Raila and CORD Likely To Support Deferral of ICC

28 Oct


According to the Daily Nation every indication is Raila will lead CORD in supporting Kenya’s latest effort for a deferral of the ICC cases.

This is good development and now we can focus on finding a local solution some of us have been advocating to be compensation for the victims and establishing of a tribunal to among other things bring about truth and reconciliation.

The argument this has not been done before is irrelevant as the question is what can we do from where we are without making things worse or maintaining status quo at best, which means usual politics of destruction.

We’ve got to get past that and set our country on a path of economic and political development and progress that’s eluded us for decades and this is the time to get it right.

Politics shall be for another day.

2017 but what we do today will have a bearing as to that exercise.

Again, Raila and CORD will make the right move in supporting ICC deferral and push for a local solution which I am sure the other side will readily accommodate for the benefit of all.

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