Gusii Is Fully Corded

05 Feb

Raila in Kisii3

Having accompanied the Cord team for rallies and having witnessed the historic crowd in Kisii Stadium with my own eyes, there is not a question Gusii is fully Corded. This was not the case just a few weeks ago.

The reason for this sudden change of fortunes for Raila and Cord I was told by several politicians and leaders from the area I talked to, including one who only recently jumped to Cord from Jubilee, is Abagusii simply concluded they cannot be led by someone who’ll be spending several years at the Hague defending himself against very serious charges of crimes against humanity.

They also provide the dual reason Uhuru has not even bothered to acknowledge that he faces these very serious charges that many in Gusii were victims of as well.

The third reason given is Raila has demonstrated his leadership ability and they cite improved roads in Gusii thanks to his efforts as minister for roads and ensuring the projects were carried through as PM.

There are other reasons and facts variously discussed but these seem to be at the core of why there is such a groundswell of support for Raila and Cord in Gusii of near unanimity–this from the fiercely independent who have proven over time they know how to pick a winner.

Elsewhere in the country, there is only but good news for Raila and Cord compared to Jubilee who seek to gain the presidency through deception while hiding their true agenda and that’s to try and thwart or defy the ICC process their leaders face.

Cord is in really, really good shape or put differently, the tide is on and soon will sweep Raila to State House along with a strong team of Cord elected leaders.

This couldn’t happen at a more needed time in our history.

Very pleasing, indeed, to all those who care about our country and want the best for her.


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3 responses to “Gusii Is Fully Corded

  1. Fidel Wayara

    February 5, 2013 at 8:11 PM


    Thank you for your continous steadfast in reaching and enlighting folks on available choices for Kenyas presidency. I am glad thay you have remained CORDED till the end and your unswerving loyalty to your principles will definately pay off come March 4 2013, when we re-elect Raila Odinga as our fourth president and have him sworn in. I look forward to the day after when we all shall say, “finally our hard fought struggle has paid off”. May God continue to give you grace and words which obviously do not give mashetanis and their ilks no peace.

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      February 6, 2013 at 10:46 PM

      Thank you Wayara for your kind words; it’s a fight worth fighting and I am with you all the way in your sentiment we shall all say “finally our hard fought struggle has paid off” when a majority of those going to the polls on March 4 concur that Raila is the man to be our next president.


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