The State of Our Kenya Police and Security

28 Jan

Footage of Armed Robber Being Arrested by Undercover Kenya Police

Watching this clip I couldn’t but think about two things almost right away; say what you can about the police, they do put their lives on line to deal with dangerous criminals and thugs like this one–even though this one claims he’s neither.

The second thing I thought about is how poorly our police are trained to deal with crime in general and forensic investigations in particular.

This particular undercover officer is lucky this was not an hardcore thug with two guns; he would not have lived to see another day were that the case.

An incident like this is one the police should use teasers to immobilize the criminal before handcuffing him.

I suppose that’s one supply one can hardly find within sight of the police supply but one can bet it’s allocated and paid for in the National Police Service budget.

We surely have a long way to go in addressing security in the country both within and without the borders but it need not take that long; there are things Uhuru administration can do to get us there sooner than later.

Taking immediate action to reflect lessons learned from Westgate and recent mind boggling actions and pronouncements by Inspector Kimaiyo would be a good start followed by a real move to ensure we have in place a highly trained and disciplined police and military force with the tools necessary to fight crime locally while protecting our borders from entry of the evil we know lurks out there wanting in.

This has and must be a priority of all priorities.

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