Our Brothers and Sisters From Kikuyuland Must Give Us A Break From Yet Another Kikuyu Presidency

27 Feb


Is it fair or right for a country of more than 40 tribes to be led in all of its history by only two communities which exchange presidential leadership?

The answer is clearly a resounding “NO.”

Since independence, Kenya has been led by the Kikuyu, who have dominated presidential leadership and the Kalenjin, who luckily got in between on account of Kenyatta naming Moi as his vice-president, not with a view to one day succeed him, but altogether for different reasons.

Moi just managed—and initially barely so—to cling to the presidency upon Kenyatta’s death.

No one expected Moi to last more than the constitutionally provided 90 days within which a new president was to be elected—or more accurately, selected among the ruling class, elections merely being a rubber-stamping of some kind.

Thanks to the likes of the eminent Briton who never was Sir Charles Njonjo, Moi quickly figured how to entrench himself as president and the rest is history, including the fact he ended up ruling our country more than Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Moi was, of course, succeeded by Kibaki, another Kikuyu as our next president.

Interestingly and really the point of this blog, Moi himself preferred another Kikuyu and none other than Kenyatta’s son Uhuru to succeed him.

Thanks to efforts by political giants like Raila, Moi’s Uhuru project was resoundingly rejected by Kenyans who ushered in Kibaki in a euphoric election of 2002 which many believed would lead in transforming the country.

They were wrong as soon after being sworn in as president, Kibaki defaulted to yet another tribalist president stuffing all key government positions with his cronies and other members from his community.

So much so one embassy was staffed by members from his community, one passing by and hearing ordinary day to day chat in the office would be rightly mistaken to believing they were deep in a village from Kibaki’s neighborhood.

With the dominance in presidential leadership, so has been the case in the allocation of resources in the country besides jobs, which clearly and indisputably favor the Kikuyu community.

This is simply neither right nor fair as other communities are left to scramble for crumbles, if at all.

One of the reasons Raila has been mercilessly opposed in the Mount Kenya region is because there are many there who believe presidential leadership belongs there and no one should even bother seeking to yank it from them.

Uhuru, for his part, believes presidential leadership is his birthright.

Both notions are wrong for several reasons.

First, Kenya as in many other countries has never embraced dynastic rule, even though one can argue that the dominance by one community in presidential leadership is no different from a dynastic rule.

Voters must reject this notion of dynastic rule come March 4, 2013.

Second, underlying the thinking among those who hold the view presidential leadership belongs to the Mt. Kenya community is this sense of misguided belief that one community from that area is particularly superior to all others, which is pure nonsense.

It’s actually this kind of thinking that has created hatred and animosity among tribes of all manner in many countries, most notably Rwanda where the 1994 genocide is attributed to this backward superiority based ethnic and tribal divide.

Third, closely related to this backward superiority thinking, is tribalism.

There are those from the Mt. Kenya region who believe that no other tribe other than theirs can lead the country.

This is obviously so wrong and backward there is no need to elaborate as to why other than to say we are all Kenyans and each community has the right as any to have a president elected from within its community.

To say this or that community cannot lead a country is both nonsensical and primitive those holding the view must be ashamed, if they have any shame at all.

Fourth, there are those who argue it’s discriminatory or a form of tribalism to urge Kikuyus to give us a break from yet another presidency from the community.

This is simply not the case; there is nothing discriminatory, divisive or tribalist in making the plea or holding this view.

Indeed, there are many from the very same community who have made the same plea and see nothing wrong with it, which there isn’t.

This is just a question of fundamental fairness to say other communities also must be given the opportunity to lead the nation.

It’s also a question of fatigue; we are simply tired of being led by one community.

This is not even a phenomena confined to Kenya as other countries have much come to the same conclusion as to their own presidential leadership.

In the United States, for example, former president George H Bush was followed a few years later by his son George W Bush as president—this in a country with a population of more than 300 million.

When George H Bush’s other son and former governor of Florida Herbert Bush wanted to run for president in 2012, he was prevailed upon by people who told him it was not a wise move because Americans were simply tired of being led by the Bushes and besides it was akin to trying to create a ruling dynasty, which Americans long rejected.

Hebert Bush heeded the advice and did not vie and rightly so.

Someone should have prevailed on Uhuru not to vie for the same reasons but that would have been an exercise in futility as the man is determined to vie for reasons that go beyond his belief the presidency is his birthright or that the same belongs to his community.

Fifth, the constitution attempts to force this issue of not having one tribe win the presidency merely due to its numeric majority by the strict requirements as to who can be sworn as president, especially in its regional vote requirements but that’s not enough to prevent yet another Kikuyu from being elected as president, at least not this time around, given we have already had two presidents from the community.

It’ll take the wisdom of Kenyans going to the polls on March 4, 2013 to make that happen as it should.

Again, there is nothing tribalistic, divisive or discriminatory in urging our brothers and sisters from the Kikuyu community from giving us a break from yet another presidency; this is just a question of fairness and fatigue anyone objective would have to see it that way.

As others have said before, the election of Raila Odinga as our next president will go a long way in ending tribalism and his harvesting of votes in the former Central province will be key in that outcome.

Thus, those from the region must ask themselves is it in the country’s interest to end tribalism and if so, would they like to be a part of that eventuality which is certain to come, anyway.

On the other hand, the election of Uhuru Kenyatta will be condemnation of the country to dominance of one tribe at the expense of all others, which is unfair, not right and undemocratic notwithstanding its occurring in a democratic process.


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20 responses to “Our Brothers and Sisters From Kikuyuland Must Give Us A Break From Yet Another Kikuyu Presidency

  1. Benson Metho

    February 27, 2013 at 3:14 AM

    Sam- We are sick and tired of this tribe making Kenya sound like only one tribe exists. This guys need a break for 20 + years…

  2. Daniel_too

    February 27, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    Surely this is where we have to draw the line, since when did kikuyus cease to be kenyans, and where is it in disonance with the constitution…I am sure while you yap in the confines and comforts of the diaspora you don’t even have a vote to effect your claims…I wish that UK sends your man to Bondo so that you can live and return to your favorite past time of kikuyu bashing and sycophancy to the designated king with motivation and delusion of course. Dude 4th March will give you the gal..

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      February 27, 2013 at 6:30 PM

      Daniel Too,

      You’re payukaring; I am very much in Kenya and I have never bashed anyone, let alone Kikuyus and neither have I engaged in sycophancy except in the minds of the likes of you in which case it doesn’t really matter.

    • Evans Sum

      February 28, 2013 at 7:13 AM

      Go to state house, meaning a house for state and all speak Kikuyu, may be they learnt it as third language. Kenyans are tired and sick of this tribe worse than colonialists. Actually they have been colonizing Kenya.

    • Evans Sum

      February 28, 2013 at 7:18 AM

      Do you say only Kikuyus can head CBK, Ministry of Finance and all state corporation. Actually Mugumo tree has fallen, we have a break, like it or not.

      • Daniel_too

        February 28, 2013 at 10:03 AM

        Come on Sum, you can never be misleading as you intend us to believe, you need to table facts rather than assumptions on the breakdown of workers in Statehouse. Further do us justice and go to PM’s office, his private interests and give us a breakdown on the tribal distribution there…More importantly I don’t see anything wrong if they speak kikuyu as a first family or you would rather have them speak queens’ english. Like it or not you can whine for all we care but that will never make the GOK put food on the table and for a fact normalise the number of employed kikuyu’s who have benefitted by virtue of their tribe and you will see that indeed your statistics are guided by emotions and bias. So Ndugu give us a break, I have worked with almost all the tribes in Kenya and those you claim that they should go to the dock are far much better than the less guilty ones in your perception.For your information, the GOK does not have two ministries only the issue of tribalism is not just selectively practised by the Kyuks as you would love us believe. if you can give statistics on the worker distribution and normalise it on the basis f tribal population then I can be convinced otherwise we ni porojo na fitina tu unatuletea.

  3. Kabugi

    February 28, 2013 at 1:44 AM

    Sam, this is lazy punditry from someone who could do better. You are trying to pass off ethnic baiting for sober and reasoned opinion writing. I challenge your assertion that Kikuyus are a “numeric majority” in Kenya. They comprise less than 25% of the population. Assuming every Kikuyu votes for one of the Kikuyus in the race for president (BTW many will not), they still lack the numbers to elect one of their own. According to the recent opinion polls, millions of non-Kikuyu Kenyans have indicated they plan to vote for either Uhuru, Karua, Kenneth or Muite? How do you explain their preference? I know, they are “closet” Kikuyus according to your logic.

  4. Hoeys

    March 1, 2013 at 3:13 AM

    I cannot help but realize that you have been DISBARRED from practicing law in your country of residence (Ref: the case and downloading it online.It makes me sad that you can do what you did to your fellow human beings in stealing their money and how many have you had deported after screwing them over. You have no life and are a disgrace to the country.We also have lived in the U.S and have respected all Kenyans of all types and behaved in a humane manner.On your FB account it’s obvious that you are personal friends with Hon Raila.We respect him and yes we would also like to see if he will include you in his government, what has he promised you? Is this how you all plan on running our government and are you better than the Kikuyus?.It’s a shame that you can spread such hate and still walk around.
    These are the same reasons why Kikuyu will never vote for Raila.We know him better.Many of us are voting to make sure he never get’s the presidency not coz we hate anyone.I would have voted for Mudavadi or any other Non-Kikuyu and qualified person if you promised to vote for him/her too.Give us a neutral candidate and show your support and see what happens, but as for now the status quo remains.
    Preach peace for now and good luck.

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      March 2, 2013 at 10:50 PM

      I did not steal any client money and my loosing my license to practice long after I actually stopped practicing is something I wear with a badge of honor because it’s related to PEV as I practically abandoned my practice for two months to help save our country from going down in flames.

      The more than ten thousand clients I helped stop their deportation and get their dreams of living in America in more than 10 year I actively practiced is what matters, not idiotic comments from the likes of you.

      Your idiotic and ignorant comment doesn’t change that fact and neither does it change the fact my honor and integrity is as good as any can be.

      Those who know me personally, including many leaders in Kenya and elsewhere will tell you that.

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      March 20, 2013 at 10:07 AM

      You hater and moron I have never stolen anyone’s money and my disbarment which I am in the process of getting reinstated was on account of my sacrifice for our country during PEV and I wear that as a badge of honor. The problem with losers like you–and an uneducated nearly illiterate lot is you hate others for their successes and whenever you find something you find negative in their lives, you have unstoppable orgasims and can’t wait to yap about it as if it makes a difference in those you hate or their success and accomplishments.

      And further you moron, what does being disbarred have to do with what I say that comes from the brains God endowed me but didn’t endow the likes of losers like you?

      • Hoeys

        March 20, 2013 at 2:02 PM

        MY DEAR VOTE

        My dear sweet lovely VOTE
        Oh! How sweet you are to me.
        How wise you are.
        Sweet, sweet VOTE you silently lie there in my wallet, quiet and motionless.

        The politician’s ultimate fear, and joy.
        The kingmaker and political slayer.
        They come looking for you, with their choppers and well oiled
        political machines.
        They call each other names and trade accusations over you.
        Spending sleepless nights, throwing mud at each other.
        All this just to get a glimpse of you.

        I feel now, how sweet you are and the POWER you carry.
        The power to make cry, or make smile.
        Look at them now smiling all the way to statehouse.
        You have made Men cry, tears of joy.
        You make triumph over all ugliness all powerful master of Democracy.

        Your POWER resonates in the political circles.
        You make defeat and cause panic among them when they can’t find you.
        They retreat to form clusters to strategize against your elusive ways.
        Oh! How they wish they could take you away from my pocket.
        Oblivious of reality they challenge your POWER.

        They have pointed fingers at institutions and individuals, whose only
        job is to handle you.
        Lest they get their way, you silently sit quietly in my Wallet.
        Waiting to unleash that power again, until they learn.
        Ready to place them in oblivion, where they belong.
        In the books of history, the self proclaimed reformers refuse to enter.

        Oh! lovely vote, I will cherish you forever.
        I will hold on tightly to you.
        I will brave the long que’s and the scorching sun just for you.
        I will not let them take u way from me.
        My VOTE my life my future.

  5. Japheth Marucha

    March 1, 2013 at 6:58 PM

    Ndugu yangu Omwenga, you are trying to fight tribalism by promoting the same. It will not work, as long as we have tribal politics and not issue based politics, tribalism is a live. Its people like you who purport to be tribalist yet on the same sentence you are brewing tribal animosities!

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      March 2, 2013 at 10:53 PM


      It’s obvious you don’t comprehend what I am saying; please re-read and if you still have the same view, then nothing I can do about that.

      I stand by what I have said about this.

  6. OJ Hatari Esq

    March 4, 2013 at 5:09 AM

    Whether you approve and post my comment or not for all to see, it is and will remain the bare truth.

  7. Gath47

    March 20, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    Kikuyus by themselves can never get one of their own to State House. They normally receive votes from other Kenyans. You said it yourself. It will take the “wisdom” of other Kenyans to prevent a Kikuyu getting there. Dont urge the Kikuyus to give you a break. It is their democratic right to seek elective posts.

  8. MILO

    March 22, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    If kikuyus want us to trust them, then its highest time they also supported a president from other tribes. THEY HAVE NEVER. EVEN PRESIDENTIAL POSITION NEEDS ETHIC BALANCE

    • Hoeys

      March 22, 2013 at 1:52 PM

      Kikuyus don’t need your Trust.

      • MILO

        March 23, 2013 at 8:34 AM

        then stop stealing

  9. Hoeys

    March 23, 2013 at 12:33 PM

    Pole we’re not gonna do that either.Ya,ll get your shit together and let us know when you ready.


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