The Monkey On President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Back He Must Shake Loose

13 Apr


In The Monkey On Uhuru Kenyatta’s Back He Must Shake Loose published in the Star today, I note how President Uhuru assumes the presidency under a cloud because a large section of the country does not believe he won the presidency in an open, fair and transparent election. I also note this is true even though the Supreme Court has ruled that the president was validly elected and in conformity with the constitution.


His predecessor, now retired President Kibaki also came to office under a cloud having been hurriedly sworn in following an election in 2007 many believe he stole.

Although the Supreme Court has entered a decision in Raila’s case challenging Uhuru’s election, most people await the written opinion to determine whether the decision itself is right and valid under the constitution and law.

We have never had free, open and transparent elections reflecting the free will of the people since independence and even before.

Many laughed at Moi and his failed project Uhuru but he is now the one laughing loudest and non-stop wherever he is and definitely will now be forever known as the professor of Kenyan politics.

With Jubilee having the majority both in the National Assembly and the Senate, there is a lot of mischief Uhuru can visit on the country, if he so choses but for the same reason he can also do good for the country. The choice is his.

President Uhuru has the opportunity and certainly can do enough good with his leadership to erase or at least minimise the stigma of having been questionably elected in a disputed election.

President George W Bush, a Republican who many argue was appointed by the Supreme Court of the United States following a close election of 2000 in which his opponent had actually been declared the winner early in the day only to find out he lost—he really did not lose as he still contends because the court intervened and stopped the counting of votes in the state of Florida which paved way for George Bush to be declared the winner of that election.

There was bitterness, resentment and anger among Democrats and independents who voted for Al Gore, but there was nothing they could do as the highest court in the land had spoken and there was no further recourse they could pursue to remedy what they clearly believed was an injustice.

Sound familiar? Everyone who voted or supported Raila in 2013 elections will painfully say yes. President Bush was throughout his first term deemed a joke of a president besides being in office illegitimately and even when he was re-elected in 2004, he never could quite shake the illegitimate label.

Will Uhuru Kenyatta be able to shake the label of illegitimacy as did Rutherford B Hays and continue the country on the path of reform or would he serve one or two terms of no marked distinction other than something he would not want on his legacy?


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8 responses to “The Monkey On President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Back He Must Shake Loose

  1. Aumo

    April 14, 2013 at 5:47 AM

    Kenya has moved on, are you still stuck in the in the past elections? Even raila had moved on now the new ambassador of Kenya in the UN.
    You now need to move on since you did not elect either raila or Uhuru, those of us who did have moved on ages. Stop this [deleted] and now!

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      April 14, 2013 at 6:39 AM

      Aumo you can say all you wish but vulgarity is not allowed on this site.

      • petero

        April 17, 2013 at 2:53 AM

        so is stupidity

  2. mohamed warsama

    April 14, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    SAM OMWENGA, the chief [deleted ad hominem] of Raila in the blogs, is at it again with a very tiresome, boring monologue demanding to know if President Uhuru will be able to shake off the illegitimacy of a presidency he had stolen. Omwenga is totally blind as a bat. [Deleted ad hominem attack and defamation] The Supreme Court upheld his election as legitimate. And the truth is now coming out wily-nily out of the mouths of Cord leaders. Sample this from today’s Sunday newspapers:   According to Sunday Standard, Moses Wetangula, the smallest cog in the Cord wheel, said at a funeral: “Kakamega and Bungoma  counties are the second and third most populous in the country, but look at our voter turnout in the March elections, it was apalling. It is high timewe realised leadership does not emanate from trees or rallies but from our voter cards.” So what is Wetangula saying here ? Do you need an interpreter. If you dont bloody well take the trouble to vote in full force, how the hell do you expect to win ? All you do is to sit and cry that the goddamn elections were yet again stolen from you. Let us now go on and see what Johnson Muthama, Machakos Senator, had to say about vote numbers. He said he is going to propose to the Cord retreat in Naivasha today and tomorrow that there should be a constitutional amendment to the 50 plus one percentage rule for one to be declared President.  Muthama added that the voting needs to move away from the “one man one vote” to “one county one vote system.” He said the plan is for a system where the 338 elected representatives in the Senate and National Assembly will determine the presidential election outcome. He said: “We want to make sure every county plays a role in the election of the President, similar to the US collegiate system in which every state participates in the  process.” Muthama said he will propose the idea to the Naivasha retreat because political columnist Mutahi Ngunyi’s “tyranny of numbers” theory cost Raila victory in the recent election. There you are.  Your very own Cord leaders are admitting the truth, namely (1) you did not turn up in full force to vote in your own areas, thus giving Raila a very low number of votes (2) that under the British-inherited demnocratic franchise of one man-one-vote, Raila could not defeat the Uhuru-Ruto ticket which had superior voting strength. So now you believe, you ought to circumvent the will of the majority who are numerous compared to you and vote on a one county-one-vote basis. That is a mockery of democracy. One vote for Turkana equates one vote for Kiambu and one for Uasin Gishu ? The American electoral college system is under attack from those who believe it is undemocratic. They want to switch to the one man one vote franchise. Tell us something else now instead of this nonsense about stolen elections.   Mohamed Warsama  

  3. kim waweru

    April 14, 2013 at 1:36 PM

    Sam, Do kenyans really care about legacies? I doubt. kim.

  4. Macharia karanja

    April 16, 2013 at 1:35 AM

    Numerous times now, Cord has done honest postmotems of why it lost. In their own words; their pple didnt regstr to vote (Wetangula said so in Shinyalu last wkd), they ran anaemic, disorganzd cmpgns (no single party agent in mt kenya during vote) while rivals put them on the defensive such that they they 4got to sell their own ‘sera’ (their cmpgn centerd around why u shldnt elect Uhuruto other than why u shld elect Railonzo). Raila tried but sold the very technical reform Agenda, somethng that Wanjiku and Akinyi couldnt digest. Make no mistakes many Kenyans across the board like Raila but he plays desparate towards every electioneering sunset e.g. Why ally himself with losers like Kalonzo and Maina Njenga? Do such pple any inspire enthusiasm? Are they even oratorical/charismatic? Make no mistake, the public get inspired by the confident. Uhuruto played confidnt; real or imagined. .. Again, pple were scared of his Nyanza brigade e.g. The arrogant Nyong’o and Midiwo. I hope all Nyanza Politicians are like Orengo. Siasa bila chuki!! Raila should have shed the offensive brigade long time ago. Or how many votes do they bring on the table? Anyway, we all have since moved on. Susan Auma is still my sweet cyber attendant, ‘Oti’ Kennedy my mechanic at Ngong road and Opinde Jasondu my workmate, not forgetting Musau the usual workplace romour monger whom we all are putting up with as usual! They all say i’ll never attend a harambee for free. Why shld i? They also laugh while mhndi insists on receipt evidnce on my every petty cash claim. Its a capitalist nation, isnt it?

  5. segera Onunda

    April 18, 2013 at 9:57 PM

    The fact is no one from the small tribes will ever rule Kenya. The big tribes will always have their way. I come from a small tribe and I will never ever again waste time waking up at 4am to go and vote, so help me God.

  6. Macharia karanja

    April 20, 2013 at 12:26 AM

    Segera Onuda; ua remark clearly exemplifies the issue with you guys. HATRED and tactlessness. Logic dictates that u do not show open loathe for the powerful since power fghts back ruthlessly. It took a long time 4 the American blacks to realize that, but finally they triumphed!! Nxt time, i suggest you try the folwng:- Give us a moderate guy like Tuju, pretend to play all inclusive, moderate politics, inspire!! Otherwse, kikuyu this and kalenjin that wont win any vote. The said peoples are also human with fear and defence mechanism. Imagne you are once cornered by a beautful serial killer. Would you be flattered to hand her the butcher’s knife – citing her beauty and saying you wanna make her happy notwithstanding danger to ua own life?!


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