The End of Donald Trump Farce Beckons

19 Jul


The Trump campaign is based entirely on an experiment that fortunately for the country and Democrats in particular, will end badly for Republicans and allow Hillary, our now inevitable next president, to not only seal Obama’s legacy but also leave hers by way of reshaping the Supreme Court in a manner that will favor Democratic Party issues for the next several decades.

The irony of all of this is, when people look back and try to figure when Republicans lost their way to the White House, it wouldn’t be the day Trump announced his presidential run; it wouldn’t be at the end of his serial insults and vulgarity he polluted the country with during the primaries; it wouldn’t even be when he started his dog whistling which he stealthily continues to deploy neither will it be when he confirmed this by his moronic and racist attack of a federal judge overseeing the fraud case against him.

Rather, it would be this day, July 19, 2016 when instead of owning up to his wife’s plagiarism, the bigoted clown predictably refused to even acknowledge the obvious plagiarism and instead opted to plow ahead revealing what most observers have known all along and that is, besides lacking depth and notwithstanding his hoping to ride on bigotry and fear all the way to the White House, the man doesn’t have in place a campaign structure and infrastructure to actually get him there.

This fact is only made worse, again, today by the extremely incompetent manner in which the narcissist and his campaign handled his wife’s plagiarism removing any doubt among those undecided few he could have persuaded during the Republican Convention that he’s not this unfit to be president as most of us know.

This is because how a presidential candidate handles a crisis–and make no mistake this is a major crisis for the reality TV star, how the candidate and his campaign handles a crisis gives us a glimpse into how they would handle one during their presidency from Day 1.

No objective observer can say what we saw since this crisis erupted in how it has been handled is anything even remotely close to give anyone any confidence the clown and his team has what it takes to handle a crisis of any kind.

We, of course, know effective crisis management is a requirement for the job any evidence one doesn’t have a clue on how to manage one is by itself enough reason to disqualify them for the office.

The bigoted clown proved once for all he’s unqualified to hold office as our president on this ground alone but there are a ton of others reasons not the least of which is he’s an intemperate and vindictive character with authoritarian instincts to boot.

We don’t need and cannot have that thus the reason he shall and must be rejected come November and instead have the steady, experienced hand of Hillary Clinton as our next and first female president of this already great country.


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