Let’s Pray For Our Beloved Country

18 Jun

We Are One

I have been away on travel last several weeks most recently in Kenya where I was invited and attended the National Prayer Breakfast held at Safari Park on
Thursday, May 29, 2014.

Several wonderful things and prayers were said that morning and the president himself in his closing remarks, said if half of the people present heeded the prayers or what was otherwise said, the country would be transformed for good in less than 1 year.

I was in transit when the Mpeketoni tragedy occurred and have since arrived home and been following some of what is being said on these blogs and elsewhere.

How I so hope and wish someone could recite or regurgitate what was said at that National Prayer Breakfast for that’s what we need, not the unbelievable divisive and hate-filled rhetoric I am still reading online it’s as if 2007/2008 PEV never happened or some people are unbelievably clamoring and baying for more blood.

I can’t think of anything more pitiful, shameless and reckless than that–especially knowing some of this is coming from people who are supposed to be educated beyond a machette wielding uneducated buffoon somewhere in the village ready to mow down anyone for no reason other than he perceives the person as the enemy who must be eliminated for having done nothing other than simply belonging to a different clan or tribe.

That’s a shame and a sad one indeed.

Let’s pray for our country for in God, anything is possible and right now the country collectively needs His intervention.

Peace, Unity and Truth


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