Good News Regarding 2017 Elections in Kenya

01 Aug

Kenya Flag3

I learned something this evening leading me to believe we’ll have peaceful elections on Tuesday and the winner will be sworn as our next president.

The odds of that not happening are slim to none if Jubilee has the same information, which I believe they do.

Note when I say Jubilee, there’s a recognition the alliance is divided into 3 factions lets call them JA, JB and JC. This is more or less the same thing we had with the Kanu A and Kanu B factions back in the day. Same concept, different players except some of the characters are the same.

JA is UK hardcore. This is the group that wants Uhuru and Jubilee back in power at any price and by all means, including violence the international community can tolerate and believe it or not, they have put a number of deaths and value of destruction of property that would entail. That comes from a credible source I have no reason to believe she made that up, unless she’s being fed disinformation by her own source, which is entirely possible but I doubt.

JB are the rational moderates among whom you’ll find many from the business community. While this group prefers Uhuru and Jubilee over Raila and NASA, they wouldn’t mind Raila serving as president. In fact, some of them are publicly against him but privately assure him they’re be right there backing him up if he’s sworn as president, which is ironical because by then he wouldn’t need them but the converse is not true.

JC is the dreamy Team Ruto22 or RX22. This faction’s only agenda is to figure how to have Ruto elected president in 2022 election of Uhuru is secondary. In fact, it would better for them if Uhuru loses than having Uhuru in place to anoint someone who those who make it possible, i.e., JA want and that won’t be Ruto.

Then there’s the JCAMS who are the freelancers in Jubilee who owe no particular allegiance to any of the groups and freely associate with all of them but among them are your classic chameleons and thus the acronym.

An interesting question is where is Uhuru in all of this and my hunch is in none of them. Uhuru will do and side with the group he feels compelled at the moment and depending on the circumstances but don’t confuse that for being a JCAM as the motives are different and born out of necessity.

Thus, if on Tuesday certain conditions are in place, which Uhuru would know correspond to the information I am referring to, he’ll cut loose and not do as JB would want and that’s why this is good news because I believe those conditions will be present.

If they’re not present, Uhuru will be our next president even with the help of some rigging and I’ll be the first one to accept the fact key here is the presence of these conditions not the absence of rigging.

However, and not to be misinterpreted or misunderstood, I feel strongly that those conditions would be present and therefore the reason I believe we’ll have fair, transparent and peaceful elections.

So, people, go vote come Tuesday. If you can’t because you’re not registered, take someone who’s registered to vote or provide fare. If you can’t do either on the ground, reach out to family and friends by any and all means possible.

Let my hunch and believe based on this information come to pass by the grace of God.

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