NASA Tsunami Will Sweep Jubilee Away

12 Feb


In my Oped this week Nasa Will Sweep Jubilee Away, I opine as follows:

History is replete with examples of events that start as national events only to morph into an event which ends up shaping world history in one way or another most recent examples being the fall of Berlin, the 911 terrorist attacks in the US, Brexit and more recently, the election of one Donald Trump in the United States.

The latter two events have something in common beyond the underlying racism and xenophobia in both that’s playing out in Kenya as we head into the general election and that is buyer’s remorse.

There’s anecdotal evidence many voters in the UK who voted for Brexit regretted their vote soon after the results were out albeit not by significant numbers owing to the fact this is still an issue the UK is deeply divided.

Ditto in the US where there’s already grumbling among many who voted for Trump now saying they regret doing so which is going to get worse when others realize what many of us knew all along and that is, Trump promised the impossible he cannot deliver but will try and deliver on policies that will make many who voted for him worse off than they are today.

As in the Brexit and the US elections, there’s buyer’s remorse in Kenya as well among those who voted for Jubilee in general and Uhuru in particular and this is true even among diehard Jubilee adherents; question is, will these disillusioned among Jubilee come out to vote against Uhuru come August 8 or will they stay home instead in classic voter apathy.

One thing we do know for sure, however, is despite Jubilee’s total failure as a government and especially despite its pathetic record on corruption while practicing and exacerbating tribalism and division, there will be millions marching to the polls come November 8 and casting their vote for this failed administration for reasons that have nothing to do with presidential qualification, leadership or good governance.

That’s the tragedy of our people who, like the Trumpians in the US who voted en masse for the race baiter simply what he was saying was music to their ears his flaws notwithstanding, so too will many throng the polls to vote to reelect Uhuru despite having totally failed to deliver on even half of what the Jubilee government promised when hunting for votes ahead of 2013.

The hope is such voters will be fewer and far apart in 2017 and let’s have a repeat of 2002 when there was widespread and total rejection of Uhuru the first time he was presented to the country as a viable presidential candidate only to receive a resounding “NO” from every corner of the country.

The signs of yet another political tsunami is forming in Kenya are there for all to see, except those in deep denial who are desperately albeit comically characterizing the gathering storms as anything but for what it is: a forming political force that will sweep Jubilee out of power.

The irony of all of this is, just as we have buyer’s remorse among voters even in Jubilee strongholds, so, too, do we have buyer’s remorse between and among some key players in the gathering storm.

More specifically, when the storm comes and goes having swept Jubilee out of power, it would be looked back and concluded with pure irony that the political tsunami of 2017 was possible because Kalonzo and Mudavadi had buyer’s remorse with Kibaki and Jubilee, respectively.

Mudavadi having returned to the fold, and Kalonzo having done so previously, namely, back in Raila camp, all is forgiven and now there’s an even greater prize to be had and that is the opportunity to be part of a new government that will finally achieve peace, unity and prosperity of the kind we have not seen in our beloved country since independence and before.

An achievement not possible with Jubilee because you can’t do the same thing and expect different results; Uhuru finds his way back to State House after August, count on same or worse we’re suffering in every respect.

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