The Eating Continues

07 Jul


No one would have taken anyone seriously who said the eating and corruption most Kenyans have practically come to accept as part of their lives would stop with the assuming of office by Jubilee.

Indeed, it’s precisely for this reason many vehemently oppose Raila and would never want him to become president because they rightly fear he’ll be the first president to seriously take head-on the rampant corruption and insider dealings in our government.

TheStandard is reporting that Francis Kimemia who should have no job in any government that wants to be taken seriously as standing for change and not status quo, the man who is acting as though our constitution is a nuisance and with Uhuru’s acquiesce and in this case without any legal authority, has ordered the forcible moving of ministry civil servants from Jogoo House to a building owned by a well known and close Jubilee billionaire. Talk about the arrogance of power!

The Government will pay the building owner and supporter at least Sh88.9 million a year, excluding Value Added Tax (VAT) for the lease, this not including the added cost of renovating the offices and furnishing them.

VAT is calculated at 16 per cent, which means the final lease cost alone would be Sh103.13 million shillings annually.

This brings the total monthly rent per square feet to Sh8.6 million.

Let the eating continue until Kenyans one day wake up and totally reject this level of eating and corruption.

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