IEBC Suspected Mischief with Printed Ballots

30 Jul


Math and numbers is something I try to avoid as much as possible but I rely on those gifted in the field unless it’s basic Math.

Someone has done and shared the following analysis regarding mischief likely afoot in connection with the number of printed ballots IEBC says are on the way for the elections:

Copied….Is this how peace loving Kenyans are being fooled? Take a moment and go through this keenly….

I know l may not be that good in mathematics but the little l know can help me kuhesabu pesa na vitu kama kura za baba. Now, let’s all take a moment and zoom in our microscope to what IEBC presented to Kenyans today (through their twitter handle) about the printed ballot papers which will arrive in the country on 31st and 1st.

They said 20,818,000 ( about 20.8 million) ballot papers which include 1% will be in Kenya in the next few hours / days. The additional 1% they said will cater for spoilt ballots before voting.

Now, down to maths…

Total number of registered voters – 19,611,423

Total number of ballot papers printed by IEBC -19,611,423 +1%

Which comes to 101% x 19,611,423 = 19,807,537.23

Rounded off to 19,807,537.

Now, They printed 20,818,00 and said that’s inclusive of 1%.

1% of what? l want to believe they talked about 1% of total registered voters. Ama?
What is 1% of 19,611,423?

19,611,423 x 1 / 100 = 196,114

1% of 19,611,423 is 196,114

Look at this keenly….

The difference of IEBC figure of printed ballot papers and the total number of registered voters is :

20,818,000 – 19,611,423 =


Is that the 1% of registered voters we were told?

Let’s see the difference:

1,206,577 – 196,114 =


So, it’s clear we have a mysterious 1,010,462 extra votes coz 1% of total number of registered voters is just 196,114. Ama mimi ndio sijui hii hesabu?

What explanation can peace loving Kenyans get about the 1 million plus extra votes if the 1% of total number of registered voters is just 196,114?

Baba tuko macho hadi nane nane. Onge ringo wan kodgi nyaka giko.

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