CJ Mutunga and the Supreme Court Tainted Forever

27 May

Supreme Court at bench

In CJ Mutunga and Supreme Court Tainted Forever published in the Star yesterday, I make the case why the Supreme Court of Kenya and its Chief Justice will be tainted forever by the intellectually shallow and embarrassing decision they made in dismissing Raila and AfriCog’s petitions.

I compare the court’s decision to the worst decision ever made in the United State’s history known as the Dread Scott case of 1857 rendered 156 years ago but still remains the worst in that court’s history and is often cited, to this day in both judicial and non-judicial circles as an example and reminder of how institutions that are supposed to be as noble, jurisprudential, fair and impartial as a country’s highest court can and do render decisions that leave people flabbergasted as to the crudeness of the decision.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Raila and AfriCog petitions will be equally remembered and cited as such long beyond 156 years from now.


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2 responses to “CJ Mutunga and the Supreme Court Tainted Forever

  1. Aumo

    May 27, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    I agree with the comments 100 % , as much as I disagree that the election was rigged, I think the Supreme Court judgement was very shallow in its explanation and in its decision ruling against raila. I must say I agree with the Supreme Court decision that the election was fair but the judgement was too shallow and failed to explain fully the obvious therefore leaving room for grievences. Undoubtedly mutunga failed to handle profesionally one of the most crucial cases in the history of Kenya. He is a disgrace and his standing is damage greatly in the law professional circles and with over 50 % of electorates that voted raila.

  2. Harry

    May 29, 2013 at 5:35 AM

    Yes Mutungas decision will be tainted for ever…….IN YOUR MIND


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