Raila and Cord In Mombasa To Start Final Leg of Raila’s Long Journy To Second Ultimate Victory

24 Feb


Raila’s and Cord will today hold an historic rally both in terms of attendance and significance marking the beginning of the march to victory and even then the mother of all rallies has yet to happen but shall in the few remaining days.

Those with their heads buried deep on the ground, kindly un-dig your heads from the ground and open your eyes to see what most of us have been seeing all along and that is, this time Raila is unstoppable and so will Cord sweep the country much as ODM did in 2007.

Those sitting on the fence, it’s time you jubilantly moved to the right side of politics in 2013.

Those fully corded, it’s time to have all your friends and family not yet Corded do so their pleasant amusement.

Just talked to a friend from NEP who the rest of her family has not been Corded and tells me they now are, thanks to her efforts to explain to them what is at stake and specifically using the example of her brother she’s there to take to take to school (Form 1).

She emphasized Raila and Cord’s commitment to provide free primary and secondary school education, a goal Raila is fully committed to and says when he says “free” education, he and Cord mean free education, not free in part and still requiring parents to scrape to find money to cover other related expenses.

I meant to ask my friend how come her brother is starting tomorrow when I thought the start date is delayed until after the elections but this may be a situation confined to that area schools.

That’s what we are talking about; people being persuaded to vote for Raila not on the basis of tribalism as clearly that’s the case with Uhuru and Ruto, but on the basis of what he has proven he can and will do to make a difference in ordinary people’s lives.

That’s the spirit and new Kenya we want each of you reading this has the obligation to our beloved country to assess and vote for candidates who stand with ordinary Kenyans with their needs, not the narrow, selfish needs of the candidates, thwarting or even altogether defying the ICC, the main and only reason Uhuru and Ruto seek the presidency despite the serious crimes against humanity they face.

Whether you have been supporting Raila or not; this is the time to be even more committed and doing what you individually can to help Raila get re-elected but this time sworn, if you are a supporter, or time to re-evaluate and ask yourself the question who really among those vying, especially between ICC indictee Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga is better experienced and suited to be our next president and if you were to be objective and not judging things strictly from the tribal prism, that choice is clear and that is, Raila Amolo Odinga.

In the case of the latter, open your eyes and see that reality as it’s not too late and while at it, get your friends and family who may be in the situation you’re to see the same thing after you do.

I say that fully aware there are those who are so far gone, doing this, namely, changing their tribalism based views on Raila is impossible but my appeal is to the more practical and less gone or otherwise the more reasonable and potentially fair among them.

That being said, I am confident Raila and Cord will prevail come March 4, 2013 for these same reasons noted above, namely, it’s the only team ready to tackle issues affecting ordinary Kenyans and not Jubilee which really could care less.

Again, as Raila has been saying, Mambo Bado but after today’s rally, one can safely assume mambo yataanza climaxing with Raila’s reelection but this time being sworn as our next president as Mombasa marks the beginning of the final leg of this journey Raila has been on for a very long time.

Godspeed our president in waiting Raila Amolo Odinga.

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