Dishonest And/Or Misleading CNN Headlines and Shoddy Reporting About Elections in Kenya

10 Aug

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CNN Interview with John Kerry, Co-Chair of Carter Center Observer Group

This is why people hate and others simply don’t trust the media; what the CNN headline in the link above is blurting out is not what the former US Secretary said as co-Chair of the kCenter for Democracy observer group in Kenya monitoring the elections which were held there on Tusday.

Worse, the headline is contradicted by the video clip in the story in which Kerry said the elections were free and peaceful and that IEBC, the body charged with the responsibility to conduct elections in Kenya, did a good job, which is true and we’re here talking about the mechanics and logistics of conducting elections such as making sure polling stations are opened in time, there are sufficient ballots in each location, people are orderly in line, etc.

However; nowhere in that clip or elsewhere has Kerry said the elections were not rigged!

Neither does Kerry address anything in substance about what Raila said, including his claim the IEBC system was rigged–obviously contrary to what the headline blurts.

From what I can tell, either a very careless and shoddy reporter filed this report or a dishonest reporter did question is, neither of which is good for an organization such as CNN, question is why the dishonesty?

If it’s not dishonesty, then its inexcusable shoddiness that has caused anxiety and sent rumor mongers on overdrive peddling lies that Kerry said there’s no rigging and some even gone further to peddle the lie that Kerry has endorsed Uhuru, something he couldn’t do and cannot do regardless before the results are officially announced on then only if the entire observation team from the US agrees with the endorsement if Uhuru wins but will do exactly the same thing if Raila wins.

Instead, what he said is what we all know and have been saying and that is, even though the voting was peaceful and credible, it now remains to be seen whether the counting, tallying and announcement of the presidential election is equally credible.

The diplomat he is, Kerry also said the same thing one had to expect him to say and that is, if there’s evidence of rigging, including evidence the results announced don’t reflect votes legitimately cast, counted and reported from each polling station, let the aggrieved (he did not mention Raila by name) go to Court and present the evidence.

That’s a far cry from what the headline screams CNN must be called out for this misleading and shoddy reporting.

I have copied their Newsroom this post I encourage you to do the same thing or let them know in your own words.

Bottom line is, we won’t know anything about the outcome of this election and which direction things go until two things happen: (1) IEBC announces the presidential results and (2) the international groups make public their findings if they agree or disagree with the IEBC decision.

If the results are Raila won, he’s our next president.

If the results are Uhuru won, then what Raila and NASA do and their prospects of success will largely be influenced by what the observer groups say; if the observer groups agree Uhuru won–even with an acknowledgement of some stealing, then it really doesn’t matter what Raila and NASA do.

If, on the other hand, the observer group disagrees with IEBC and tables its own evidence of massive rigging, which corroborates Raila and NASA’s evidence, then Raila will head to Court with very high prospects of prevailing this time.

More on this if time allows

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