Memorable Acts of Compassion and Kindness

20 Mar


I am sharing the following true story involving a close family member in the hopes it can inspire others to replicate what she did or at least try to or keep it in mind in terms of not just caring about others in a metaphysical sense–which many do anyway even as they outwardly project otherwise but in actually doing something manifesting the caring, however, small, which in turn inevitably makes the lives of those so cared for that much better in the least.

To be sure, it was not the first act of compassion or caring this family member has done and neither shall it be the last knowing her but it was unique enough to prompt me to write about it, after she shared same with me.

It all started at a place of work where the family member noticed a recent hire–a lady in her early 30s had a broken tooth that she could not get fixed because she couldn’t afford it.

It’s not hard to imagine how anyone, let alone a young lady like this would have their psyche and overall being affected knowing they have a deformity or unusual condition so prominent and readily observable like this more so when they know it can be fixed but is not because they just can’t afford it.

On determining this to be the case, namely, that this lady could not afford to fix her tooth problem, the family member who’s part of management at this place of work brought it up at a managers’ meeting in the hopes of convincing the other managers to agree to have the company as employer pay for the lady’s dental work to fix the problem.

Setting aside the human element of the plea, and hoping to address the company’s bottom line the prism from which all company decisions are usually see and made, the family member made the case were the employer to cover the expense of having this lady’s tooth problem fixed, they’ll have a loyal employee who would go the extra mile to be a more productive employee in appreciation for the gesture of goodwill.

Unfortunately, however, the family member’s suggestion was turned down as the other managers did not support the idea.

Undeterred, the family member sought to find other solutions so she called her family dentist and asked if they could help this young lady.

Upon telling the dentist about the plight of this young lady, the dentist agreed to have the problem fixed at no expense to either the family member or the young lady.

The dentist asked the family member to have the lady call to schedule an appointment, which she did and the family member offered to drive her to the dentist on the date of the first appointment where an assessment was made and impressions made of her teeth.

That was a couple or so weeks ago.

The dental work was done yesterday and the lady now has a beautiful smile but she was still covering her mouth when smiling only for the family member to tell her, “you don’t have to do that; your tooth is fixed!!!”

We’re sure it will take a while for her to get used to her new look minus the embarrassing bad tooth.

As she was driving the young lady back to work, however, the family member told the young lady what she had told her before and that is, not to tell anyone what she (the family member) has done to help get her tooth problem fixed.

That’s not surprising for that’s who this family member is, always doing things to help others but not wanting to be recognized or known for having done so.

While other occasions have involved either monetary or more effort, all what this involved was a warm heart and desire to help someone in need by any means and the means here ended up being just making a call and asking someone who was equally willing to help this young lady.

Had this family member not done this, it’s likely this lady would have for a long time continued to suffer having a bad tooth that she expended so much energy and consciousness to hide, which in turn would have continued to prevent her from fully enjoying life as she will now, given this problem is fixed.

As this family member was recounting this to me, I could not but loudly wonder how many other people out there suffering from all manner of deformities that could be helped in the same manner were someone to care enough to find them the help.

To this, the family member said something that really puts all this in perspective: “The dentist has a business to run; it would be unreasonable to expect him to do this to everyone with the need.”

Very true; had the lady gone to ask the dentist for free dental work, I am fairly certain the outcome would not have been the same as no doubt she would have been told this was not possible.

What made the difference is someone else made the plea in her behalf and that’s really the least one could do.

Some like this family member I know do more or are quite willing to do more God bless them for that.

As the Bible says in Hebrews 13:16, “do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased..”

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