Hate and Hypocrisy In Kenyan Politics

19 Mar

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A few weeks ago while on the campaign trail somewhere in Kenya, I was having a break one late evening with a friend and his friends at a local hotel where we were staying.

The friend, someone I have known for a long time is friends with several prominent politicians from across the country.

The friend then tells me a shocker: one of them, obviously an household name, confided in him that he hates a particular community with a passion but is holding his nose working with a leader from that community because he believes it’s the only way he can get what he wants.

I shook my head in disbelief that (a) someone like that can still hate that much…I have always thought haters like that are generally losers and (b) what an actor for you can never, ever suspect that knowing and seeing how he conducts himself publicly in the presence of this partner of convenience from the community he professes he hates with a passion. As we say in Gusiiland, ‘gwa!


With this level of deceitfulness, let no one make any mistake we are about to undo some of these vices which are culturally entrenched but it’s my belief 2013 will mark a departure point from where we start to leave some of this hatred and tribalism behind.

I have always said there cannot be true progress in Kenya unless we completely shed or begin to completely shed these two vices and if people like these can fake such friendship simply to get ahead, surely they and everyone can altogether shed the hate and tribalism for the good of all or there is no hope of ever ridding our country of the dual vices.

I am, however, very optimistic that we shall sooner than later succeed in shedding these vices.

Quite frankly, I totally fail to see why it’s so difficult for many to do this; I mean, how does one get up every day and go to sleep hating anyone that much for that long–and we are here talking about decades and decades of people harboring hate and disdain for others merely because they belong to one or other community?

Their little children just the other day are now young adults breathing and spewing the same thing never mind their level of education; it really doesn’t matter whether one is as illiterate as a cold log or educated to the highest degree possible the vices of hate and tribalism flourish in both as though neither matters but you would hope and wish it does matter for one to be educated or at least enlightened!

This hatred and tribalism is simply bizarre and backward and I wish all of us–well, those who can, can double our efforts to enlighten and preach to the haters and tribalists to the extent we can in the hopes they can try and shed these vices.

The least we can do is to pray for God to open their hearts and help them see the light of love, peace and unity.


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6 responses to “Hate and Hypocrisy In Kenyan Politics

  1. daniel_too

    March 19, 2013 at 4:48 AM

    Nice commentary, but let us be truthful, are you any different…I think you need to read your articles and interrogate the spirit therein, It should start with yourself myself himself. When you keep quiet while your leader goes round calling people criminals what does that achieve. It was his right to file the petition, but is it his right to polarise the country in the name of peace rallies while awaiting the supreme court to rule in his favor. Me thinks the issue is to discredit the IEBC, so that the voter register can be nullified and then fresh elections can be called. This should not be taken to mean that I condone the vices that you have presented so far. I think the strategy has been the same and I wonder what would happen if the SC dismisses the petition will he abide by the ruling…

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      March 19, 2013 at 6:51 AM

      You obviously don’t read all my blogs for if you did, you would have noted I clearly stated Raila calling Uhuruto criminals was not right and that I wouldn’t do it and have not done it. I wrote from my heart about vices I see crippling our beloved country and therefore I am not and cannot be the very things I condemn as anyone who knows me and I am widely known will tell you.

  2. daniel_too

    March 19, 2013 at 11:10 AM

    Dear Sam, I wish to retract unreservedly my viewpoints and the affront that they may have caused to your person or mien. Indeed if you did condemn these incidents then I commend you with admiration and extend a sincere hand to you to preclude those acts that distabilise the country. Keep well and once again my sincere apologies….

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      March 19, 2013 at 11:24 AM

      No problem ndugu. Retracting a viewpoint upon learning its untenability is commendable not too many people do it so kudos to you as that speaks to your character as well.

  3. Harry

    March 25, 2013 at 3:18 AM

    Why cant this Cord followers give us a version of digitals like uhuruto instead of sticking to this ancient 70 year old?.This man is almost senile why put him through all this if you love him soo much?.The world is now run by 50s or 40s not over60s anymore leave alone a hair dyeing person whos face betray his pitch black hair.

  4. Anna Kanyanga

    April 3, 2013 at 4:28 AM

    Hey Harry,
    You just gave meaning to the blog title: Hate and Hypocrisy in Kenyan politics. You obviously attest to hating Raila (be brave enough to use his name!) but your feelings are personal so keep them thus. The world is run by “50s and 40s” and “there’s plenty to show for it”. In olden days, the “old” sages ran the show and things were different. Real change can only come by a change in personal attitude. DON’T HATE, DON’T IMITATE, JUST MITIGATE!!


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