The First Real Test of the Uhuru/Ruto Marriage

15 Apr


I am literally laughing as I am typing this because I have just learned from a reliable source–yes, that which angers those who can’t stand facts or truth unless it’s something they want to hear–but be as it may, the source tells me that the deceivingly soft-spoken William Samoei Ruto is banging tables demanding not only that his URP end of the Jubilee coalition gets half of the government appointments, he has put on the table precisely which portfolios must go to URP.

This is actually commendable because someone must cut these miniature mugumo trees to size but needless to say its also irritating to some in Jubilee while driving others into feats demanding that Uhuru flex his muscle right away, again, this (the latter) according the same source.

Uhuru is apparently not interested according to the same source in antagonizing Ruto at this early stage of their trials and tribulations certain to come as we tug along with their presidency and “deputyiship.”

“He can afford to appear weak and beholden to Ruto now and even yield to many of these demands by Ruto but like Moi his mentor, sooner than later atawafundisha kama mwalimu wa siasa miaka yote” was my response to all this…

Wouldn’t be wiser to demand control of half of the government appointments as opposed to demanding that URP get half of the appointments?

I pondered–and there is a huge difference between the two where the former can be a vehicle to at least have a more inclusive government beyond the two tribes now enjoying the presidency and deputy with the latter merely ensuring only the two tribes enjoy the presidency and deputyship–however, doing the first of the two things would make one an ardent proponent and practitioner of nationalism but we have yet to have one, Raila having not been allowed to assume the high office yet.

Will Uhuru surprise us all and be the first one to be such a national leader?

To be continued.


If people recall, it was reported in the news not too long ago that the purported deal between Uhuru and Ruto in their MOU now headed to life support is if one of the wings of Jubilee gets a cabinet position, the other wing gets the Principal Secretary slot.

In the list now headed to Parliament for "vetting"–and I put this in quotation marks because there is really no vetting that’s going to take place as the Jubilee controlled House will simply rubber-stamp whatever comes through there as anyone with any conscience to oppose will lose the conscience in due time with appropriate incentives, anyway, be that as it may, my source told me Ruto has specifically demanded that both the security docket and finance cannot go to the same wing of Jubilee.

This had me thinking and I have surmised with my friend’s concurrence Uhuru and his handlers are no dummies they can have both without appearing to have both.

This can be accomplished by maintaining the finance docket–and note why I say "maintaining" while giving the security docket to URP with the respective secretary reporting to his deputy [i]for all practical purposes and intent.

The all powerful deputy will in turn keep a close tap on everyone who is who in the security docket who most of them actually don’t have much to do and virtually slumber until just before the next elections.

This strategy will certainly be utilized in all of the key appointments and the subtleness with which it’ll be done will be felt long after there is nothing anyone can do anything about it.

Let the power tussles begin if they haven’t already.

If anyone doubted my sourcing for this thread; ask yourself why has the cabinet not been announced? Why tell us the structure of the cabinet without telling us who shall fill the slots?

The truth is, there is a stalemate as my reliable source told me in that Uhuru and Ruto cannot agree on who should take what slot, not necessarily how many slots.

Ruto has put his feet down on having certain slots he says he must have (clever because that’s the only way he can check Uhuru’s power over him) but Uhuru henchmen –and yes he has a handful or so of those and one known to me personally–they’re are saying over their dead bodies.

Uhuru himself, according to my source, is ready and willing to give Ruto what he wants.

“They’re concerned UK will give away the store and leave them with nothing” is how my source describes the goings on behind the scenes.

It’ll be interesting to see which side prevails when the cabinet is finally announced: Uhuru and Ruto or Uhuru’s henchmen.

That should give us a good idea what kind of presidency we’re going to have in our fourth president.

Stay tuned.


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5 responses to “The First Real Test of the Uhuru/Ruto Marriage

  1. Charlotte Sedibeng

    April 15, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    Hi Sir

    Please note political alliances and political coalitions have never worked anywhere. Because politics is a matter of ideological orientation. My suggestions to Uhuru Kenyatta is that he tackles Ruto now and destroy him completely right now when he is still struggling to find his way through. Kill the snake as it hatches.

    Because Ruto will just be poison. He played the part by bringing his tribe in, and now must be destroyed. There is no shame in Uhuru doing that – that is how politics everywhere works!!!

  2. Macharia karanja

    April 16, 2013 at 2:05 AM

    Charlote! Such an interesting advice. My take is; leave every witch to his own de/vices. By giving Ruto govt supervision role, Kenyatta is handing him the politcal noose. I wish Ruto well though. Howevr if thngs go bad, Kenyatta will duck the blame as Ruto takes the flack. Ruto cant see that it hapnd to Raila (frm Maize purchase cum scandal to kazi kwa vijana to Mau forest to BVR purchase). All noble causes but politically poisoned. What a good kibaki studnt ths kinyata is!

  3. Mike Omena

    April 24, 2013 at 4:16 AM

    Bwana Omwenga,

    What happened to your reliable source about the goings-on in the cabinet formation, Ruto banging on tables and “putting feet down”?

    Perhaps you should try and detach yourself from the recent electoral loss for your preferred ODM and the Supreme Court ruling before you make predictions. Your ill-will against the victors is clouding your capacity to discuss UhuRuto soberly.

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      April 24, 2013 at 8:11 AM

      I assume you’re not up-to-date with the news as what my source told me and I reported on it is playing out even as we speak; why do you think Uhuruto only announced 4 nominees for the cabinet? Does that make any sense other than confirmation of what my source told me?

      Btw and FYI I wish no one ill, including Uhuruto; if they succeed, we all succeed, if they fail, we all fail so leave that aside as an issue.

      I was actually one of the very first bloggers to congratulate them once the Supreme Court rendered its decision dismissing Raila’s petition; a decision supported by an opinion we now know to be intellectually shallow, a sham and embarrassment to the country and the court itself.

      Finally, on a personal level, I actually like both Uhuru and Ruto and my blogs and commentary on them bears that out.


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