Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezezinski Are Morons

06 Jul

Joe and Mika

Joe Scarborough and his reported love interest Mika Brzeziski have proven their ignorance far too many times to enumerate but, when it comes to Hillary Clinton, it’s always a toss-up whether it’s ignorance we’re talking about or simply being blinded by their hatred of her and, in the case of Mika, indisputable hatred based on woman to woman jealousy.

Today is a good example where both are acting with righteous indignation over FBI Director Comey’s decision to not recommend indictment of Hillary or anyone at the conclusion of his review of her use of a private server to conduct official business.

What’s pathetic–and annoyingly so, is this Joe who’s a lawyer makes a compelling case that, yes, there are dumb lawyers or at least those totally incapable of comprehending basic legal principles.

Case in point, this Joe Scarborough was screaming at a guest demanding to know why Comey said he couldn’t find precedent to recommend indictment in the Hillary email review when in this moron’s view there’s a case involving a Navy reservist who was indicted under similar facts.

Without going into the weeds with this, let’s just say lawyers make a living distinguishing cases and that’s how most cases are won or lost.

The case this sometimes Trump sycophant cited in efforts to smear Comey as having ignored the case is distinguishable from Hillary’s situation in several ways not the least of which is, in the Navy reservist case, the defendant there admitted he knew he was removing classified material from a secure system to an insecure system.

In Hillary’s case, not only has she made no such admissions, she maintains to the contrary she did not knowingly transmit classified material through the private server.

It’s, of course, irrelevant that some of the material was deemed classified after the fact, namely, after the investigation began.

It’s also irrelevant that some of the emails have been found to have been marked classified at the time they were sent or received contrary to what Hillary has been saying that that was not the case for reasons I need not get into other than to say mistake is a defense in criminal law where mens rea is required as in this case.

Yet, despite all of this and more, Joe and his girlfriend Mika have been pontificating all morning in their show how Director Comey was wrong in not citing this obviously irrelevant case in reaching the conclusion he did, which most objective lawyers agree was the right decision.

These morons and others also cite other irrelevant cases that anyone who’s not even a lawyer can easily distinguish the differences between those and Hillary’s case.

No need to because, Director Comey, a former US Attorney himself, made those distinctions and reached the conclusion there’s no precedent here to recommend indicting Hillary and he added no prosecutor can reasonably seek an indictment under the facts of this Hillary situation.

I will take the word of this civil servant with an impeccable record of honor and integrity over any partisan hack or Trump sycophant–lawyer or otherwise and definitely over these two morons.

All that being said, my point is this Joe and Mika are an embarrassment to have as TV show hosts spreading their ignorance but we do have an option not to watch problem is there are those who uncritically watch and can easily be misled with the ignorance spread.


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