Raila and Cord On The Campaign Trail; The Momentum Is Building!

19 Feb

Raila in Estleigh

Raila in Eastleigh yesterday

Raila took his campaign back to Nairobi yesterday when he held rallies in Eastleigh, Moleem and Jerusalem.

At Eastleigh, Raila reminded the PM reminded the residents he has been visiting the area during good and bad times, including most recently after the area suffered an attack that left area MP and other residents injured while his opponents have not stepped foot there.

The PM promised to continue the roads construction projects he started in the area but have since been frustrated by money not being allocated to complete the road projects in Easleigh, putting the blame squarely on the feet of Uhuru Kenyatta.

“As a Prime Minister, I formed an inter-ministerial committee that made proposals on how to improve the state of roads here but you all know who the minister for Finance was then. Uhuru failed to allocate money and I want you to ask him what happened with the money when he tours here,” he said.

Raila also promised to deal with garbage collection in the city and once again turn Nairobi into the shining city and jewel of Africa it once was.

An aspiring candidate from the area speaking both in English and Somali said it’s be a shame if any Somali voted for other than Raila and Cord, given what the PM has done for the community and promises to do once reelected but this time sworn as president.

The PM assured the audience he will usher in desired police reforms as president and refocus the force on the tenets it was founded and that is serving wananchi in the “Utumishi kwa wote” spirit.

In Jerusalem, Raila told the audience many of whom may have not known this that he was actually born and raised in the area after the family moved from Bahati.

Indeed, the rally was held on the field where Raila said he used to play soccer in his boyhood days.

This is something this writer and am sure many readily recognized Uhuru cannot say about any village or area in Nairobi, namely, having any connection there that can help him understand the needs of those who live there.

Uhuru can only talk about being raised in Gatundu and State House both being totally removed from what ordinary folk go through in both raising their children, or being raised as children.

This is an important distinction and one of many that separates Raila from Uhuru and the reason why Raila is by far the best candidate of the two because even though his father was at one point our country’s vice president, Raila comes from a relatively humble background reflecting Jaramogi’s values as a champion of the oppressed and underprivileged, a mantra Raila took on and has fully embraced as his own.

Uhuru, on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and cannot possibly relate to anyone other than those also born with silver spoons in their mouths.

It is a proven fact leaders who can’t relate to the needs of ordinary folk never know how to neither are they interested in meeting those needs and if they tell you they are, they are lying.

Raila was later joined by his running mate, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula, the third of the trio at the top of Cord hierarchy

As Raila says on the campaign trail; mambo bado.

He and Cord have yet to making their closing argument expected to be in the next few days, culminating just a few days before the elections when Raila and Cord hold their last and possibly the largest rally ever held in Kenya as they sprint to the crossing line ahead of everyone else.

They promise to show Jubiliee dust by that time and that shall come to pass.

When it’s all said and done, this won’t even be close as recent polls seem to suggest.

It’s Raila/Cord victory rivaling only that of Narc in 2002 and certainly at par if not better than ODM’s 2007 when the party swept the country only to see Raila victory stolen from him.

That will not happen this time.

It’s clean victory and the winner shall be sworn as our next president after an election everyone who loves or cares about our country wants and insists must be peaceful and transparent as any can be.

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