Trump’s Foreign Policy In Africa

13 Dec


In Trump’s Foreign Policy in Africa, I summarize views recently expressed in a Conference Call organized by the Washington, DC Think Tank Wilson Center.


Customarily, when dominant parties in mature democracies swap power after an election, one can generally predict the direction of the country policy-wise, given the victorious party’s ideology.

Thus, if the winning party is liberal, one can expect a government friendly to the needs of the underprivileged and the middle-class.

If, on the other hand, the winning party is conservative, one can expect a government hostile to the same groups but friendly to the rich.

Making the situation even more fascinating, the President-elect is someone who has been a life-long member and supporter of the losing party and one, if life depended on it, would readily admit he’s more aligned with the ideology of the losing party than the one he won the elections under its banner. This leads to the question many have been asking and continue to, what kind of President will Donald Trump be?

The short answer is, nobody knows.

Overall, McNamee is of the view that none other than African dictators and others elected under dubious circumstances are gleeful with the election of Trump because they can point to his election and say, “See, it’s not only in Africa people who don’t win the popular votes are elected President: The US too does the same thing. So ignore their lectures about democratic elections blah, blah” — to paraphrase what the good doctor said.

That sentiment doesn’t bode well for democracy in Africa.

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