Hard-Toiling Jubileeans Miffed and Now Crying For Being Overlooked for Cabinet Consideration

28 Apr

crying baby“I did not see any of those people on the campaign trail!” lamented a friend who spent several months during the campaigns beating the Jubilee drum-beat in what he was promised to be a plum appointment even possibly as a cabinet secretary only to see people he claims he doesn’t know let alone seen anywhere near the campaign trail where the hard work was done according to him.

He is not alone.

Several of both seasoned and non-seasoned politicians and non-politicians are miffed and others crying they have been overlooked for cabinet consideration its not clear which tears are more painful: the tears of these individuals who believe they either toiled hard enough for Jubilee to win to be appointed as cabinet members or those of Raila supporters who believe the man’s victory was yet again stolen from him.

Never mind those seasoned politicians miffed at Uhuruto for not being put forth as nominees for appointment to the cabinet; theirs is nothing but a desire to be appointed for the sake of appointment (read for the sake of the prestige of holding the office and nothing more) unlike many of these hard-working but ignored would be senate candidates like this friend who actually may have a genuine belief there is something different they can bring to the table as opposed to just having the job for the sake of having it.

That includes as this friend would put it a progressive Kikuyu like him would or could help un-fang or at least trim the sharp edges of some of the creatures fostering tribalism and intolerance in his community.

Well, he may as yet get that opportunity but having not been shortlisted for the PS positions that next to Secretaries hold much promise in everything for anyone who wants to be in the next government, he’s now resigned to probably being sent to the Kyrgyz Republic as our first and only ambassador there with a staff of 2 to manage that includes his house help.

“I’ll take any appointment,” he told me as I joked with him this may actually be the case, “it’s about serving my country something I have always wanted to do.”

I believe him.

I also believe him when he says he wishes to use his appointment to influence the powers that be in bringing about more national unity and cohesion.

I have elsewhere blogged, however, that Uhuru may actually surprise many by being the first president to scale back the reach and depths of tribalism even though an unchallengeable case can be made he’s in office largely because of tribalism aided by a process only history will judge its fairness and openness for those who do not agree with Raila and his supporters that the process was anything but.

As I have also blogged before and to be fair, tribalism would have also been a factor were Raila to be sworn as our next president it’s just that it would have been less so of a factor than it has been in the case of Uhuruto election.

If you don’t believe that and you’ve never met anyone in denial, got to the nearest mirror and look at one staring back at you.

That being said and to repeat what I have said before and even in this blog already, President Uhuru like those before him has the opportunity to be the best president and transform our country in all major respects, including ending or mutilating tribalism.

All those before him failed miserably on this measure.

Will he follow suit or prove he is a man of his own and a leader to reckon in his own right.

Let’s hope the latter and I would sincerely wish him well in that regard for as I have said before his success as president shall be a good thing for all of us as a nation while conversely his failure as president shall be a continued curse for the country.

I vote for the former and always will.


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2 responses to “Hard-Toiling Jubileeans Miffed and Now Crying For Being Overlooked for Cabinet Consideration

  1. Harry

    April 30, 2013 at 2:23 PM

    You were promised a job by cord they lost and this is why you attack uhuruto day and night.Sorry man keep your day job for next 5 years and beyond

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      April 30, 2013 at 6:13 PM

      Learn to rebut arguments and analysis with other than comments like this; who told you I need a job or that I was offered one? Working for the government even at a cabinet secretary for some of us will be a sacrifice one has to really work extra hard to convince someone like yours truly to take the gig even under the new political dispensation. There are far more interesting and satisfying things to do in life than a government job nearly everyone in Kenya is unfortunately programmed to believe it’s the next best thing to manna from heaven and a pathway to riches which is a total fallacy and alien to those who think outside the box or otherwise are driven by other incentives.


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