Jubilee Must Stop Paying Hecklers To Disturb or Otherwise Disrupt Raila/Cord Rallies

23 Feb

Raila and Cord In NakuruRaila addressing mamoth rally in Nakuru today.

Raila and Cord took their campaign to Baringo and Nakuru counties today.

In one of the rallies held in Kabarnet, Baringo County, I arrived early to witness the normal work done by the advance teams and as the crowd started gathering, I noticed a sizable number of attendees sitting across the field away from where everyone else was gathering, which I thought was peculiar.

I inquired from a friend and the head of the advance team what that was all about and he indicated they may be fence-sitters who may not have been sure whether to join the rest of the rally or would prefer to watch things from a distance.

Once the rally went underway, and before Raila and other guests arrived, normal pre-arrival of Raila and guests activities were taking place at the stage, including entertainment by the DJ and a comedian most notably known for his excellent imitation of Moi and Raila.

Upon Raila’s arrival, the true intentions of the group across the filed became apparent and known when they started heckling speaker after speaker, including Raila himself.

Fortunately other than Franklin Bett who the small group constantly heckled, Raila carefully made his remarks to avoid giving them fodder to heckle.

At several points, though, Raila addressed the hecklers directly and in cleverly making the point why it’s not right or fair to keep having a president from one community, Raila compared that to a polygamous husband who only visits or stays with only one of his many wives to the others’ dissatisfaction and pleas for the man to spend time with them, too.

This drew quite a cheer from the crowd, except the hecklers who may have been taken aback from Raila and his apt analogy.

As all this was going on, I actually went across to the area where this group was and engaged a couple of them, pulling each at the time to the side and wanted to know to know why they were heckling the speakers–politely and diplomatically, of course.

I disclosed to them I am a Raila supporter and friend just so they knew where I was coming from.

To my surprise, they each told me the same thing: they were paid to be there and heckle Raila and other Cord speakers but truth be told, they do not disagree with anything Raila and the other speakers were saying.

Even more unbelievable but true, they each told me they’ll be voting for Raila!

One of them, who told me she is a college student, even offered to be of help to the campaign in whichever way she could but knowing this could be a perfect opportunity for a mole application, I probed her further and came away convinced she was, indeed, genuinely telling me the truth.

She was actually very articulate further confirming for me she was a college student.

Following this exchange, and after the rally peacefully concluded, I learned from a reliable source that Jubilee is planning to pay and bus college students to Mombasa tomorrow (Sunday) to do the same thing, namely, heckle Raila and other Cord speakers at a rally scheduled there tomorrow.

Anyone connected with Jubilee reading this and I am know Jubilee people read this blog, my message to Jubilee–and this is really a message from all peace loving Kenyans, is they (Jubilee) should forthwith abandon this shameless shenanigans and dirty politics of paying hecklers to heckle Raila and other Cord speakers at their rallies.

It goes without saying that Jubilee must let every politician seek voter’s support without paid intimidation and heckling, which is backward and undemocratic.

Paying people to heckle or otherwise disrupt or disturb an opponent’s rally as is clearly the case in this case is the height of hypocrisy coming from a group whose leaders are facing serious ICC crimes against humanity which ordinarily would be a bar to anyone seeking office, let alone high office, yet this duo claims they are doing so in the name of democracy and giving people choice, which we know to be false, anyway as analyzed in Why The Kalenjin Should Not Be Misled By William Ruto when the duo is busy engaging in this very shameless and undemocratic shenanigans and acts of desperation.

If anything, Jubilee must know while it may have succeeded in having heckling without incident in Baringo, this was actually due to tactical out-maneuvering by Raila who steered clear and asked others to stay clear of hot button issues that would have given the paid hecklers reason to up-the-ante.

It also helped this was an homogeneous community in Baringo; Mombasa is not therefore one cannot expect the same results unless the results one can expect is what Jubilee seeks.

Shame on Jubilee for paying people to heckle Raila and Cord but how sweet to know this is wasted money–not that it matters to these people in Jubilee–but nonetheless sweet to hear these paid hecklers saying they will take the money but vote for Raila and Cord, anyway.

If for anything else, Jubilee should abandon this backward and undemocratic antics for this reason alone, namely, it;s a waste of their money whether they care or not.

The implication of this on peaceful rallies is, of course, paramount and Jubilee will have no choice but cease this tactic they naively believe could stop the unstoppable momentum for Raila and Cord toward yet again sweeping the country with victories, including the biggest of all.

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One response to “Jubilee Must Stop Paying Hecklers To Disturb or Otherwise Disrupt Raila/Cord Rallies

  1. rufus macharia

    February 28, 2013 at 1:15 AM

    this is a so biased blogging site, this are not the site we want, this is not the Kenya we want. We need not to be governed by any tribe affiliates as far as the president will work for all of us. Tribe is no Tribalisim.


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