Uhuru Kenyatta Is Pulling Wool Over Everyone’s Eyes, Especially the Kalenjin

16 Mar


In Uhuru Kenyatta Is Pulling Wool Over Everyone’s Eyes, Especially the Kalenjin published in the Star today, I point out the pitfalls that lie ahead for his side-kick William Ruto and the Kalenjin community in the unlikely event Uhuru becomes our next president.

My analysis is informed by not only history but facts and information as we know it now and is continuously changing, most recently the dropping of the ICC charges against Muthaura.

My contention is sooner than later and especially if Uhuru becomes president and Ruto becomes his Vice President, it’s very likely the case against Uhuru will be dismissed and only Ruto and Sang will be left facing the music at the Hague.

How ironic but convenient would that be for Uhuru and his handlers.

There won’t be any need to shred any MOUs as the side-kick will be nearly exiled at the Hague, leaving the boys to do as they wish with the presidency without him around to even as say ngwe.

As I also conclude in the piece, there is time for our brothers and sisters from Kaleland to reconsider and maybe they can avoid all of that.

Of course, first order of business is getting the Supreme Court to do the right thing and nullify the bogus results announced by the obviously compromised IEBC purporting to show that Uhuru won the presidency when he, in fact, did not.

We patiently await the Court’s evaluation of the evidence provided by Raila and his team to this effect and are of the view the evidence of rigging is so overwhelming there cannot be but one outcome and verdict on the petition filed by Raila and that’s the nullification of the compromised elections results for president and send this thing to a run-off, which is in turn the only option that can prevent the country from going up in flames.


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8 responses to “Uhuru Kenyatta Is Pulling Wool Over Everyone’s Eyes, Especially the Kalenjin

  1. ndungu mureu

    March 17, 2013 at 2:16 AM

    Omwenga l think you lesve in your own world full of ignorant and opinionated people. You are so biased and nonsensical in your opinions that one wonders why the cyber world cannot confine you to your little world that lives in abstruct form. Kenya is far greater than any one of us and Kenyans spoke loudly. You are a prophet of doom and you never say anything that makes sense. Time and time again you open your mouth through this forum and remove any doubts as to who you are. For now just mind your business and stay where you are. Leave Kenya alone after all you run away from here so what is your problem???

    • Rofi (@meruklan1)

      March 17, 2013 at 2:50 AM

      Let Omwenga say his piece. You say yours too and stop going all nuts, over what?? Ruto being VP, there will be no problems between Kikuyus and Kalenjins, they will coexist peacefully, as long as the Kalenjins of course are happy to be the ‘hosting’ community. So what has been resolved, are you aware of any Kalenjins or Giriamas owning huge tracts of land in Muranga or Nyeri or Kiambu? Ndungu, wait patiently, historical injustices WILL be resolved, Ruto being or not being VP. Since he is so quick to be somebody’s sidekick, why did he not choose to be Raila’s number 2? That’s because Raila is not a ‘hustler’.

  2. daniel_too

    March 17, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    You write as though you belong to the UHURUTO inner circle, as though you know what relationship Uhuru has with Ruto, you write merely driven by the hope that the wedge between the Kyuks and Kale albeit surmounted can be further widened to widen the politcal points for your reformer aka safi kama pamba. Indeed your wishful thinking is driven by the fantansy that your candidate Raila will nostalgically acclaim the Rift valley vote. Dejavu moments indeed. I am worried that your blind hate obscures your pragmatic thinking thereby insulating your great mind to realism and the great historical moment that our country faces. You indeed wanted us to see that the country cannot move forward until we have a jailbird who suffered for reforms occupy the seat of powerDon’t you see that a nation can never be built on hate. You spew your intellectually concocted phrases advising us on how bad uhuru is but we know you form no moral authority to preach to us. What happened in the states is pegged to your character like a fly on shit. Yet you have the audacity to preach water over wine. I hope time will provde you with evidential lessons that objectivity is the prime virtue of nation building even as the so called safi kama pamba aka reformer per excellence succumbs to reality that reforms was just a convenient bandwagon…

  3. daniel_too

    March 17, 2013 at 11:03 AM

    I assume you are a married man…I assume that you have children who enjoy the company and the union that the family unit offers. I presume further that you would be the last person to tolerate anyone who tries to drive a wedge between your family members and splinter it to pieces…I believe you would do everything to fiercely protect this institution : your home and the peace of mind that it offers to your Sam in what wisdom/sentiment can you wish the splinter or disintegration of peaceful unions or tribes, how can you be happy when Kenyans are in serious conflict only on account of one man who must get the top seat at all costs. My position is that it is his constitutional right to seek legal redress but it is not his right to bring the country down when it does not go his way. At that point my views take a different path,, while i believe that the integrity of all our institutions must be safeguarded to ensure the posterity of the nation state. I do not fall for the fact that facts or truth belong to one side of the political equation. Take for instance the last election all sides stole yet one side keeps on yapping on the stolen elections..That is where i beg to differ and draw the line in the conviction that those that stole shoud never be allowed to be part of the new dispensation. The act is indeed despicable to say the least. That said I would wish to let you know that this is not personal, no this is philosophical in my daily quest for what is true, right and just..believe you me..i would be prepared to protect your rights just as for any other kenyan because you are my comrade, mothered by kenya the country of our birth.

  4. Okenyan

    March 19, 2013 at 5:40 AM

    This is CORDed [censored]. What has Raila promised u when (if ever) he gets to power. He is a person who is held in contempt by his own people. Charity begins at home bwanaaaaa!!!!! To you, Raila is the best president who never was. What do you have to say about his misgiving – the coup de tat, molasses, maize scandal, all family members given state jobs, allegation from Miguna…. Stop looking at one side of the coin. Why do u think this CORD fellows are so power hungry, ati democracy. NKT! I’ll just dismiss you as a victim of the tribal politics perpetrated by your so called “Hero of democracy”. Absolutely satirical!

  5. Jay

    March 19, 2013 at 11:49 AM

    Tudumishe Amani Kenya, this is the year of jubilee. enjoy ur life in california stop inciting kenyans. peace peace

  6. rehema

    March 21, 2013 at 3:22 AM

    Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

  7. MpwaniHalisi

    March 23, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    I love peace but If I was to chose between peace and justice I would settle for justice, it is a greater guarantee of equity and prosperity than the other way round.


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