My Response To A Netter Grasping At Straws Following An Incident At Raila Homa Bay Rally

06 Feb

odm_lettersThe following is my response to a known Raila vicious critic–if you can call him that–who as expected attempted to milk the Homa Bay rally incident where some people expressed dissatisfaction with recent party nominations there for what it’s worth to Jubilee in which he belongs.

This notwithstanding the fact that Jubilee really had not nominations to speak of compared to Cord which actually conducted otherwise a very successful nomination exercise across the country but people like this individual are as to be expected grasping at straws because they see Raila headed to State House and there is little they can do to stop him other than making noise like this hoping it gets them somewhere.

It won’t.

The whining is in italics, my responses follow directly:

Wow! An admission that there are fissures in ODM?

I did not admit there are fissures in ODM; I acknowledged there are internal family issues Cord must address and it is. When all is said and done, it would be nothing to stop the coalition riding to victory as it’s destined to given what even you knows.

From you?! Kudos!

Thanks as qualified above.

But, too little too late.

Not true; the axiom may apply in all other respects but not in this case.

As much as I admire your tenacity in support for JAKOM/CORD/ODM, you also have to be pragmatic every so often.

Thanks again but I am always a pragmatist.

You can’t be constantly defending the indefensible and expect to be taken seriously Wakili, it is sycophancy and look where it has gotten you guys.

This is a mouthful that contradicts what you have said above and I have thanked you for but all that matters is any objective person knows I am not and will never be a sycophant.

Raila Odinga screwed up, he has been screwing up and you have failed to correct him, for the good people of Homabay to openly revolt against JAKOM that speaks volumes and boy do I feel vindicated.

All what this tells me, is you don’t understand what transpired in Homa Bay. I have blogged about this and noted what happened there is no different from what you can expect in a family or relationship quarrel. Obviously, the people of Homa Bay did not “openly revolt” against Raila; a section of the area expressed their displeasure and frustration, which as I have said is understandable.

In a few days, this will be a thing of the past and you watch and see for it’s pointless and a waste of time to try and tell you why or how.

We warned you umpteen times and each time you keep spinning and deflecting reality, even now- look, you are still spinning and deflecting. 

Call whatever I do as you wish I know what I am doing is consistent with what I know or believe.  

When you claim that the anger was directed at Otieno Kajwang, at whose behest is Otieno Kajwang running? Isn’t it JAKOM? Who cleared his nomination or why didn’t Raila stop it since it was rigged?

You can insinuate all you wish about this the fact remains Raila had nothing to do with the nomination process, which was ably managed by the able Hon. Frankling Bett and his Cord Elections Board team. Hard to believe for some of you, but facts are facts and that’s just one of them.

Wacha kunyoa watu nywele wewe…. JAKOM has taken his voters for granted all these years, especially in LUO Nyanza and the folks have had enough, not anymore.

Raila heard the concerns of the voters in South Nyanza and made a decision to address them directly by curving time out of his busy campaign schedule and holding a rally in the area. That’s what leaders do and if you’re now celebrating this as somehow a victory for Jubilee, then I am afraid I must say you’re demonstrating a dearth of political knowledge.

They are now leading from the front and I admire that so so much about them, they deserve to be respected and treated with dignity- not just as voting robots and statistics. Bravo Luo Nyanza.

I am at a loss at what your excitement here is all about; there were issues raised about some candidates nominations exercise not done to book and this is being addressed. What else did you expect or even more importantly, why are you not equally excited about the far much worse exercises conducted by Jubilee where upwards of 50% were by direct nomination or opposition candidates simply told to keep off?

You also claim that the PM has been in the forefront of championing democracy, Omwenga- are you this deliriously conflicted?

No, never have. I stated a fact.

Reconcile whet you just said in your first three points with this statement, if JAKOM was such democratic leader, why do we have all this dissonance in the party he leads?

Because that’s what happens with all political parties and, as I have noted above, Jubilee had it ten times worse but all of you are excited about Cord because it’s the leading coalition in Kenya and in all likelihood the one to form the next government so we understand the excitement and actually take is as a complement.

Explain that to me  please. Those folks leaving ODM in droves especially after the nominations accuse ODM of being undemocratic and actually an abuser of democracy, who are you fooling?

There are no “folks leaving ODM in droves” other than in your imagination.

Why is JAKOM even campaigning in Nyanza at this late stage of the game?

Because he heard concerns raised by a section of the voters there and did what you’ll expect any leader of his caliber to to and that’s make the time to address their concerns. Had he not done so, the likes of you will be right here condemning him for doing what you now claim he should not have been doing. It’s called hypocrisy and you have no shortage of it as demonstrated by your excitement about Cord nominations minor issues and not Jubilee which strictly speaking did not have nominations to speak of.

The news out today is that the ODM chairman in Migori has defected ODM for JUBILEE, what does that tell you Wakili?


People have lost confidence in JAKOM and it is him and you folks to blame- you are DONE! Finished, kaput! 

You wish that to be the case; it’s not.

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