TNA Behind Kethi Kilonzo’s Eligibility Nullification

09 Jul


I told people on these forums not to get overexcited over this Kethi issue but they ignored and went on to hyperventilate and are now out there somewhere exhausted let’s hope they had fun because the proverbial waste is about to hit the fan.

I also said this Kethi saga is more about Jubilee power plays than Cord or even Kethi for that matter.

I can now report and Cord deputy leader and former Vice President confirms below that this Kethi saga is a creation of TNA.

My own reliable source tells me one William Samoei Ruto is very upset by the powers that be that made an issue out something that they should not have; to be sure, the same source told me Ruto has his ideas on how to handle Raila and Cord, which one can actually see their manifestation if you follow what Ruto and Uhuru have been doing but it appears (my source did not tell me this) there are forces which believe both Ruto and Uhuru must dance to their music.

Those very forces may be the very reason the Jubilee coalition may not last beyond a few months before the fissures crack wide open, certainly long before going into the next elections.

As I stated before, this Kethi saga ain’t over by far and even if the high court does not clear hear, which I fully expect to be the case, namely, her being cleared–unless the case ends in the wrong judge’s hands, this will be a rallying issue for Cord, which has been smarting from yet another stolen election.

And now the story about yet another TNA scheme:

The Standard, July 9, 2013

The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) has accused TNA of tampering with the electoral voter register and deleting Kethi Kilonzo’s name.

The accusations come a day after Monday’s ruling by the Disputes Resolution Panel of the IEBC which revoked the nomination of Kethi Kilonzo, knocking her out of the Makueni Senatorial by-election.

“Of concern is the manner in which TNA, a major player in the Jubilee Coalition raised the issue of Kethi’s voter registration status without the knowledge of the electoral body, begging the question of who is the custodian of the IEBC’s vote register. This clearly shows that TNA is IEBC and IEBC is TNA. TNA must have tampered with the voter register, hence deleting Kethi’s name”, Kalonzo Musyoka said.

CORD also warned of a major political battle even as their lawyers finalised on court papers to appeal IEBC’s ruling that locked out Kethi.

 “This is a major political war against CORD, disguised as a legal battle in an obvious attempt to impose a leader on the good people of Makueni. It is clear that Jubilee vehemently tried all means possible to lure Ms Kethi to run for the seat that was held by her late father Sen. Mutula Kilonzo on any of its affiliate parties, an attempt that didn’t bear fruits, hence their resolve to frustrate her candidacy”, said Kalonzo.

Nothing surprising here is there?


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2 responses to “TNA Behind Kethi Kilonzo’s Eligibility Nullification

  1. Timna Komora

    July 9, 2013 at 11:45 PM

    i watched the proceedings, it was a fair hearing….the lady could not even remember where she registered or even the time, kenyans like to politicise everything, even when it is very clear that kethi diana kilonzo never voted in 2013 and also nevet registered, its not a stolen election, some greedy politician wanted a shortcut to the senate which the law can never alow

  2. Harry

    July 15, 2013 at 3:26 AM

    The tyranny of numbers in senate and parliament means people like and Raila can only make harmless noises but you can do nothing about it.If uhuruto can defeat this old tired old man by almost 1m votes when they were not in power what chances do Raila have in 2017 while this two boys got all the power?the answer is zero and furthermore Raila will be too old at 75 and using a walking stick.No chance.


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