Exposing Lies By Right Wing Media About Hillary

06 Jul


The right wing media, even some ignorant mainstream media reporters and talking heads continue to perpetuate this lie that FBI Director James Comey statement proves that Hillary has been lying about her use of a private server to conduct official business.

Fox is clearly lying and anyone who tell you the same thing is also either lying or is simply parroting the lie.

What’s amazing is I have seen even lawyers, including some you would think should know better peddling the same lies displaying their ignorance or willingness to peddle lies for the same of advancing their partisan views.

Fox News, for example, is currently running a video clip juxtaposition showing Hillary saying one thing and Comey saying something different on the same point therefore contributing to this false narrative that Hillary has been lying.

Fact is, Hillary has not lied and both what she says and what Comey said are consistent and do not contradict each other.

First, Hillary says nothing she received or sent was “MARKED” classified; Comey says “7 email chains” were classified at the time they were sent but he DID NOT SAY THEY WERE SO MARKED!

Second, Hillary said she thought she could have one devise for both her personal and official email; Comey says Hillary used “several different servers” and used “numerous, multiple devises” to access email in her personal server. The issue here is one of timing; Hillary is talking in this clip what she had in mind AT THE TIME SHE SET-UP the server, Comey is talking about the entirety of her 4-year tenure!

Third, Hillary said the system she used was set-up by her husband, former president Bill Clinton, it had numerous safeguards and there were no security breaches; Comey says actually agrees with her on there being no security breach (this part is omitted in the clip Fox is running) but goes on to say “it’s possible hostile actors gained access” to the private server. Comey here veered into an area he should not have.

Once Comey said there was no evidence of hacking, he should have stopped there instead of speculating on what was possible that’s not what we asked him to do so on that basis dismiss that assertion as uncalled for an unfair to Hillary by creating a negative inference she cannot disprove.

Fourth, Hillary has consistently said she deleted emails that she deemed personal; Comey confirms the same thing noting that these emails were deleted in such a way as to make it impossible to retrieve them. However, what’s not in the clip above is his also saying investigators could not find any wrong-doing in the deletion of the emails.

The level of ignorance in right wing media and quite frankly all media is sometimes astounding as in this case where clearly Hillary did not lie about what she has been saying regarding her use of a private server.

In fact, Comey reached the same conclusion in deciding not to recommend indictment because they found no evidence Hillary tried to hide anything and she was otherwise open and transparent about her use of the private server once this became an issue.

Yet, the right wing media led by Fox News is spending endless hours peddling the lie that Hillary lied about her use of emails and even more horrifying, the mainstream media which is supposed to be the purveyor of truth and honest reporting is equally joining in the dissemination of these lies albeit out of sheer laziness or simply taking pleasure in piling on Hillary for ratings.

Indeed, one can take apart the entire Comey statement to make the case excoriating as it were, what Comey said as actually not as bad as the entire media, left or right wing would want you to believe.

But that won’t be good for their ratings so let’s stay with the imaginary house on fire tales being told good thing is, like many bad stories from a campaign perspective, the Comey bombshell excoriating of Hillary will soon be forgotten by many but everyone will know he did not recommend indicting her and that’s all that matters in the end, especially given the clueless bigoted clown she’s running against

Now you know the truth.

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