Why Uhuru’s ICC Case Won’t Stand

29 Dec


In this week’s Star column Why President Uhuru’s ICC Case Won’t Stand, I remind everyone what I have been saying all along about these ICC cases, which has been very consistent notwithstanding accusations to the contrary that this is a recent conversion of yours truly ascribed to various motives or reasons that are all actually false.

Since arriving on the ground to this point, everyone I am running into has been asking the same questions several have fielded in my Inbox for several weeks as to why am I now “suddenly” supporting Uhuru and Jubilee but my answer has been very much the same as I have said in the past and that’s I call things the way I see them.

But everyone has their reasons thy ascribe to me nipende nisipende!

Indeed, I heard so many of these reasons, especially from those who are now calling me all manner of names–even to my face (albeit jokingly when you know they mean it), I decided to pen this column to remind people of how wrong they are.

Sometimes you just have to call a spade, a spade and this is what I have done with respect to this issue.

Someone defending me at some joint in one of the social gathering I happened to be in Nairobi a few days ago when the issue was rather loudly raised, said I have become a nationalist.

He interestingly said this hardly moments after he himself had accused me of being driven by some of the same fake reasons others were raising in low tones elsewhere within the vicinity–but nothing I hadn’t heard before.

I therefore wasn’t sure whether he was being sarcastic or real but I did say in response to him and everyone there within earsight I have always been a nationalist and anyone who follows my writings would readily attest to that if intellectually honest.
There couldn’t be a better time for all of us to be nationalists for once than this very period we’re in.

Let’s hope we’re.

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  1. alumabanda

    December 29, 2013 at 4:17 PM

    We know Mr Court Poet


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