Dissatisfaction and Frustration In Homa Bay Is Real and Understandable

06 Feb

Raila in Baringo

It’s true there was quite a bit of anger and frustration expressed by residents of Homa Bay during the PM’s visit there today. A few things can be said about this:

First, it should be noted the anger was primarily directed at Otieno Kajuang as a residue of the nomination process, which is acknowledged not to have been textbook in the area and a couple of other places.

Second, the PM specifically took precious time off his busy campaign schedule to visit the area in efforts to assure the voters in the area he does not take his vote there for granted as he values every voter’s concerns no matter where they may find themselves across the country.

Third, no one but the PM has been in the forefront in sherpherding democracy in the country and his making the time to assure the voters of Homa Bay that their voices have been heard is just but one of those examples of the PM showing leadership of the kind we need in our national leaders, especially the president.

Fourth, let it not be lost in anyone’s mind much as the PM does not take any vote for granted, what’s happening in the area is nothing more than an internal expression of displeasure, even anger within and among a loving family; some siblings may not see eye to eye but they all love their parents and will never hold them responsible for the quarrels between and among them.

Fifth, yes the nominations in some areas of Nyanza were less than textbook but now it’s time to learn lessons from them and move toward the most important of all objectives and that is, making sure Raila and Cord are elected to office from top down and across the nation.

With this, let’s all remain focused and not allow an inch for those lurking around to derail an otherwise steadily moving train in the direction of victory.

This is particularly important message to those who were directly affected in the nominations at issue and I would take this moment to appreciate and urge those aspiring candidates to take a page from what William Oduor did in his nominations quest he bitterly complained about not being open and transparent but firmly stated he still stands behind the reelection of Raila Odinga as our next president.

This, is the essence of democracy.

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