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Why The Kalenjin Should Not Be Misled By Ruto


In Why The Kalenjin Should Not Be Misled By Ruto  published in the Star today, I examine the relationship between Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto and offers reasons and analysis why the Kalenjin should not be misled by the duo into believing their relationship and working together has the communities interests in mind.

That’s not the case for the reasons provided in the column as follows:

The first question that came to mind to many after Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto first indicated a willingness to work together, was why would the two men accused of being responsible for their respective communities basically butchering each other would want to work together.

On the surface, the only thing that came to mind to many, were here were two individuals circumstances had developed such that they were either hanged together or hanged separately; there was no loss in that sense for them to forge a relationship whose benefit could be a net plus as opposed to not working together and therefore being hanged separately, anyway, if it came to that.

As events evolved, however, and especially after the confirmation of charges against the two and their other ICC accused, keen observers started putting two and two together and a clear picture started to emerge what was really going on.

This in particular during and immediately after the so-called “prayer rallies” which in reality were nothing even close to a religious event.

It must be noted at the time, both Uhuru and Ruto were individually presenting themselves as presidential candidates albeit in the so-called G7.

What emerged then as a strategy, was that even as Uhuru and Ruto were appearing to work toward a run for the presidency with one emerging as the flag-bearer depending on how the G7 group was inclined, Uhuru was actually already carrying himself as the presumptive nominee no matter what the entity under which he vied and sought the nomination.

Meanwhile, the Mudavadi project for ABR (Anyone But Raila) was underway.

There is little doubt in hindsight for many, and in real time and before for the most astute that both Uhuru and Ruto did not see Mudavadi, weak and indecisive he is, as capable of being the project he was meant to be.

Uhuru having been a project previously, had some experience to go with and obviously shared with his now protégé Ruto.

That being the case, the duo continued on their separate yet joined presidential quests, even as there was wrangling within the G7 group they belonged which ultimately collapsed on the weight of its indirection.

Curiosity intensified several months later on November 27, 2012 when Uhuru and Ruto announced to the world that they’ll be teaming up to vie for the presidency and vice presidency.

There was little doubt in anyone’s mind who in that scenario will be the flag-bearer and who will play second fiddle.

No one in their right mind would have thought even for a second that Uhuru would play second fiddle to Ruto.

This was confirmed on December 2, 2013 when the duo announced the formation of Jubilee alliance in which Uhuru was made the flag bearer and Ruto made his side-kick with an a MOU not worth the paper it’s written whereby Uhuru (read Kikuyus) and Ruto (read Kales) will share power on a 50-50 basis.

Never mind what the rest of the communities will share in that power arrangement.

Upon what Uhuru said was a visit from the devil, Mudavadi was briefly brought into the equation as the flag-bearer of the Jubilee alliance but given only a promise of power sharing less than the ICC indictees had agreed to dole to him in making him their project.

It’ll take a book to analyze how naïve Mudavadi was in reaching such a deal but, not worth it as he has proven over and over when it comes to these things, he is more than naïve happy only to be a project to whoever entices him the most and most recently the ICC indictees were the leading candidates for that effortless feat.

Which leads to a key question: We know the crams Mudavadi was promised to join Jubilee; but what was Uhuru’s promise to Ruto to agree to not only join him, but to play second fiddle?

The answer must lie in the underlying issue that belies the ICC cases against Uhuru and Ruto and that’s land.

Uhuru being the son of our first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, and notwithstanding the rap against him as not being that smart when it comes to politics must have been advised a band aid was put over the land issue in Rift Valley in the 60s and 70s by appointing  Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, a Kale, as Vice President.

As long as he served in that position, all land issues in the region were relegated to the back-burner.

Uhuru must have had the same strategy in mind and sold it to Ruto, essentially telling Ruto, I’ll make you deputy president and as president, I will return the lands taken away and give those most affected land elsewhere not even near Kaleland.

This is an offer Ruto could not refuse because, for one, it’ll be easy to sell in the area and secondly, it would put him in Deputy President much more easily—according to their calculation, than, say collaborating with Raila.

It remains to be seen whether such a deal will ultimately work but, going by what we know already about Uhuru, keeping promises even when reduced to writing is not something he’s fond of.

Much as Uhuru discarded the MOU with Mudavadi, so too will he discard any deal he has made with Ruto.

This is an important fact our brothers and sisters from Rift Valley must understand for it’s as true as the sun rising from the east and setting on the west.

Much as Uhuru is experienced as a project himself—something he used to Mudavadi’s disadvantage when he duped the latter to sign a useless MOU, Uhuru need not look further than his own father who used and dumbed Jaramogi when it was convenient to do so.

One must give Mzee Jomo credit for maintaining to the end Jaramogi was his friend and even said as much in Kisumu during the infamous incident when Kenyatta was pelted with stones and declared he would have had Jaramogi arrested but for the friendship.

When it came to his turn, Kibaki shred to pieces his MOU with Raila after the 2002 elections, setting in motion events which have still to conclude until after the next general elections on March 4, 2013.

It’ll be Uhuru’s turn to shred any MOU with Ruto and by this history, one has to be in absolute total denial not to believe or see it coming.

To put all of this in context, a few things must be highlighted:

First, if Uhuru were honest on this deal, he would have supported Ruto for president and let Ruto do the bidding for this type of land resettlement scheme, if it was a genuine one intended to address the land issue in Rift Valley.

Second, given it’s obvious the deal between Uhuru and Ruto had nothing to do with resolving the historic land issues affecting the two communities they each represent, the next logical and only conclusion one must reach is the deal has to and must do with the individual interests of the duo in connection with their ICC cases.

More specifically, the deal has to do with the two believing by working together and in the unlikely event they are elected, they can thwart or altogether defy the ICC.

A lot has been written about what consequences will befall our country were this to turn out to be the case, namely, the duo is elected and they choose to thwart or altogether defy the ICC.

One thing can be said for certain, given their inevitable thinking: they could care less what the consequences are for they believe they can weather the storm.

After all, they’re individually well cushioned financially and were there to be any seepage of finances for the less well monied, the other one will bail him out.

It’s a no brainer who pays the dear price for that and that’s the ordinary Kenyan who will suffer even more than they have in the past.

Third, besides the land issue, if those pulling the strings for Uhuru, and that’s not to say he’s not his own man, if they wanted to help the Kalenjin community, they would have revived KCC, KPA or written off farmers’ loans from ADC and AFC.

They did none of that, which is telling in by itself what to expect were this deal to hold and surprisingly put the Uhuru Ruto duo in high office.

Instead, they wrote off loans for coffee farmers and not even pyrethrum farmers whose loans were given under similar conditions and for the same purpose.

Finally, but not least, all one has to ask themselves is, why has Eldoret airport not been made fully functional?

We need a president who has to address issues affecting all Kenyans both ordinary and elite and that person is not Uhuru Kenyatta; at least not based on these facts.


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Gusii Is Fully Loaded–An Update


In Gusii Is Fully Corded I said “Having accompanied the Cord team for rallies and having witnessed the historic crowd in Kisii Stadium with my own eyes, there is not a question Gusii is fully Corded. This was not the case just a few weeks ago.

Not surprisingly, and as they always do–copying, imitating or otherwise trying to replicate Raila/Cord successes, Uhuru and Co went back to their drawing boards trying to figure what they can do to not necessarily match for they can’t, but slow down the momentum Raila and Cord have picked in the most reliably independent of all communities in the country.

Their goal, having seen they cannot but pick a handful of votes in Gusii, and they stated it publicly, is to harvest about 10 percent of the Kisii vote and they are “home.”

Following the script of this strategy, the Uhuru schemers went into overdrive with their point-man in Gusii, the never has been so-called “Professor” Ongeri to try and make some come back there.

The “professor” who really gives professors a bad name, and his minions concocted a plan that they also initially tried to recruit Omogaka Simeon Nyachae to bring Uhuru and Co back to Gusii in what they hoped will be a huge rally to try and undo what Raila and Cord have gainfully done in the recent past.

Nyachae, who most of my readers know to be someone I consider a friend and political mentor, initially declined to work with the Ongeri clowns and this only in the last week or so.

Today, I am told Uhuru camped out at a Kisii hotel where he was doing what he does best and the only thing he knows in politics, and that’s dishing out money in the hopes of buying support.

Reliable sources tell me a plan was concocted and unfortunately involving my friend Nyachae in which people were being paid from Kshs100 to 500 to attend an impromptu rally at Kisii Stadium.

When this shameless facilitation was complete, Uhuru with Nyachae in tow went to the “rally” and what happened from there is something I would not wish to blog about but do out of necessity because the truth must be known no matter whether it’s someone like Nyachae I highly respect or an Ongeri who I really have never had any good reason to.

Nyachae took to the podium and thought it fit to declare his support for Uhuru.

The reasons he gave for the support are shocking except for one I can understand as reasonable and these are:

First, Nyachae claims as compared to Raila, the Uhuru team has plenty of money–which is really nothing revealing in by itself other than it was Nyachae himself saying this–a very wealthy person in his own right you would think money or the consideration of it would not be a factor in who he supports.

Second, and this is the reason I would not have any issue with any time because I understand its premise and underlying logic, Nyachae says he supports Uhuru because his father was his friend and was good to him (Nyachae) when he was a civil servant.

Third reason Nyachae gave but not in a direct way–and this is the shocker to me, is publicly dissing his own son, Charles, CIC Chairman, for supporting Raila/Cord, which is another way of saying Nyachae would not and cannot support Raila.

I understand where my good friend Nyachae’s reluctance to support Raila comes from and I have previously blogged about it; in a nutshell, it’s largely because Raila said Kibaki tosha in 2002 when Nyachae and those of us with him had hoped Raila would have said Nyachae tosha.

Raila’s decision was a stinger and I can speak to that because I know we all knew the moment he said Kibaki tosha, Nyachae’s presidential bid was finished and over with without any much further effort on anyone’s part, including Nyachae in what he did or could not do afterwards.

However, after all these years, one would think Mzee Nyachae would let that go.

He has not and acting on the same emotion, my good friend has probably committed the most embarrassing thing he ever could notwithstanding the many decades he has said and done great things as a civil servant, businessman and politician.

It is my hope and wish my good friend Nyachae can have a moment of reflection and reverse what he has done for he will be harshly charged in history in these graceful sun-setting days of his illustrious career.

In the least, Nyachae has to and must retract the public humiliation of his son Charles, whom he also challenged to sue Kibaki over the non-gazettement of the land reform commission.

As a father and senior elder, he owes his son that much.

As a previously highly regarded Gusii leader and still in some respect still is, he owes the community either a retraction of his obviously hasty endorsement of Uhuru or better reasons for the endorsement for his own legacy;

I doubt my good friend Nyachae can come up with any reasons that would persuade the more than 70% of Abagusii who will vote for Raila and Cord candidates come March 4, 2013, but he can try.

The least he can do, is erase or at least try to erase the embarrassment and major stain to his legacy that would remain were the not to retract or modify the reasons he gave for the endorsement and even above all, his dissing of his own son, which I would have to believe and must believe was not done with much reflection.

Were Nyachae to reflect on the latter, I have no doubt he would agree with what I have said at least with respect to that blunder.

It’s also the right thing to do under our community’s traditions and culture, which he knows very well and is a major part of.

His own father, Senior Chief Nyandusi will demand nothing less.

As for Raila and Cord, Gusii is fully corded no matter what Nyachae does the only counsel I’ll give him as both a friend and political mentor is, people do make mistakes that’s why pencils have erasers; he has made one, but it’s not too late to erase the mistake.

No hurt feelings.

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Raila and Cord On The Campaign Trail; The Momentum Is Building!

Raila in Estleigh

Raila in Eastleigh yesterday

Raila took his campaign back to Nairobi yesterday when he held rallies in Eastleigh, Moleem and Jerusalem.

At Eastleigh, Raila reminded the PM reminded the residents he has been visiting the area during good and bad times, including most recently after the area suffered an attack that left area MP and other residents injured while his opponents have not stepped foot there.

The PM promised to continue the roads construction projects he started in the area but have since been frustrated by money not being allocated to complete the road projects in Easleigh, putting the blame squarely on the feet of Uhuru Kenyatta.

“As a Prime Minister, I formed an inter-ministerial committee that made proposals on how to improve the state of roads here but you all know who the minister for Finance was then. Uhuru failed to allocate money and I want you to ask him what happened with the money when he tours here,” he said.

Raila also promised to deal with garbage collection in the city and once again turn Nairobi into the shining city and jewel of Africa it once was.

An aspiring candidate from the area speaking both in English and Somali said it’s be a shame if any Somali voted for other than Raila and Cord, given what the PM has done for the community and promises to do once reelected but this time sworn as president.

The PM assured the audience he will usher in desired police reforms as president and refocus the force on the tenets it was founded and that is serving wananchi in the “Utumishi kwa wote” spirit.

In Jerusalem, Raila told the audience many of whom may have not known this that he was actually born and raised in the area after the family moved from Bahati.

Indeed, the rally was held on the field where Raila said he used to play soccer in his boyhood days.

This is something this writer and am sure many readily recognized Uhuru cannot say about any village or area in Nairobi, namely, having any connection there that can help him understand the needs of those who live there.

Uhuru can only talk about being raised in Gatundu and State House both being totally removed from what ordinary folk go through in both raising their children, or being raised as children.

This is an important distinction and one of many that separates Raila from Uhuru and the reason why Raila is by far the best candidate of the two because even though his father was at one point our country’s vice president, Raila comes from a relatively humble background reflecting Jaramogi’s values as a champion of the oppressed and underprivileged, a mantra Raila took on and has fully embraced as his own.

Uhuru, on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and cannot possibly relate to anyone other than those also born with silver spoons in their mouths.

It is a proven fact leaders who can’t relate to the needs of ordinary folk never know how to neither are they interested in meeting those needs and if they tell you they are, they are lying.

Raila was later joined by his running mate, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula, the third of the trio at the top of Cord hierarchy

As Raila says on the campaign trail; mambo bado.

He and Cord have yet to making their closing argument expected to be in the next few days, culminating just a few days before the elections when Raila and Cord hold their last and possibly the largest rally ever held in Kenya as they sprint to the crossing line ahead of everyone else.

They promise to show Jubiliee dust by that time and that shall come to pass.

When it’s all said and done, this won’t even be close as recent polls seem to suggest.

It’s Raila/Cord victory rivaling only that of Narc in 2002 and certainly at par if not better than ODM’s 2007 when the party swept the country only to see Raila victory stolen from him.

That will not happen this time.

It’s clean victory and the winner shall be sworn as our next president after an election everyone who loves or cares about our country wants and insists must be peaceful and transparent as any can be.

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Uhuru Either Doesn’t Get It or Is Trying To Pull A Fast One On Kenyans


In Uhuru Either Doesn’t Get It or Is Trying To Pull A Fast One On Kenyans, published in the Star on Saturday, I make the case Uhuru and Ruto’s quest for the presidency and vice presidency, respectively is neither about democracy nor about giving people a choice at the polls as they are both trying to have everyone believe.

Rather, their quest is about trying to find a way to thwart or altogether defy the ICC process where they face serious charges of crimes against humanity.

This is the truth nobody can make a serious case it’s not the case.

I conclude the article as follows:

If Uhuru and Ruto are elected, it would be virtually on account of a majority of two tribes coming together and massively voting for them. But unlike in the past where this has happened whether people like it or not and without any consequences save for post-election violence, the consequences of electing ICC indictees will be dire. It behooves every voter, especially those sitting on the fence to think very seriously and do the necessary to avoid such an eventuality.

Just as it’s not about democracy for Uhuru and Ruto to be on the ballot, it’s not true as Uhuru claimed during the debate that by electing him, Kenyans would have passed a vote of confidence that he can do the job.

As noted above, people often support their “own” leaders regardless of what they have done simply because they are their own. It amounts to selfishness to exploit this human weakness to seek high office.

Uhuru can do the right thing and step-aside rather than selfishly pursue the presidency. Meanwhile the majority of Kenyans going to polls on March 4 should show the rest of the world that Kenyans know better than to put themselves in such a precarious position.

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Miguna’s Second Book Will Be A Big Flop Much Like The First One For The Fundamentals Are The Same

Miguna in Mombasa

Miguna Miguna is set to launch his second book on Saturday in Nairobi he calls Kidneys for the King; deforming status quo.

Like his first “volcanic” collection of tales small and big that was anything but and flopped as we predicted, this one too shall be a flop for several reasons.

To begin with, Miguna lost his credibility as a truth teller when he promised so much ahead of the publication of his first book only to deliver nothing but a hatchet job on Raila that did no damage to the man even close to what Miguna had hoped.

There is no doubt in any objective person’s mind that the first book Miguna wrote was a vindictive, seething at the mouth shouting of things that were either not true or simply exaggerated with the sole intention to damage Raila while trying to prop up Miguna as the savior of the world, neither of which succeeded.

This attempt did not succeed because Kenyans, save for those who hate or can’t stand Raila are a fair people and know a hatchet job when one is delivered and dismiss accordingly as was in this case.

Not much is remembered about this book other than perhaps that Miguna is bald.

It was noted by astute observers that Miguna could not have possibly had any secrets of the government he could reveal, given his relatively junior position he held as advisor to Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The other reason those predicting Miguna’s failure to deliver on his lofty promise in the first book and now proven right was based on the fact that Miguna basically told us all about what was in the book before it was released, leaving nothing to look forward to in reading the book.

Miguna put the final nail on the coffin when he shamelessly peddled sex stories in the book that have no place in any serious book or narrative.

This writer recalls talking to someone not a supporter of Raila at the time who told him he was not interested in reading the book after what he heard Miguna said in it about these sex stories. This is a view many held who never bothered to buy or read the book other than those prone to salacious and made up slanderous gossip.

For these and many other reasons, not the least of which was the arrogant, chest-thumbing manner in which Miguna conducted himself during the book’s launch, Miguna’s first book was a flop as predicted.

Having exhausted his first 15 minutes of fame, Miguna now seeks a fresh 15 minutes of fame with the publication of his second book.

Again, as noted above, this second book, too shall fail for some of the same reasons the first one failed.

For example, it’s obvious Miguna is still a man with an ax to grind against Raila; he thinks of nothing and dreams of nothing better than to damage Raila for having unceremoniously terminated him.

It should be remembered, however, that even as Miguna was trashing Raila and accusing him of all manner of corruption and incompetence, Miguna actually agreed to return to work for the same man when Raila was prevailed by others to do so.

That act alone shattered any credibility Miguna may have had in “peeling back” the purported mask of Raila.

As noted at the time, the only mask Miguna ended up peeling was his own as a vindictive man who thought too highly of himself than he is or ever will be.

Miguna once again places himself at the highest level of importance he is not in his second book by claiming in the book that he and only he has the evidence to have Raila charged at the Hague but in his warped view, the ICC is not interested in this evidence, which is such a stretch and self-elevation to high importance only Miguna can muster.

It also begs the question; if Miguna is this important a witness and has had this evidence, why did he hold on to it until he was unceremoniously shown the door to bring it up?

Does this not tell you everything you need to know about this man that he is either a big liar or one quite ready and willing to say or do anything so long as he believes it would damage Raila?

The answers are obvious and more so the reason no objective person can ever take Miguna seriously in anything he says about these things, especially as they relate to Raila—the man Miguna is trying to damage but will not succeed.

Besides once again elevating himself to high importance, Miguna also suffers the same credibility problem as in the publication of his first book on grounds he purports to authoritatively speak of things he really knows very little about or has no basis to know more than any average person observing these things.

It is reported in the news that Miguna intends to portray Raila as not being the reformist everyone knows him to be.

The problem is, everyone knows Raila to be the reformist he is and there is nothing only Miguna is privy to that changes that fact and this is true even considering Miguna served as a junior staff at the PM’s office.

There are hundreds of others with access to the same information and access Miguna had but none of them can claim as Miguna has that Raila is not the reformer he is based on that knowledge, access or information.

None because it’s a fact and truth that Raila is a proven reformer unlike any of those vying for the presidency the only thing Miguna can attempt to do, is to smear and tell tales in the hopes they can damage Raila’s image as a reformer.

As in the first instance where Miguna miserably failed to depict Raila as corrupt, so too will this second effort to damage fail to depict Raila as not the reformist he is.

Miguna then tries to depict Raila as having ill-gotten his wealth.

This is laughable besides not being true.

If there is anyone in Kenya who has legitimately gained his wealth and not by looting, it’s Raila Odinga and this is not disputed even among some of his critics.

Finally, but not least, Miguna claims in his new hatchet book that Raila never graduated from intermediate school and that therefore his academic qualification, including his earning his degree as an engineer is somewhat suspect.

The only thing to be said about this nonsensical assertion other than it’s shameless one can go down that far in another man’s schooling history going more than 50 years, is that Raila is an engineer by profession and his academic qualifications meet the constitutionally mandated criteria for one to run for president and that is, he graduated with a degree from a recognized university.

In sum, Miguna’s second book is much ado about nothing and as in the first book, it would be fodder only for those who for whatever reason don’t like Raila therefore a non-factor politically as these people would not have voted for Raila anyway.

Those who support Raila/Cord will continue to do so regardless of what fiction Miguna tells in his so-called book; those very few undecided and even some of those who don’t support Raila/Cord will chose to support Raila because they know this man has suffered a lot all for the sake of our country and these efforts to damage him with these useless books serve no purpose other than the selfish, vindictive quest by the author–if you can call him that; more like a gossip narrator and unfounded allegation peddler than an author.

That being said, let me take this time to encourage Kenyans with no ax to grind with any information about our leaders and the functioning of our government to share freely for the people are empowered if the proper information is shared and not bar gossip, innuendos and other equally unreliable tales this Miguna seems to specialize in notwithstanding the title of these collection of tales small and big.


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A Visit To “Enemy” Territory and Its Good News

kenya map

We spent the whole afternoon today, and by that I mean team Cord, led by Raila in Jubilee territory where we actually have a sizable support as well but must say I was very impressed with how well we were received even by hardcore Jubilee youth.

If this is an indication of what to expect in the days ahead and in particular come March 4, 2013, which it is, then we can all rest assured we shall have a peaceful election this time around where there will not be any hostility or love lost regardless of who wins and more importantly regardless who takes the greatest prize of all–the presidency.

Elections should be about those vying freely campaigning in any part of the country peacefully even in perceived or real “enemy” territories as was the case today.

For those praying for peaceful elections, I join you; for those who the idea hasn’t crossed their mind, I urge them to keep that in mind for we are all Kenyans and should love one another as God commands us to or in the least what basic human decency and comradery demands.

Put another way, there is no need to hate or be so against one or others to the point one sees blood instead of love or in the least brotherhood and sisterhood as we must or ought to.

I have not had time to elaborate on something I thought was rather very revealing and I have blogged about the same previously but be that as it may, it was rather openly and unambiguously stated by the only two horses in the race during yesterdays debate I am sure many of you who watched the debate heard it and probably remain puzzled by it if you are the type who never believes in the impossible.

Today’s campaigning in several villages in Kasarani, Mathare and other adjoining areas wrongly presumed to be “enemy” territory was an affirmation of the paradox.

I pray and wish for more of the same in the days to come through elections such that when it’s all said and done, we can look back and say we have taken a giant leap forward and away from siasa ya kumalizana na ukabila.

May it be so.



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Raila, Uhuru Hold Their Own In Big Debate

Big Debate

The historic debate between and among presidential candidates in Kenya for 2013 elections just ended and a few observations can be made about the debate:

First, the two horses in the race, namely, Raila and Uhuru held their own. There was an expectation that Uhuru would crumble under persistent attack from other candidates but this did not come to pass, namely, Uhuru came under no attack at all. Raila, on the other hand, did not make any mistakes some were afraid he might. Instead, he came across as presidential and handled all the questions with command of the issues, which is all that was expected of him to maintain his front-runner status.

Second, Second Tier candidates Musalia Mudavadi, Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth equally held their grounds with Peter Kenneth emerging as the more credible and worth watching for a future presidency than the rest of the pack in that group. HMK as I call her, or Martha Karua once again demonstrated she is both blessed and cursed in that she’s articulate and can make her case well but comes across as cold and detached from what she’s actually saying. That’s a problem she simply must find a way to deal with if she’s to be promoted from Second Tier to battle in Tier One next time around.

Third, Third Tier candidates Prof. Ole Kiyiapi and Paul Muite really did not hold their own but managed to get off the stage with only Paul Muite making a fool of himself in his shameless efforts to cast the ICC issue in new terms–a line of attack only recently ventured into by Uhuru, namely, that both Kibaki and Raila should be charged at the ICC. Never mind that the ICC OCP concluded there was no evidence to charge the two but in Paul Muite’s mind, they are guilty and therefore should be charged. It wasn’t clear whether Paul Muite is seeking a job as president or one as one of Uhuru’s lawyers but he did a poor job for making a case for either.

Fourth, the ICC issue is clearly key in the 2013 election and may turn out to be the most single important issue, judging by how it was handled in the debate.

Fifth, it was clear even as Uhuru held his own, he still doesn’t understand the ICC issue in all of its connotations and implication not only on his candidature but as to the country as a whole in the unlikely event he is elected.

Sixth, all candidates, tried to give canned responses to the question of how they would deal with the question of tribalism but only Raila had a convincing answer backed with his record on the issue. The rest just danced around the question and provided what you would expect priests and other clerics to give as an answer to this ugly elephant in the middle of our political room.

Finally, but not least, Sixth and last Tier candidate Dida made the case why such candidates should never be allowed in serious debate. I know there are some who would go gaga over his cheap utterances devoid of substance but in the end we want serious issues debated by only the most serious of candidates not individuals like this who clearly only seek 15 minute of fame and you can see how desperately he tried to plant rehearsed lines in the hopes they’ll be remembered tomorrow. They won’t.

One debate down, one more to go and overall the organizers get good grades for pulling this one off without a glitch even though the moderators could do better next time; they didn’t do poorly but there are areas I am sure even they would agree could have been done better.

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