The Presidential Tally IEBC Is Announcing Is A Sham Engineered by Jubilee Chefs and Schemers

09 Aug
Kenya Flag3
IEBC is purporting to announce presidential results but what they’ve put out there is nothing but a sham.
In sum, Uhuru, who rigged himself into office with the help of Kibaki, and his henchmen used murdered IEBC ICT Manager’s password to access the voter system upon which they altered data resulting in manipulated results from all 47 counties.
We have evidence of this and have shared with those who must have it as we make the case Uhuru cannot be allowed to abuse voters rights like this and expect to rule over them kwa kivua.
The presidential results IEBC is purporting to announce are a total facade and not based at all on what happened at the polls.
The real numbers, based on real voters who stood in line for hours and voted are Raila garnered 8,452,134 while Uhuru received 7,846,528.
These numbers do not reflect more than 1 million votes Raila and NASA were denied owing to systemic and deliberate disenfranchising of voters during the registration process of which we have evidence and no, those morons calling for me to table the evidence are too thick to realize this is no place for such we have and will present the evidence to those who must have it.
The whole thing is one giant fraud unlike anything we’ve seen in the country and worse than 2007 rigging which nearly plunged the country into a civil war.
Deliberations are under way on the next course of action but Raila has rejected the results and is calling for Kenyans to stand for their rights.
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