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Termination of ICC Case Against H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta Good For Our Beloved Country


Termination of the ICC case against H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta is good for the country for a number of reasons that I have previously articulated as documented below in a series of articles published by the Star.

Now that this chapter of our history is closed, we can focus on the next one and that’s all of us pulling together to make sure there’s continued peace and progress in the country.

I recall just the other day having a conversation on an EK flight from Dubai to Nairobi with someone I met in Business Class who happens to know me very well and I know of him very well even though we had not previously met in person.[An earlier version of this blog stated this happened on a KQ flight from Entebbe to Nairobi but that’s an entirely different conversation with someone else to be the subject of another blog for another day but I have corrected this one for historical accuracy].

What impressed me most is he and his friends who were traveling together and I had a very engaging conversation but none of us cared to know what our tribe or political affiliation was even though by our physical outlook you can eliminate one belonging to this or that tribe (read: not African but Kenyan) but it’s how the conversation occurred and the new friendship that matters.

This can be replicated regardless of tribe or ethnicity or circumstances for that matter and that’s what we all as Kenyans should strive for and that’s being open minded and willing to accept and engage those we don’t readily know for it may turn out it’s someone like this friend had we proceeded without engaging each other, we would never have known we were on the same flight and literally neighbors across the aisle.

Interestingly, this gentleman who I met on the Emirates flight knows very well and is known very well by one of my most vicious haters on these Internets (GW Bush word, not mine)–something we didn’t even waste a second to discuss because it’s not worth it as serious businessmen like this gentleman and adults for that matter know only morons and otherwise not fully mentally grown adults would engage in that kind of vile hatred and attacks of others for no reason–not even political motivation should ever have one stoop that low in expression of the level of vicious hatred and name calling yours truly has been subjected to but nonetheless forgives the tormentors.

Now, if only we can all forgive and move our country forward that would be the greatest gift we can give our beloved country for the benefit of one and all, including those who will be there after we’re all long gone.

And now, a reminder of the reasons why dropping of the ICC cases against our president is good for the country follow the links or if unable google same:

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Termination is not vindication of those of us who have been maintaining this position from the very beginning of this [fill the blank what suits you], it’s an affirmation sometimes the right thing is hidden from others until it’s very transparent and no longer opaque.

Peace, Unity and Truth


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