kenyans nor the international community will allow to happen without those most responsible being hauled to ICC but this time having that as their new residence.

What we want, are rational and calm minds to prevail, looking at what these forms say and whether any of them have been forged or not.

If they’ve not been forged, then the forms are tallied and the winner is declared and sworn as our next president; that’s all, no one, even Raila will question that I assume ditto for Uhuru.

However, if some of the forms are forged, then the scenarios I described in my other blog will unfold.

As to your question whether NASA has their copies of Forms 34A & B, yes they do but I can also tell you Raila agents were prevented from scanning the forms, which is illegal and that’s got to feature in evaluating the validity of the results.

Note what I said in my blog Good News Regarding Elections 2017:

Thus, if on Tuesday certain conditions are in place, which Uhuru would know correspond to the information I am referring to, he’ll cut loose and not do as JB would want and that’s why this is good news because I believe those conditions will be present.

If they’re not present, Uhuru will be our next president even with the help of some rigging and I’ll be the first one to accept the fact key here is the presence of these conditions not the absence of rigging.

So far, the wiser minds are prevailing over the hardcore hardliners, otherwise we would have had Uhuru declared winner last night. This is in part because I know those conditions are present, therefore putting Uhuruto at great peril if they chose to make decision that could see their ICC cases resumed.

Question is, who will prevail in the end? The hardcore hardliners or the wiser minds, especially given the ICC implication of whatever final action they take–again, assuming they lost at the polls which is where all the evidence known to us points to notwithstanding the numbers projected by IEBC we know at least in specific incidences to be false and therefore bogus in every respect.

This question will be a moot issue if tabulated and GENUINE Forms 34A&B show either Raila or Uhuru as the winner and whoever that is goes on to be sworn as our next president.

Le me note here there was talk within Uhuru circles sometime ago where a scenario where Uhuru refuses to concede under certain circumstances the triggering mechanism being something we know was mulled, but time has passed for that to have been executed and the tiny window left for that to happen is closing fast so I doubt it’ll happen–again, note this is an option put on the table by the hardcore hardliners.

On the other hand, if there’s evidence of tampering with Forms 34A&B, then the analysis is as I offered in my other blog on this issue, namely, a challenge in the Supreme Court which can be successful only if there’s a finding of “clear evidence of widespread and systemic irregularities in the election,” which I can now tell you is the condition I alluded to in the “Good News” blog and that’s not a local, but international standard–think a standard ICC and other international bodies will consider in assessing the way forward.

However, note, it will not be just the Supreme Court only making that finding, but also the various international observer groups in Kenya and note also the marked difference from 2013 where we did not have such preconditions, even though at the time we had Uhuru and Ruto as ICC suspects.

The initial posture in that year was, “seriously, who would elect them?” but, when ICC was converted into a battle-cry to save certain communities, it was too late to speak of any conditions and the attitude morphed into, “okay; these ICC suspects may actually win but, if they do, they still must answer to the ICC charges and, if found liable, they’ll face the music.” Little did those making those assumptions know about the schemers and plotters in team Uhuruto working in tandem with a complicit IEBC and a smiling Kibaki who was only perfectly willing to help in rigging for them, something he had experience having rigged himself back into office in 2007 and, as they say, the rest became history.

Back to the current situation, as I noted in my other blog, I know from credible sources both locally and internationally NASA and Jubilee were told and know what these conditions are, which the international community would look to see whether present to determine their position forward, now you know one of them, probably the most important, everything considered.

Put another way, If IEBC declares Uhuru as president despite the presence of at least this one condition, and Raila challenges the declaration, then look for either Supreme Court nullifying the presidential election or, in the unlikely event they go the Mutunga road and dismiss Raila’s petition this condition notwithstanding, look for things going in the direction of a coalition government, if not the way I mention above in which there’s a “slim window” left open but closing fast, and is as I note one of the options the hardcore hardliners prefer, not counting genuine votes cast, tallying genuine Forms 34A&B and having the winner declared as president.

To these hardliners, doing the latter is anathema.

​Let’s hope they don’t prevail in the end for their prescription for the country’s woes is poison.

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