What’s At Stake In 2013 and Why Uhuruto Phenomena Must Not Prevail

24 Feb


To put this analysis in perspective and just so there is no confusion as to why it’s being penned, let me restate what I have been saying for a long time and maintain the view and that is, Raila will be reelected but this time sworn as president in what may not even be a close margin but, rather, a landslide–and by that I mean Raila and Cord winning by more than a 5 point margin.

That being said, let me also remind those who have forgotten what I have previously said about the ICC or inform those who are unaware that I have maintained from Day 1 that Raila’s winning the presidency is not predicated on the status of now wannabe president and deputy duo Uhuru and Ruto.

That being said, what I have been scratching my head for some time is, how is it the ICC indictees Uhuru and Ruto are even vying for the presidency?

There is no other country anyone knows of where ICC inductees would vie, let alone be allowed to vie for the highest office of the land as though being indicted for commission of crimes against humanity is some type of honor,


Why is it then in Kenya the ICC inductees have not only put themselves forth as presidential candidates and now teaming up as presidential and deputy presidential candidates, but have, de facto, been cleared by the courts to so vie?

The answer lies in what ails our political system and an ailment that can only be cured by the reelection but this time swearing in of Raila as our next president,

We know the ailment very well as it has been the reason we have had rotten government for decades and this is tribalism and negative ethnicity.

There is nothing that can explain Uhuru and Ruto’s vying and having a large following to the point of being competitive with a proven leader and champion of reform like Raila Odinga other than this disease that’s threatening to drop our country into even more unpleasant gloom and doom, given the consequences that lie in wait were the duo to emerge as winners on March 4, 2013.

That’s an indisputable fact.

This then begs the question, what should Kenyans of good will do to prevent our country being hurled over a cliff by these ICC inductees who obviously have no interest or desire to do anything good for the country other than the pursuit of their narrow, selfish interests mostly related to their status as ICC inductees?

Time does not allow to go into a deeper analysis exploring all the possibilities as to what can be done but let me highlight only one thing that can be done with ease by all of us in that mindset, namely, those who stand for the proposition our country cannot be led by ICC indictees either too busy defending themselves at the Hague or who would bring calamity of the worst kind to our country by their very likely thwarting or altogether defying the ICC turning our beloved country into a pariah state with concomitant harsh consequences.

This is simply let’s not seat by the sidelines and hope for the best.

There are simple things anyone in that category, meaning, Kenyans who as common sense dictates would not want to be ruled by ICC indictees Uhuru and Ruto as described above–there are simple things we can do to have an impact and that’s simply to educate and inform those either in denial or blinded by tribalism and negative ethnicity that remaining in that posture, or even more importantly, voting on that basis for this duo who objectively should not vie for any public office until cleared, may give them temporary satisfaction of keeping these vices alive but the net-outcome is they will suffer much the same with everyone else once these two achieve their objective and pursue their ICC strategy without caring one bit about the lives of those voting for them in this blind and ill-advised manner.

To be sure, those close with them or having played any key role in their unlikely election will as in the past milk the system to the maximum on that account but the ordinary voter voting only on the basis of tribalism will be left languishing and even worse off than they can see because they are either in denial or so blinded with this dual vice of tribalism and negative ethnicity,

This class, meaning the elected indictees and their hangers-around and schemers believe they will weather the storm as the country once again tumbles into a state of refuse while the ordinary mwananchi, including the very ones who vote for them suffer the consequences,

Only insanity can prevent us from seeing this and doing the right thing and I include in that being in total denial or simply guided by raw tribalism and negative ethnicity.

The elections of 2013 is therefore now set as a referendum on whether we want to remain stuck in the past where tribalism and negative ethnicity looms large in electing leaders who only perpetuate it to their self aggrandizement, or we forge forward to a new Kenya were neither vice is the major determinative factor in who we elect, especially at the presidential level.

That’s an easy call for any Kenyan who loves or at least cares about our country can make.

If the ICC indictees get elected, tribalism and negative ethnicity will prevail and given a new health bill to torment our country for decades to come,

If Raila is reelected but this time sworn as president, tribalism and negative ethnicity will be slain or at least crippled to the point it can no longer have a choke-hold on our lives and bringing with it all the suffering it has especially in ensuring only those exploiting the dual vices for personal, individual gain get anything good out of this disease–if you can call anything flowing from such despicable exploitation of these vices good,

Each of us has a say in which of this outcome becomes a reality come March 5, 2013; my hope and prayer is the majority of us making the right choice will be the ones prevailing come March 5, 2013.

That say could be in the form of voting, or making sure you inform and educate others voting what the right choice is and why they must show up to vote in support of it,

That’s a basic duty in any democratic society as we intend to make ours and prove to the world we can be counted among the sane democratic societies.


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4 responses to “What’s At Stake In 2013 and Why Uhuruto Phenomena Must Not Prevail

  1. MeHarryMeHarry

    February 26, 2013 at 3:56 AM

    Raila is not only about tribalism its about nepotism, do we have kibakis brothers, sisters, nephews,nieces cousins as ambasandors,High commisioners etc but because of your tribal royalty you can see all that,blinded by tribalism.

  2. Daniel_too

    February 28, 2013 at 10:12 AM

    I find it rare that the pot can call the kettle black, let him who has no sin cast the first stone…In your article sir do you think you can meet the threshold of this noble statement…me thinks if you are the same Mr. Omwenga who practiced as an attorney with some dark hallos or bliches to his character, then you have no business to preach what you don’t practice. Sorry dude…

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      March 1, 2013 at 12:27 AM

      Individuals like you who are incapable of debating or saying anything of substance in rebuttal to what I say focus on ad hominem attacks and irrelevancies while the rest of us focus on matters of substance to take our country forward and that’s what we shall do.

      • daniel_too

        March 1, 2013 at 2:19 PM

        Bro. Sam you just can’t get the drift…my point was this can we have a rotten judiciary administering and service justice…can we have quacks treating patients of diseases…can we have corrupt lawyers or those who fraudulently take their clients money serve as servants or instruments of justice…you tell me and if the answer is yes or you find this irrelevant then “matters of substance” are indeed very subjective from my view point…Tell me you who wants to move the country forward which indeed is a noble mission…can we conveniently throw chapter 6 at Uhuru and Ruto while we water it down when we serve it to you…we must use similar standards or yardstick of character…both for opinion shapers and opnion leaders… if our country moves forward. Nasi kwa ubaya…


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