Likely Scenarios In Case of Uhuru, Ruto Conviction

08 Jun


In Likely Scenarios In Case of Uhuru, Ruto Conviction published in the Star today, I examine the question of what will happen were either or both Uhuru and Ruto were to be convicted at the Hague where they face the very serious crimes against humanity.


This, then, would be the scenario in which the duo is convicted, a petition is filed challenging their holding office under such circumstances and the Supreme Court renders a decision with a view of redeeming itself from the intellectually shallow and embarrassing decision in the Raila and AfriCog decisions.

Were the circumstances to be the same but the Supreme Court wished not to redeem itself but to dig itself deeper into where it finds itself today, the court will simply hold that such a challenge is premature as those convicted would appeal.

The court would cite the constitution itself which provides that the integrity provisions do not come into play until one has exhausted all appeals.

Their decision will be arguably in sound legal footing except it would infuriate even more and create more tensions. There would be no telling what the outcome would be short of violence, not the least being a thirst to “throw out the bums” as the Americans would say. Interesting days lie ahead, indeed.


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2 responses to “Likely Scenarios In Case of Uhuru, Ruto Conviction

  1. Simon mwangi

    June 10, 2013 at 10:40 PM

    I too have lived in America and understand American lingo. Bums are those who idle all day and expect to eat and drink after a day of no work. Be careful vilifying hard working politicians like UhuRuto. These are people who worked and succeeded against all odds to lead Kenya probably for the next 20 years. I am not for Raila but I certainly won’t call him a bum. He worked hard for 20 years to ascend to the presidency but majority rejected his leadership. He may not have a succeeded because of his policies but he’s not a bum. You be careful trying to interpret American lingo because others have been where you’ve been.

  2. Macharia karanja

    June 15, 2013 at 12:34 PM

    Yawn yawn.. . Nothng happens my dear brother Sam. And if it tries to want to happen, the culprits shall remove the sovereignity card.. . And from the recent history, u can’t beat the soveregnty card in Kenyan politcal context. Factually speaking, Uhuruto is a scary couple. They won against Carson etc, they’ve mobilized AU agnst Hague and now the Hague bench is voting on the upcoming Courthouse venue! And hasnt Obama recently dropped the planned Tz visit with most flimsy of reasons? Truth b told brother Omwenga, these boys are Politically poisonous. Swallow them and u get sick or die as u throw them up. Or where’s Kalonzo Musyoka & co today or in the coming future? Haven’t we seen the Britsh parlianment order its gvt to cooperate? Why ddnt any of such happenings occur in the case of Bashir ha? These boys are bad-oh. Even saint Mutunga couldnt hold a candle. They represent some great forces that only brain and not brawn can counter. In short, Hague is irrelevant at ths point. The Court got to play it safe or Kenya whips out world Politcs. And u know who shall b the 1st to jump fence/camp? The West! These guys are never radical. They thnk with their Egos (power) stomachs, dicks, pussies and buttocks (civil n social Liberties). .. If the Hague’s humanitarian purposes aint song to either of the above ends, repeat after me; Hague Ha’i’wes’make.


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