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IEBC Suspected Mischief with Printed Ballots


Math and numbers is something I try to avoid as much as possible but I rely on those gifted in the field unless it’s basic Math.

Someone has done and shared the following analysis regarding mischief likely afoot in connection with the number of printed ballots IEBC says are on the way for the elections:

Copied….Is this how peace loving Kenyans are being fooled? Take a moment and go through this keenly….

I know l may not be that good in mathematics but the little l know can help me kuhesabu pesa na vitu kama kura za baba. Now, let’s all take a moment and zoom in our microscope to what IEBC presented to Kenyans today (through their twitter handle) about the printed ballot papers which will arrive in the country on 31st and 1st.

They said 20,818,000 ( about 20.8 million) ballot papers which include 1% will be in Kenya in the next few hours / days. The additional 1% they said will cater for spoilt ballots before voting.

Now, down to maths…

Total number of registered voters – 19,611,423

Total number of ballot papers printed by IEBC -19,611,423 +1%

Which comes to 101% x 19,611,423 = 19,807,537.23

Rounded off to 19,807,537.

Now, They printed 20,818,00 and said that’s inclusive of 1%.

1% of what? l want to believe they talked about 1% of total registered voters. Ama?
What is 1% of 19,611,423?

19,611,423 x 1 / 100 = 196,114

1% of 19,611,423 is 196,114

Look at this keenly….

The difference of IEBC figure of printed ballot papers and the total number of registered voters is :

20,818,000 – 19,611,423 =


Is that the 1% of registered voters we were told?

Let’s see the difference:

1,206,577 – 196,114 =


So, it’s clear we have a mysterious 1,010,462 extra votes coz 1% of total number of registered voters is just 196,114. Ama mimi ndio sijui hii hesabu?

What explanation can peace loving Kenyans get about the 1 million plus extra votes if the 1% of total number of registered voters is just 196,114?

Baba tuko macho hadi nane nane. Onge ringo wan kodgi nyaka giko.

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NASA Statement on Evidence of Rigging Plot and Scheming By Uhuru and Jubilee

Praying for our beloved country and for God to open the eyes and hearts of those in denial or perfectly willing to accept Uhuru and Jubilee’s wicked plans to yet again rig elections so they can cling to power and continue to loot with predictable outcome and that is bloodshed, destruction of property and death unlike anything we suffered in 2008.
Full NASA Press Release on this:
WE have called you today to alert you to one of the gravest developments in the history of our country. We have received damning information and concrete evidence of an audacious plan that the Jubilee administration and the top military commanders have put in place to use force to subvert next month’s election with a rigged outcome.
The plan is to hand over power to Uhuru Kenyatta by completely illicit and unconstitutional means. Every aspect of the elaborate democratic polling system that has been put in place over the last four years will be undermined and a military operation conducted to deliver the presidency to Uhuru.
Jubilee has clearly recognized – and been so informed by NSIS – that it is headed for defeat after a disastrous four years in which the vast majority of Kenyans have suffered unprecedented deprivation and hardships. But determined to stay in power, it has enlisted what is referred in documents which detail the anti-democratic plot to use loyal officers by “tribe” and who “regime friendly” to subvert this election.
The plans include cutting of power and water and then militarily isolating settlements such as Mathare and Kibra on election day, possibly on the pretext of containing the spread of the cholera.
We are presenting here the evidence of the mobilization, coordination going on to have the military install Uhuru as president in August.
The documents indicate that very large numbers of officers and soldiers will be participating in the plot. Also included will 226 new soldiers, being trained at Mariakani Barracks to be deployed on this mission. The new soldiers don’t have networks in the military. Because they are new, they will readily take any orders, and at the same time cannot be identified, nor can they communicate with other soldiers who might not be privy to the plot and would opposed to it.
The soldiers are being trained on how to cut off power and water in Kibera and Mathare slums and keep people out of city centre.
They are planning to transport ballot papers to rural areas, code named Special Transit Goods or STG.
They will register telephone lines in the names of dead soldiers.
They are tasking engineers to provide military points of contact in central Kenya region.
Those military contacts are provided in a letter, numbered 4, as follows:
1.   The overall military contact person for Central Region is given as Col J.A Ouda of tel 0727944027.
2.   For Kiambu County is Lt. Col VN Mburu o number 0724600594.
3.   Muranga is under Maj VM Gitonga tel 0727713155.
4.   Kirinyaga is under PN Njenga 0726007555.
5.   Nyeri is under Lt Col. Masai tel 0722 917591
Central Kenya is crucial to this operation, which will drive out NASA agents in order to announce near 100 % votes for Uhuru.
They are developing both air and land emergency evacuation and humanitarian support.
To actualize these goals, a meeting is going on today whose theme is”Pro-activity in mission planning and delivery.” The entire meeting is devoted to issues dealing with the election which the military has no legal right to be involved in.
The agenda items include “Election Scenarios and Legal Implications.” There is also a sinister references to “Command Experiences in Amisom – Strengths and Weaknesses.” Amisom refers to the AU mission in Somalia under which our armed forces have obtained their only real experience in fierce war and combat.
The military is specifically being asked to deliver election to jubilee.
The soldiers being deployed are required to be Regime Friendly (RF) an from the correct tribe (TB).
A team of 1+12, meaning command and 12 fighters are the ones to be given lines to be registered in the names of dead soldiers.
They will have power line termination tools and Power Saw.
On completion of the tasks, these soldiers will be deployed on special missions probably outside the country to ensure they cut contacts and their accounts credited with money.
These soldiers are to be supplied with equipment spelt out in document number 6. The equipment includes:
1.   Land Cruiser closed-signal Frequency Jammers.
2.   Electric Shock flexible baton.
3.   Stun gun
4.   Hammers
5.   Power saw
6.   Metal steel cutters
7.   50 riot clubs and whips to each.
For some time now, we have been saying that President Uhuru Kenyatta is planning to overthrow the constitution and use the military to rig himself back in office after realizing he has lost the August elections. We underestimated the scope of that dastardly threat which we have now revealed.
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Only Despots Arm Against Masses, Uhuru Is Following Suit But To No Avail


My oped this weekend in the Star Only Despots Arm Against Masses, Uhuru Is Following Suit:

Like many countries across the globe, including our own, the US was formed as a revolt from British rule and domination.

The founders of this country let it be known that each person is empowered, self-determining, with every right and conviction to challenge authority and fight for what’s theirs, in this case Independence. The founders also let it be known that the same individual is bound by the utmost reverence for collectivity, peace, power and the rule of law.

These seemingly contradictory ideals have co-existed in the US since its formation, mostly harmoniously, but the country’s history is replete with examples where circumstances have led to chaos and violence chief among these and most recent egregious example being the Los Angeles riots of 1992.

The LA riots were the product of a long-standing and deep-seated enmity between the Black population of Los Angeles and the majority White Los Angeles Police Department. The riots began not after airing of the famous recording of the beating silly of one Rodney King by White police, but after the four officers responsible were found not guilty, in what many considered a miscarriage of justice. Rioting began and wouldn’t stop for almost a week, when not only the National Guard but also the Army and Marine Corps were forced to intervene.

By the third day, George H W Bush sent in the army and the marines, boosting the military presence to 13,500 troops. By the time the riots were over, 53 people had been killed, over 2,000 injured, and over 11,000 arrested. The property that was damaged was estimated at over $1 billion (over Sh100 billion), making it the largest scale American consequential riot since the 1960s.

The LA riot and nearly all other major riots in the US have one thing in common: Triggered by police action with social strife, racial inequality and high youth unemployment in the Black community serving as the propane gas lit by the cops’ action.

Indeed, the relationship between police and the Black community continues to be tense, despite efforts by many to defuse the tensions as high up as the presidency itself — the last President, to be sure.

One contributing factor is increased militarisation of the police, where wearing helmets and masks, toting assault rifles, and riding in mine-resistant armoured vehicles has become common, unlike any other time in the US history. As the country’s major civil rights organisation ACLU has noted, the change in equipment is too often paralleled by a corresponding change in attitude, whereby police conceive of themselves as “at war” with communities rather than as public servants concerned with keeping their communities safe.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has not so quietly armed the police with all manner of anti-riot machinery and gear to keep our communities safe, but in efforts to prepare and quash any mass action that could and would ensue were he and Jubilee to yet again rig the election. This is simply unacceptable and cannot be allowed to come to pass were they to try.

The militarisation of police in the US is primarily to protect cities against criminality and other forms of hooliganism, not to ensure the President clings to power—militarisation of police elsewhere is to ensure those in power cling on, which is, again, simply unacceptable.

The right to be governed by those who have won the hearts and minds of the majority of voters is and must be unassailable, unfettered and sacrosanct. To do otherwise is the very definition of anarchy, chaos and violence, none of which anyone would want for our country.

Put another way, history teaches us you can only oppress and suppress the people only so long; in time, those very people say enough is enough and that the time is upon us. Uhuru and Jubilee have a choice to let the country vote peacefully in a fair, open and transparent election or go the route they’re clearly preparing to — predictable consequences.

The wise choice is obvious for those who love and care about our beloved country.

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Determined To Rig, Jubilee Must Be Stopped


I have been unable to update my blog last couple of weeks or so owing to travel doing so now please disregard if you’ve already seen elsewhere this column and the one I am posting next.

My oped in the Star on July 15, 2017 Determined To Rig, Jubilee Must Be Stopped:

The first US President after independence was elected in 1789. At the time, only White men who owned property could vote. But the 15th, 19th and 26th Amendments to the Constitution have since expanded the right of suffrage to all citizens over the age of 18. Presidential elections take place every four years, and the campaigns and the polls have evolved into a series of fiercely fought, and sometimes controversial, contests.

However, in none of these elections has there been violence associated with the outcome, not even in 2000, when many believed George W Bush rigged out Al Gore, mad as heck as was many a voter across the nation when the US Supreme Court granted Bush the victory.

That’s what you call a mature democracy: Flawed as it may be in all other respects, including presently having produced a president many, both within the country and across the globe, continue to scratch their heads wondering why.

It’s a mature democracy nonetheless and so are others, where the will of the people as expressed by the majority is respected and held sacrosanct.

To be sure, the only one time peaceful transfer of power in the United States was threatened was late last year, when then presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump saw signs of impending loss and upped his ante in attacking the courts, and started blatantly lying that the only reason he would lose was because the elections were rigged against him, which was false and a made-up lie as one can be.

The reason he did this — as many rightly concluded — was because he was prepared to reject the loss and refuse to concede to his opponent Hillary Clinton, likely causing an outbreak of violence across the nation from among his mob of followers, many who were and are still armed to the teeth.

The country was spared the violence because Trump won in the unlikeliest of circumstances, and the country and the world is now suffering his presidency, short-lived as it might be.

Unfortunately, our beloved Kenya does not have a long history of peaceful transfer of power. Rather, what we have are presidents who cling to power until death does them apart as was the case for Jomo Kenyatta, or term limits as was the case for Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki.

President Uhuru Kenyatta now faces an angry and impoverished electorate that wants him out like yesterday but every indication is this man, like his father, Moi and Kibaki, is not interested in giving up power till death or term limits do him apart.

Every indication this far is that he is prepared to mobilise the state machine to rig himself back into office and, worse, unleash state forces to crush any attempt to protest his evil doing and if that means plunging the country into a civil war we avoided in 2008, so be it. This is according to what we can clearly read from his actions.

This is a looming tragedy that can only be avoided by the happenstance of three things:

First is for NASA leadership to remain strong, unwavering and committed to liberating the country from the bonds of corruption, impunity and economic suffocation.

Second, massive turnout of voters aligned to NASA to send a strong message to Uhuru that his time is up and, more importantly, let him and his henchmen not even think about rigging this election.

Third, the Supreme Court will be our last chance and only hope of preventing the country from plunging into a civil war were Uhuru and his henchmen to be reckless enough to try and force themselves back to power upon rejection at the polls.

In other words, the will of the people as expressed by the majority of those who will vote on August 8 must be respected and held sacrosanct, the absence of which shall be an outcome those ignoring or suppressing it will surely regret.

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God Save Us From Sycophants in August


I have been unable to update my blog last couple of weeks or so owing to travel doing so now please disregard if you’ve already seen elsewhere this column and the one I am posting next.

My weekend oped in the Star on July 8, 2017 God Save Us From Sycophants in August:

US President Donald Trump is likely to serve only one term because one, he will have convinced the few that gave him the benefit of doubt that he, in fact, is not presidential or two, he may get the boot earlier by way of impeachment.

However, the progressives don’t want the latter option because then they’ll get Vice President Mike Pence, a real conservative with ability to implement a worse conservative agenda than Trump ever will.

Regardless of what outcome awaits Trump, one thing we know for sure is — as he declared at the height of his improbable candidacy — that there is a core group of supporters who will never abandon him no matter what he does and that, according to him, includes voters he will never lose even if he were to stand in the middle of a busy New York street and shoot someone. That bold and unbelievable declaration in its own right has come to be borne out as, indeed, Trump did end up being elected President, despite losing the popular vote.

The reason Trump was elected despite all his flaws is because people who never even bothered to vote before came from the woodwork and voted for him as President, regardless of what he said or did — and no matter how outrageous and crude he was or became.

A voter fixated on voting for a candidate no matter their flaws simply because they wouldn’t consider other options available, usually for nefarious reasons, is a very dangerous voter to have in any country.

In Kenya, the nefarious reason is usually tribalism and ethnicity or clannism but the phenomenon is more defined and readily apparent in local and regional level elections.

When it comes to presidential voting, however, even though there have been many occasions where marginal or second-tier candidates received votes exclusively from their tribes, it does not always follow that the presidential winner — even where they have rigged themselves into or back into office — that their victory has been or can be defined to be a function of tribal voting.

In other words, even when President Daniel Moi outrightly rigged himself back into office in 1992 and 1997 after multiparty politics resumed, one cannot say he did not receive substantial genuine votes from other than his Kalenjin tribe — never mind he would brag many a time he could buy any votes he wanted for Sh100.

Perhaps the best example we have where tribalism was not even a factor at all in presidential voting was in 2002, when the opposition united in rejecting Moi’s project Uhuru Kenyatta, and we saw Kibaki win in unprecedented numbers.

What’s of note beyond tribalism not being a factor in 2002, is the fact that among the Agikuyu community, Kibaki trounced Uhuru by 71.8 per cent to Uhuru’s paltry 27.4, an outcome that reflected the national trend. Kibaki won with 62.3 per cent of the vote, sending Uhuru home to lick his wounds with a face-saving 30 per cent. The voters, even Kikuyus who Moi tried so hard to woo, had had enough with the incumbent and it didn’t matter that he fronted one of their sons to succeed him.

Question is, would the Kikuyus have given a non-Kikuyu anywhere near what Kibaki received had that person been the one Raila endorsed?

Empirical evidence beyond the scope of this column shows no. Not even close. When it comes to presidential elections, Kikuyus ( 95%+) vote only for one of their own.

This is just wrong.

Our beloved country needs our brothers and sisters from Central Kenya to break loose from whatever has held their community hostage and to not seeing men from other communities as deserving of a chance to lead the nation as well, ever when more qualified than their “own.”

Only a sycophant, ignorant or stupid person cannot see this is nothing but a noble and very Kenyan ideal and God save us from any of them, come August 8.

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The Power of an Indepedendent Judiciary


I have been unable to update my blog last couple of weeks owing to travel doing so now please disregard if you’ve already seen elsewhere this column and the one I am posting next.

My weekend column in the Star on July 1, 2017 The Power of An Independent Judiciary:

US President Donald Trump has learned the hard way the power of an independent judiciary, which had stopped him from implementing his ill-conceived and unconstitutional ban on Muslim travel to the US. To be sure, Trump was only handed “victory” by the Supreme Court, which only revived parts of a travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority countries that he said is needed for national security but that opponents decry as discriminatory.

But the lower courts had completely blocked key parts of a March 6 executive order that Trump had said was needed to prevent terror attacks.

This is what is meant by an independent judiciary — a court system, whose decisions and actions are soundly grounded on facts and law and not doing things at the whim of the executive, something that has plagued our nation since Independence. Put another way, an independent judiciary is where litigants can go to court knowing full well in close cases, where an arbiter of facts could rightly rule one way or another, that the decision an arbiter arrives at is one that the losing side can accept as just and fair under the circumstances, and not one arbitrarily decided for nefarious reasons, not the least of which is corruption or doing the bidding of the appointing authority.

With the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution a new Supreme Court was created to lead in establishing an independent judiciary, but we know how former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga let us down in presiding over an independent judiciary, especially in the manner he handled the contested 2013 General Election. Chief Justice David Maraga has now taken over the leadership of the judiciary. But the question is, will he advance judicial independence to the satisfaction of all, or will he also succumb to the ills that have bedevilled our courts from the lowest to the highest?

That question will be put to the test after the upcoming August 8 election, where there’s no doubt Jubilee is once again busy scheming how to once again rig to cling to power.

There are two things that can save us from another rigged election, with its inevitable consequences and these are; an overwhelming rejection of Jubilee as was the case in 2002, when the country overwhelmingly rejected President Daniel Moi and his project Uhuru Kenyatta and, or two — if the voter turnout is not as overwhelming for NASA, giving Jubilee a chance to rig — for the Chief Justice and his fellow justices saying no to any rigging, by granting a petition to stop a rigged -in President Uhuru from clinging to power if, in fact, he tries to manipulate the result, and there’s evidence of that proven in the petition.

Of the two choices, an overwhelming turnout by voters in favour of saying enough is enough with yet another failed government will be the better alternative. Should that not happen, and Jubilee tries to rig, there’s no do doubt NASA will file a petition challenging the result, and it would be then upto Chief Justice David Maraga and his colleagues at the Supreme Court to prove the power of an independent judiciary, by rendering a decision consistent with the evidence before the court and the law.

One of the ominous signs we are headed into yet another rigged election with a court that is unable to justly resolve the outcome is Maraga’s recent roadside declaration, among other things, that the court’s hands are tied with the strict timelines provided in the Constitution.

This was the excuse former CJ Mutunga gave in rejecting Raila and AfriCOG’s petitions challenging the declaration of Uhuru as winner of the 2013 election.

The court can and must do better in balancing the dictates of judicial fairness and justice, and doing whatever is necessary not to make the strict timelines an excuse to deny giving effect to the will of the voters as expressed at the polls, if Jubilee were to try and rig the election again.

Anything else would be unbecoming with predictable outcome to those adversely affected.

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