Time For A Political Tsunami in Kenya

21 Dec


In my oped this week Time for Political Tsunami in Kenya, I make note conditions are ripe in Kenya for the opposition to mobilize mass rejection of Uhuru and his Jubilee government much the same way they rejected him in 2002 when then president Daniel arap Moi attempted to force him down our throats.

I offer as reason (1) Uhuru’s amazing failure to take advantage of his being sworn as president to unite the country, which he has clearly failed to do (2) his failure to curb, let alone fight corruption that has exploded to fatalistic levels and (3) his failure to implement much of what he promised during the campaigns leaving Kenyans even worse than they were before he assumed office.


There’s no arguing, however, that the white supremacists alone would not have elected Trump but in such a close election, their mobilisation in the key states where the Republican candidate needed to win made the difference.

Similarly, no amount of mobilisation of one tribe or two alone can ever elect one President in this country, given the 50 per cent plus one constitutional requirement. A presidential candidate must win 25 per cent of the votes cast in each of more than half of the 47 counties.

Going strictly by the numbers of raw votes cast, this did not happen in 2013 — again, something diehard Jubilee supporters know but cannot publicly admit. We were nonetheless told by the Supreme Court that Uhuru Kenyatta’s election as President was constitutionally valid.

We accepted and moved on. But we now have another opportunity, in a few months time, to elect our next President.

Are Kenyans revulsed by what the Jubilee government has done or failed to do such that they will in huge numbers come out to vote against it and say ‘enough is enough’ as they did in 2002?

The opposition certainly thinks so. That’s why the talk of the National Super Alliance is giving many in Jubilee sleepless nights. This is because were NASA to successfully launch, it’s bye bye to all of them and hello to new leadership in this country.

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