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Our Brothers and Sisters From Kikuyuland Must Give Us A Break From Yet Another Kikuyu Presidency


Is it fair or right for a country of more than 40 tribes to be led in all of its history by only two communities which exchange presidential leadership?

The answer is clearly a resounding “NO.”

Since independence, Kenya has been led by the Kikuyu, who have dominated presidential leadership and the Kalenjin, who luckily got in between on account of Kenyatta naming Moi as his vice-president, not with a view to one day succeed him, but altogether for different reasons.

Moi just managed—and initially barely so—to cling to the presidency upon Kenyatta’s death.

No one expected Moi to last more than the constitutionally provided 90 days within which a new president was to be elected—or more accurately, selected among the ruling class, elections merely being a rubber-stamping of some kind.

Thanks to the likes of the eminent Briton who never was Sir Charles Njonjo, Moi quickly figured how to entrench himself as president and the rest is history, including the fact he ended up ruling our country more than Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Moi was, of course, succeeded by Kibaki, another Kikuyu as our next president.

Interestingly and really the point of this blog, Moi himself preferred another Kikuyu and none other than Kenyatta’s son Uhuru to succeed him.

Thanks to efforts by political giants like Raila, Moi’s Uhuru project was resoundingly rejected by Kenyans who ushered in Kibaki in a euphoric election of 2002 which many believed would lead in transforming the country.

They were wrong as soon after being sworn in as president, Kibaki defaulted to yet another tribalist president stuffing all key government positions with his cronies and other members from his community.

So much so one embassy was staffed by members from his community, one passing by and hearing ordinary day to day chat in the office would be rightly mistaken to believing they were deep in a village from Kibaki’s neighborhood.

With the dominance in presidential leadership, so has been the case in the allocation of resources in the country besides jobs, which clearly and indisputably favor the Kikuyu community.

This is simply neither right nor fair as other communities are left to scramble for crumbles, if at all.

One of the reasons Raila has been mercilessly opposed in the Mount Kenya region is because there are many there who believe presidential leadership belongs there and no one should even bother seeking to yank it from them.

Uhuru, for his part, believes presidential leadership is his birthright.

Both notions are wrong for several reasons.

First, Kenya as in many other countries has never embraced dynastic rule, even though one can argue that the dominance by one community in presidential leadership is no different from a dynastic rule.

Voters must reject this notion of dynastic rule come March 4, 2013.

Second, underlying the thinking among those who hold the view presidential leadership belongs to the Mt. Kenya community is this sense of misguided belief that one community from that area is particularly superior to all others, which is pure nonsense.

It’s actually this kind of thinking that has created hatred and animosity among tribes of all manner in many countries, most notably Rwanda where the 1994 genocide is attributed to this backward superiority based ethnic and tribal divide.

Third, closely related to this backward superiority thinking, is tribalism.

There are those from the Mt. Kenya region who believe that no other tribe other than theirs can lead the country.

This is obviously so wrong and backward there is no need to elaborate as to why other than to say we are all Kenyans and each community has the right as any to have a president elected from within its community.

To say this or that community cannot lead a country is both nonsensical and primitive those holding the view must be ashamed, if they have any shame at all.

Fourth, there are those who argue it’s discriminatory or a form of tribalism to urge Kikuyus to give us a break from yet another presidency from the community.

This is simply not the case; there is nothing discriminatory, divisive or tribalist in making the plea or holding this view.

Indeed, there are many from the very same community who have made the same plea and see nothing wrong with it, which there isn’t.

This is just a question of fundamental fairness to say other communities also must be given the opportunity to lead the nation.

It’s also a question of fatigue; we are simply tired of being led by one community.

This is not even a phenomena confined to Kenya as other countries have much come to the same conclusion as to their own presidential leadership.

In the United States, for example, former president George H Bush was followed a few years later by his son George W Bush as president—this in a country with a population of more than 300 million.

When George H Bush’s other son and former governor of Florida Herbert Bush wanted to run for president in 2012, he was prevailed upon by people who told him it was not a wise move because Americans were simply tired of being led by the Bushes and besides it was akin to trying to create a ruling dynasty, which Americans long rejected.

Hebert Bush heeded the advice and did not vie and rightly so.

Someone should have prevailed on Uhuru not to vie for the same reasons but that would have been an exercise in futility as the man is determined to vie for reasons that go beyond his belief the presidency is his birthright or that the same belongs to his community.

Fifth, the constitution attempts to force this issue of not having one tribe win the presidency merely due to its numeric majority by the strict requirements as to who can be sworn as president, especially in its regional vote requirements but that’s not enough to prevent yet another Kikuyu from being elected as president, at least not this time around, given we have already had two presidents from the community.

It’ll take the wisdom of Kenyans going to the polls on March 4, 2013 to make that happen as it should.

Again, there is nothing tribalistic, divisive or discriminatory in urging our brothers and sisters from the Kikuyu community from giving us a break from yet another presidency; this is just a question of fairness and fatigue anyone objective would have to see it that way.

As others have said before, the election of Raila Odinga as our next president will go a long way in ending tribalism and his harvesting of votes in the former Central province will be key in that outcome.

Thus, those from the region must ask themselves is it in the country’s interest to end tribalism and if so, would they like to be a part of that eventuality which is certain to come, anyway.

On the other hand, the election of Uhuru Kenyatta will be condemnation of the country to dominance of one tribe at the expense of all others, which is unfair, not right and undemocratic notwithstanding its occurring in a democratic process.


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Radio Presenter Joshua arap Sang’s Endorsement of Raila A Big Boost for Raila–An Update

joshua sang

I have been blogging quite a bit on this game changing Ruto’s reconciliation with Raila and Joshua Sang’s endorsement of Raila in other Kenyan blogs and forums I thought I share here some of the blogging:

[To someone suggesting Sang has no votes for Raila]

You missed the point; it’s not the number of votes Sang has that matters, it’s what he said that does and no doubt will move huge number of votes to Raila column.

I know Synovate is coming out with their latest numbers tomorrow but they may have to go back and redo the exercise to reflect movement of votes in RV that’s already occuring thanks to Ruto and Sang signalling to the Kalenjin vote for Uhuru at their own peril.

[To a Raila supporter]


This is what we have been saying all along but nobody believed us.

The Kalenjin are saying enough of the lies now we want the truth about who’s serious about addressing our issues and they are concluding in large numbers that person is not Uhuru but Raila.

The voting will reflect that fact as Raila is reelected but this time sworn as president.

Raila has been saying Mambo Bado but I am not sure people knew what he was talking about; this is just the beginning of many strategic executions in the remaining few days to Election Day to make sure Raila is reelected but this time sworn as our next president–in Round 1, if I may add as a reminder to those who have forgotten we have been saying all along there will not be Round 2.

[To a supporter noting Raila’s masterly of political strategy]

In politics, timing is nearly everything. These things don’t happen in a vacuum; you can assume they have been in the making and many others to follow before Election Day.

A reliable source tells me Infotrak, which is to release its numbers tomorrow has been pondering whether to delay the release and redo the survey to reflect both Ruto’s public reconciliation with Raila and now Sang’s significant and loud declaration of the truth many have known for a long time–it really doesn’t matter because we know these two events and others to follow will in the end be the key defining moments of 2013 elections.

Stay tuned.

[To a UK supporter still believing UK can carry more than 70% of the RV vote]

You can take it to the bank Uhuru would not garner even close to half of what he and others who don’t understand the dynamics of RV have been counting on.

He can walk tall with his head up after he loses if he harvests 30% in RV, which is less and less unlikely.

You have to take these two events of Ruto reconciling with Raila and Sang endorsing Raila to mean even the two have come to accept what has been said openly in the region since Ruto abandoned his presidential bid to play second fiddle to UK–an anathema to most Kalenjins,especially the wazees who drive the votes.

BTW, Raila is not winning the propaganda war; he’s winning the battle of who is best suited to lead our country this time and most Kenyans agree he is. He’s merely winning over those who may have had their doubts, legitimate or not.

The truth and fact to be soon confirmed is this thing won’t even be close and will be over with in Round 1 with Raila and Cord emerging at the top much as was the case in 2007, the difference being this time around Raila will actually be sworn as our next president.

Those majestic words are appropriate to start practicing by those who have been in doubt or having their heads buried deep on the ground–or let them prepare to hear them for a long time to come beginning next week.

[To a Raila non-supporter insinuating Raila cannot get more than a few votes in RV]

No Maryanne, I am not saying that the whole of Rift Valley has now moved with Sang to Cord; I am, however, telling you the two events, Ruto’s reconciliation with Raila and now Sang’s open and loud declaration of the truth about Raila and issues dear and near nearly all Kalenjins, especially the wazees who will determine the vote, are major boosts to Raila’s fortunes in the area it’s impossible for Uhuru to reverse them–even with his reluctant running mate.

Notice how muted Ruto has been lately, going back to late last year and that will tell you something; the man is practically endorsing Raila in his actions, or more importantly, his inaction.

He (Ruto) is not stupid; he’s in fact, a very shrewd politicians who knows how to hedge his bets.

Right now, he’s hedging his bets that Raila is unstoppable and thus how he has not been passionately promoting Uhuru in RV and did not even bother to have URP open offices in Uhuru’s backyard.

If you recall, I blogged some time ago if Ruto were to decline the offer from Raila to rejoin ODM, I would state publicly why he would do so despite what he would and did give as a reason.

I subsequently hinted at it and that’s really what is at play.

But for that, Ruto will be fully Corded today but that’s okay, he’s and will do what he can to make sure the presidency doesn’t go to his running mate and that’s evidence of a smart politician, which he is.

[To someone claiming he had talked to a former Belgut MP about Sang’s endorsement and claims the former MP “laughed his head off” even as they did not finish the conversation]

Had you finished the conversation, you’ll have been shocked the laughter turned into serious and loud wailing; the man is probably desperately trying to reach Raila in continued and uncontrollable sobbing.


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Radio Presenter Joshua arap Sang Endorsing Raila Is A Major Boost for Raila in RV

joshua sang

Those in doubt about Raila being reelected but this time sworn as president, start removing any doubts which will be completely erased by this weekend. Sang’s endorsement of Raila as reported below by the Standard is going to move even more votes to Raila’s column beyond what has already moved as a result of Ruto’s reconciliation with Raila as blogged about in Raila and Ruto Publicly Forgiving Each Other Good For Both, Especially for Raila

When it’s all said and done, Raila will carry RV by more than 70%.

What Sang has said about Raila and ICC as well as Raila being the one who can resolve the historic land issues in Kaleland is nothing but the truth.

Kudos to Sang for stating the truth and aligning himself on the right side of Kenya politics 2013.

The message must be spread far and wide for all to hear I trust Cord has already cut ads to start drumming the message immediately, especially in RV where it’s more relevant.

The Standard

NAIROBI, KENYA: Former radio presenter Joshua arap Sang has broken ranks with two suspects with whom he faces criminal charges at the International Criminal Court and endorsed CORD’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga ahead of elections next Monday.

Sang has dismissed the coalition between William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta as incapable of bringing peace between two dominant communities in the Rift Valley who have fought during elections since 1992.

In a recorded message to air on radio, Sang says only a president who is not from the two tribes will be able to bring peace between the two communities, concluding that he believes that President should be Raila.

He has also dismissed as lies, the perception created that Raila could have sent him to The Hague, saying senior government officials who were in office before the coalition, not Raila, coached witnesses to testify against him and Ruto in the case at the ICC.

“We are away in a foreign land with my brother because of allegations made against us. The truth must be told. In my opinion, the people who masterminded and planned to have me and my brother taken to The Hague did not include Raila Odinga,” Sang says.

In the statement which Sang says he recorded because of “heavy feelings in my heart,” the journalist traces what he terms “broken MOU’s of the last two elections in Kenya, including the 2008 power sharing deal.

Mr Sang, who faces charges at the ICC alongside Uhuru who is Jubilee Presidential candidate and his deputy Ruto, appeals to the Kalenjin community not to trust the power sharing deal in the coalition, saying such agreements have twice been disowned after elections.

He cites the MOU signed between Raila and Kibaki in 2002 and the 2007 power sharing deal that brought the Grand Coalition Government into force as instances of broken promises that should make residents of the Rift Valley wary of the deal between Ruto and Uhuru.

“Today, some of our people want us to enter into an MOU again through Jubilee. They never respected the MOU signed in 2002 and the power sharing deal agreed on in 2007.  Why should we expect that the one our community has signed in Jubilee will be respected,” Sang says in a recorded message set to air on radio.

According to Sang, the agreements have not been honoured and he doubts the one between Ruto and Uhuru will fare any better.

Sang says that although President Kibaki and Raila were supposed to share power on a 50-50 basis, it never really happened and only one side of the coalition ran the country.


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Raila and Ruto Publicly Forgiving Each Other A Good Thing For Both, Especially and Especially For Raila

Raila and Ruto at prayer rally

Raila and Ruto publicly forgave each other at Dr. David Oduor’s prayer rally.

This was a significant act for several reasons.

First, it shows that even among enemies, real or otherwise, forgiveness is possible.

Second, given the history of these two men, and particularly given Ruto’s relentless attacks on Raila largely based on falsehoods, Raila comes out as yet again put country first and himself second by apologizing to Ruto when there was little he really needed to apologize for.

This is akin to a couple agreeing to apologize and let go of an issue they know they are right for the sake of peace, which is nonetheless commendable for the peace is worth it.

Third, Raila and Ruto forgiving each other publicly will have a positive effect on Raila in RV because it’s a way of Ruto signalling to the Kalenjin community Raila is after all not as bad ad he had made or tried to make him come across to those who follow him.

In essence, Ruto is saying to the Kalenjin community vote for Uhuru at your own peril.

This is true notwithstanding the fact Ruto is Uhuru’s running mate because even he deep inside knows a Uhuru presidency does not have much promise for him (Ruto), let alone the Kalenjin community and all Kenyans for that matter.

On the other hand, a Raila presidency does, in fact, have promise for all, including Ruto who will certainly fare better under a Raila presidency than Uhuru Kenyatta’s.

Let’s all commend the two leaders especially Raila for this act of brotherly love.


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Raila and Cord In Mombasa To Start Final Leg of Raila’s Long Journy To Second Ultimate Victory


Raila’s and Cord will today hold an historic rally both in terms of attendance and significance marking the beginning of the march to victory and even then the mother of all rallies has yet to happen but shall in the few remaining days.

Those with their heads buried deep on the ground, kindly un-dig your heads from the ground and open your eyes to see what most of us have been seeing all along and that is, this time Raila is unstoppable and so will Cord sweep the country much as ODM did in 2007.

Those sitting on the fence, it’s time you jubilantly moved to the right side of politics in 2013.

Those fully corded, it’s time to have all your friends and family not yet Corded do so their pleasant amusement.

Just talked to a friend from NEP who the rest of her family has not been Corded and tells me they now are, thanks to her efforts to explain to them what is at stake and specifically using the example of her brother she’s there to take to take to school (Form 1).

She emphasized Raila and Cord’s commitment to provide free primary and secondary school education, a goal Raila is fully committed to and says when he says “free” education, he and Cord mean free education, not free in part and still requiring parents to scrape to find money to cover other related expenses.

I meant to ask my friend how come her brother is starting tomorrow when I thought the start date is delayed until after the elections but this may be a situation confined to that area schools.

That’s what we are talking about; people being persuaded to vote for Raila not on the basis of tribalism as clearly that’s the case with Uhuru and Ruto, but on the basis of what he has proven he can and will do to make a difference in ordinary people’s lives.

That’s the spirit and new Kenya we want each of you reading this has the obligation to our beloved country to assess and vote for candidates who stand with ordinary Kenyans with their needs, not the narrow, selfish needs of the candidates, thwarting or even altogether defying the ICC, the main and only reason Uhuru and Ruto seek the presidency despite the serious crimes against humanity they face.

Whether you have been supporting Raila or not; this is the time to be even more committed and doing what you individually can to help Raila get re-elected but this time sworn, if you are a supporter, or time to re-evaluate and ask yourself the question who really among those vying, especially between ICC indictee Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga is better experienced and suited to be our next president and if you were to be objective and not judging things strictly from the tribal prism, that choice is clear and that is, Raila Amolo Odinga.

In the case of the latter, open your eyes and see that reality as it’s not too late and while at it, get your friends and family who may be in the situation you’re to see the same thing after you do.

I say that fully aware there are those who are so far gone, doing this, namely, changing their tribalism based views on Raila is impossible but my appeal is to the more practical and less gone or otherwise the more reasonable and potentially fair among them.

That being said, I am confident Raila and Cord will prevail come March 4, 2013 for these same reasons noted above, namely, it’s the only team ready to tackle issues affecting ordinary Kenyans and not Jubilee which really could care less.

Again, as Raila has been saying, Mambo Bado but after today’s rally, one can safely assume mambo yataanza climaxing with Raila’s reelection but this time being sworn as our next president as Mombasa marks the beginning of the final leg of this journey Raila has been on for a very long time.

Godspeed our president in waiting Raila Amolo Odinga.

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What’s At Stake In 2013 and Why Uhuruto Phenomena Must Not Prevail


To put this analysis in perspective and just so there is no confusion as to why it’s being penned, let me restate what I have been saying for a long time and maintain the view and that is, Raila will be reelected but this time sworn as president in what may not even be a close margin but, rather, a landslide–and by that I mean Raila and Cord winning by more than a 5 point margin.

That being said, let me also remind those who have forgotten what I have previously said about the ICC or inform those who are unaware that I have maintained from Day 1 that Raila’s winning the presidency is not predicated on the status of now wannabe president and deputy duo Uhuru and Ruto.

That being said, what I have been scratching my head for some time is, how is it the ICC indictees Uhuru and Ruto are even vying for the presidency?

There is no other country anyone knows of where ICC inductees would vie, let alone be allowed to vie for the highest office of the land as though being indicted for commission of crimes against humanity is some type of honor,


Why is it then in Kenya the ICC inductees have not only put themselves forth as presidential candidates and now teaming up as presidential and deputy presidential candidates, but have, de facto, been cleared by the courts to so vie?

The answer lies in what ails our political system and an ailment that can only be cured by the reelection but this time swearing in of Raila as our next president,

We know the ailment very well as it has been the reason we have had rotten government for decades and this is tribalism and negative ethnicity.

There is nothing that can explain Uhuru and Ruto’s vying and having a large following to the point of being competitive with a proven leader and champion of reform like Raila Odinga other than this disease that’s threatening to drop our country into even more unpleasant gloom and doom, given the consequences that lie in wait were the duo to emerge as winners on March 4, 2013.

That’s an indisputable fact.

This then begs the question, what should Kenyans of good will do to prevent our country being hurled over a cliff by these ICC inductees who obviously have no interest or desire to do anything good for the country other than the pursuit of their narrow, selfish interests mostly related to their status as ICC inductees?

Time does not allow to go into a deeper analysis exploring all the possibilities as to what can be done but let me highlight only one thing that can be done with ease by all of us in that mindset, namely, those who stand for the proposition our country cannot be led by ICC indictees either too busy defending themselves at the Hague or who would bring calamity of the worst kind to our country by their very likely thwarting or altogether defying the ICC turning our beloved country into a pariah state with concomitant harsh consequences.

This is simply let’s not seat by the sidelines and hope for the best.

There are simple things anyone in that category, meaning, Kenyans who as common sense dictates would not want to be ruled by ICC indictees Uhuru and Ruto as described above–there are simple things we can do to have an impact and that’s simply to educate and inform those either in denial or blinded by tribalism and negative ethnicity that remaining in that posture, or even more importantly, voting on that basis for this duo who objectively should not vie for any public office until cleared, may give them temporary satisfaction of keeping these vices alive but the net-outcome is they will suffer much the same with everyone else once these two achieve their objective and pursue their ICC strategy without caring one bit about the lives of those voting for them in this blind and ill-advised manner.

To be sure, those close with them or having played any key role in their unlikely election will as in the past milk the system to the maximum on that account but the ordinary voter voting only on the basis of tribalism will be left languishing and even worse off than they can see because they are either in denial or so blinded with this dual vice of tribalism and negative ethnicity,

This class, meaning the elected indictees and their hangers-around and schemers believe they will weather the storm as the country once again tumbles into a state of refuse while the ordinary mwananchi, including the very ones who vote for them suffer the consequences,

Only insanity can prevent us from seeing this and doing the right thing and I include in that being in total denial or simply guided by raw tribalism and negative ethnicity.

The elections of 2013 is therefore now set as a referendum on whether we want to remain stuck in the past where tribalism and negative ethnicity looms large in electing leaders who only perpetuate it to their self aggrandizement, or we forge forward to a new Kenya were neither vice is the major determinative factor in who we elect, especially at the presidential level.

That’s an easy call for any Kenyan who loves or at least cares about our country can make.

If the ICC indictees get elected, tribalism and negative ethnicity will prevail and given a new health bill to torment our country for decades to come,

If Raila is reelected but this time sworn as president, tribalism and negative ethnicity will be slain or at least crippled to the point it can no longer have a choke-hold on our lives and bringing with it all the suffering it has especially in ensuring only those exploiting the dual vices for personal, individual gain get anything good out of this disease–if you can call anything flowing from such despicable exploitation of these vices good,

Each of us has a say in which of this outcome becomes a reality come March 5, 2013; my hope and prayer is the majority of us making the right choice will be the ones prevailing come March 5, 2013.

That say could be in the form of voting, or making sure you inform and educate others voting what the right choice is and why they must show up to vote in support of it,

That’s a basic duty in any democratic society as we intend to make ours and prove to the world we can be counted among the sane democratic societies.


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Jubilee Must Stop Paying Hecklers To Disturb or Otherwise Disrupt Raila/Cord Rallies

Raila and Cord In NakuruRaila addressing mamoth rally in Nakuru today.

Raila and Cord took their campaign to Baringo and Nakuru counties today.

In one of the rallies held in Kabarnet, Baringo County, I arrived early to witness the normal work done by the advance teams and as the crowd started gathering, I noticed a sizable number of attendees sitting across the field away from where everyone else was gathering, which I thought was peculiar.

I inquired from a friend and the head of the advance team what that was all about and he indicated they may be fence-sitters who may not have been sure whether to join the rest of the rally or would prefer to watch things from a distance.

Once the rally went underway, and before Raila and other guests arrived, normal pre-arrival of Raila and guests activities were taking place at the stage, including entertainment by the DJ and a comedian most notably known for his excellent imitation of Moi and Raila.

Upon Raila’s arrival, the true intentions of the group across the filed became apparent and known when they started heckling speaker after speaker, including Raila himself.

Fortunately other than Franklin Bett who the small group constantly heckled, Raila carefully made his remarks to avoid giving them fodder to heckle.

At several points, though, Raila addressed the hecklers directly and in cleverly making the point why it’s not right or fair to keep having a president from one community, Raila compared that to a polygamous husband who only visits or stays with only one of his many wives to the others’ dissatisfaction and pleas for the man to spend time with them, too.

This drew quite a cheer from the crowd, except the hecklers who may have been taken aback from Raila and his apt analogy.

As all this was going on, I actually went across to the area where this group was and engaged a couple of them, pulling each at the time to the side and wanted to know to know why they were heckling the speakers–politely and diplomatically, of course.

I disclosed to them I am a Raila supporter and friend just so they knew where I was coming from.

To my surprise, they each told me the same thing: they were paid to be there and heckle Raila and other Cord speakers but truth be told, they do not disagree with anything Raila and the other speakers were saying.

Even more unbelievable but true, they each told me they’ll be voting for Raila!

One of them, who told me she is a college student, even offered to be of help to the campaign in whichever way she could but knowing this could be a perfect opportunity for a mole application, I probed her further and came away convinced she was, indeed, genuinely telling me the truth.

She was actually very articulate further confirming for me she was a college student.

Following this exchange, and after the rally peacefully concluded, I learned from a reliable source that Jubilee is planning to pay and bus college students to Mombasa tomorrow (Sunday) to do the same thing, namely, heckle Raila and other Cord speakers at a rally scheduled there tomorrow.

Anyone connected with Jubilee reading this and I am know Jubilee people read this blog, my message to Jubilee–and this is really a message from all peace loving Kenyans, is they (Jubilee) should forthwith abandon this shameless shenanigans and dirty politics of paying hecklers to heckle Raila and other Cord speakers at their rallies.

It goes without saying that Jubilee must let every politician seek voter’s support without paid intimidation and heckling, which is backward and undemocratic.

Paying people to heckle or otherwise disrupt or disturb an opponent’s rally as is clearly the case in this case is the height of hypocrisy coming from a group whose leaders are facing serious ICC crimes against humanity which ordinarily would be a bar to anyone seeking office, let alone high office, yet this duo claims they are doing so in the name of democracy and giving people choice, which we know to be false, anyway as analyzed in Why The Kalenjin Should Not Be Misled By William Ruto when the duo is busy engaging in this very shameless and undemocratic shenanigans and acts of desperation.

If anything, Jubilee must know while it may have succeeded in having heckling without incident in Baringo, this was actually due to tactical out-maneuvering by Raila who steered clear and asked others to stay clear of hot button issues that would have given the paid hecklers reason to up-the-ante.

It also helped this was an homogeneous community in Baringo; Mombasa is not therefore one cannot expect the same results unless the results one can expect is what Jubilee seeks.

Shame on Jubilee for paying people to heckle Raila and Cord but how sweet to know this is wasted money–not that it matters to these people in Jubilee–but nonetheless sweet to hear these paid hecklers saying they will take the money but vote for Raila and Cord, anyway.

If for anything else, Jubilee should abandon this backward and undemocratic antics for this reason alone, namely, it;s a waste of their money whether they care or not.

The implication of this on peaceful rallies is, of course, paramount and Jubilee will have no choice but cease this tactic they naively believe could stop the unstoppable momentum for Raila and Cord toward yet again sweeping the country with victories, including the biggest of all.

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Why The Kalenjin Should Not Be Misled By Ruto


In Why The Kalenjin Should Not Be Misled By Ruto  published in the Star today, I examine the relationship between Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto and offers reasons and analysis why the Kalenjin should not be misled by the duo into believing their relationship and working together has the communities interests in mind.

That’s not the case for the reasons provided in the column as follows:

The first question that came to mind to many after Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto first indicated a willingness to work together, was why would the two men accused of being responsible for their respective communities basically butchering each other would want to work together.

On the surface, the only thing that came to mind to many, were here were two individuals circumstances had developed such that they were either hanged together or hanged separately; there was no loss in that sense for them to forge a relationship whose benefit could be a net plus as opposed to not working together and therefore being hanged separately, anyway, if it came to that.

As events evolved, however, and especially after the confirmation of charges against the two and their other ICC accused, keen observers started putting two and two together and a clear picture started to emerge what was really going on.

This in particular during and immediately after the so-called “prayer rallies” which in reality were nothing even close to a religious event.

It must be noted at the time, both Uhuru and Ruto were individually presenting themselves as presidential candidates albeit in the so-called G7.

What emerged then as a strategy, was that even as Uhuru and Ruto were appearing to work toward a run for the presidency with one emerging as the flag-bearer depending on how the G7 group was inclined, Uhuru was actually already carrying himself as the presumptive nominee no matter what the entity under which he vied and sought the nomination.

Meanwhile, the Mudavadi project for ABR (Anyone But Raila) was underway.

There is little doubt in hindsight for many, and in real time and before for the most astute that both Uhuru and Ruto did not see Mudavadi, weak and indecisive he is, as capable of being the project he was meant to be.

Uhuru having been a project previously, had some experience to go with and obviously shared with his now protégé Ruto.

That being the case, the duo continued on their separate yet joined presidential quests, even as there was wrangling within the G7 group they belonged which ultimately collapsed on the weight of its indirection.

Curiosity intensified several months later on November 27, 2012 when Uhuru and Ruto announced to the world that they’ll be teaming up to vie for the presidency and vice presidency.

There was little doubt in anyone’s mind who in that scenario will be the flag-bearer and who will play second fiddle.

No one in their right mind would have thought even for a second that Uhuru would play second fiddle to Ruto.

This was confirmed on December 2, 2013 when the duo announced the formation of Jubilee alliance in which Uhuru was made the flag bearer and Ruto made his side-kick with an a MOU not worth the paper it’s written whereby Uhuru (read Kikuyus) and Ruto (read Kales) will share power on a 50-50 basis.

Never mind what the rest of the communities will share in that power arrangement.

Upon what Uhuru said was a visit from the devil, Mudavadi was briefly brought into the equation as the flag-bearer of the Jubilee alliance but given only a promise of power sharing less than the ICC indictees had agreed to dole to him in making him their project.

It’ll take a book to analyze how naïve Mudavadi was in reaching such a deal but, not worth it as he has proven over and over when it comes to these things, he is more than naïve happy only to be a project to whoever entices him the most and most recently the ICC indictees were the leading candidates for that effortless feat.

Which leads to a key question: We know the crams Mudavadi was promised to join Jubilee; but what was Uhuru’s promise to Ruto to agree to not only join him, but to play second fiddle?

The answer must lie in the underlying issue that belies the ICC cases against Uhuru and Ruto and that’s land.

Uhuru being the son of our first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, and notwithstanding the rap against him as not being that smart when it comes to politics must have been advised a band aid was put over the land issue in Rift Valley in the 60s and 70s by appointing  Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, a Kale, as Vice President.

As long as he served in that position, all land issues in the region were relegated to the back-burner.

Uhuru must have had the same strategy in mind and sold it to Ruto, essentially telling Ruto, I’ll make you deputy president and as president, I will return the lands taken away and give those most affected land elsewhere not even near Kaleland.

This is an offer Ruto could not refuse because, for one, it’ll be easy to sell in the area and secondly, it would put him in Deputy President much more easily—according to their calculation, than, say collaborating with Raila.

It remains to be seen whether such a deal will ultimately work but, going by what we know already about Uhuru, keeping promises even when reduced to writing is not something he’s fond of.

Much as Uhuru discarded the MOU with Mudavadi, so too will he discard any deal he has made with Ruto.

This is an important fact our brothers and sisters from Rift Valley must understand for it’s as true as the sun rising from the east and setting on the west.

Much as Uhuru is experienced as a project himself—something he used to Mudavadi’s disadvantage when he duped the latter to sign a useless MOU, Uhuru need not look further than his own father who used and dumbed Jaramogi when it was convenient to do so.

One must give Mzee Jomo credit for maintaining to the end Jaramogi was his friend and even said as much in Kisumu during the infamous incident when Kenyatta was pelted with stones and declared he would have had Jaramogi arrested but for the friendship.

When it came to his turn, Kibaki shred to pieces his MOU with Raila after the 2002 elections, setting in motion events which have still to conclude until after the next general elections on March 4, 2013.

It’ll be Uhuru’s turn to shred any MOU with Ruto and by this history, one has to be in absolute total denial not to believe or see it coming.

To put all of this in context, a few things must be highlighted:

First, if Uhuru were honest on this deal, he would have supported Ruto for president and let Ruto do the bidding for this type of land resettlement scheme, if it was a genuine one intended to address the land issue in Rift Valley.

Second, given it’s obvious the deal between Uhuru and Ruto had nothing to do with resolving the historic land issues affecting the two communities they each represent, the next logical and only conclusion one must reach is the deal has to and must do with the individual interests of the duo in connection with their ICC cases.

More specifically, the deal has to do with the two believing by working together and in the unlikely event they are elected, they can thwart or altogether defy the ICC.

A lot has been written about what consequences will befall our country were this to turn out to be the case, namely, the duo is elected and they choose to thwart or altogether defy the ICC.

One thing can be said for certain, given their inevitable thinking: they could care less what the consequences are for they believe they can weather the storm.

After all, they’re individually well cushioned financially and were there to be any seepage of finances for the less well monied, the other one will bail him out.

It’s a no brainer who pays the dear price for that and that’s the ordinary Kenyan who will suffer even more than they have in the past.

Third, besides the land issue, if those pulling the strings for Uhuru, and that’s not to say he’s not his own man, if they wanted to help the Kalenjin community, they would have revived KCC, KPA or written off farmers’ loans from ADC and AFC.

They did none of that, which is telling in by itself what to expect were this deal to hold and surprisingly put the Uhuru Ruto duo in high office.

Instead, they wrote off loans for coffee farmers and not even pyrethrum farmers whose loans were given under similar conditions and for the same purpose.

Finally, but not least, all one has to ask themselves is, why has Eldoret airport not been made fully functional?

We need a president who has to address issues affecting all Kenyans both ordinary and elite and that person is not Uhuru Kenyatta; at least not based on these facts.


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Gusii Is Fully Loaded–An Update


In Gusii Is Fully Corded I said “Having accompanied the Cord team for rallies and having witnessed the historic crowd in Kisii Stadium with my own eyes, there is not a question Gusii is fully Corded. This was not the case just a few weeks ago.

Not surprisingly, and as they always do–copying, imitating or otherwise trying to replicate Raila/Cord successes, Uhuru and Co went back to their drawing boards trying to figure what they can do to not necessarily match for they can’t, but slow down the momentum Raila and Cord have picked in the most reliably independent of all communities in the country.

Their goal, having seen they cannot but pick a handful of votes in Gusii, and they stated it publicly, is to harvest about 10 percent of the Kisii vote and they are “home.”

Following the script of this strategy, the Uhuru schemers went into overdrive with their point-man in Gusii, the never has been so-called “Professor” Ongeri to try and make some come back there.

The “professor” who really gives professors a bad name, and his minions concocted a plan that they also initially tried to recruit Omogaka Simeon Nyachae to bring Uhuru and Co back to Gusii in what they hoped will be a huge rally to try and undo what Raila and Cord have gainfully done in the recent past.

Nyachae, who most of my readers know to be someone I consider a friend and political mentor, initially declined to work with the Ongeri clowns and this only in the last week or so.

Today, I am told Uhuru camped out at a Kisii hotel where he was doing what he does best and the only thing he knows in politics, and that’s dishing out money in the hopes of buying support.

Reliable sources tell me a plan was concocted and unfortunately involving my friend Nyachae in which people were being paid from Kshs100 to 500 to attend an impromptu rally at Kisii Stadium.

When this shameless facilitation was complete, Uhuru with Nyachae in tow went to the “rally” and what happened from there is something I would not wish to blog about but do out of necessity because the truth must be known no matter whether it’s someone like Nyachae I highly respect or an Ongeri who I really have never had any good reason to.

Nyachae took to the podium and thought it fit to declare his support for Uhuru.

The reasons he gave for the support are shocking except for one I can understand as reasonable and these are:

First, Nyachae claims as compared to Raila, the Uhuru team has plenty of money–which is really nothing revealing in by itself other than it was Nyachae himself saying this–a very wealthy person in his own right you would think money or the consideration of it would not be a factor in who he supports.

Second, and this is the reason I would not have any issue with any time because I understand its premise and underlying logic, Nyachae says he supports Uhuru because his father was his friend and was good to him (Nyachae) when he was a civil servant.

Third reason Nyachae gave but not in a direct way–and this is the shocker to me, is publicly dissing his own son, Charles, CIC Chairman, for supporting Raila/Cord, which is another way of saying Nyachae would not and cannot support Raila.

I understand where my good friend Nyachae’s reluctance to support Raila comes from and I have previously blogged about it; in a nutshell, it’s largely because Raila said Kibaki tosha in 2002 when Nyachae and those of us with him had hoped Raila would have said Nyachae tosha.

Raila’s decision was a stinger and I can speak to that because I know we all knew the moment he said Kibaki tosha, Nyachae’s presidential bid was finished and over with without any much further effort on anyone’s part, including Nyachae in what he did or could not do afterwards.

However, after all these years, one would think Mzee Nyachae would let that go.

He has not and acting on the same emotion, my good friend has probably committed the most embarrassing thing he ever could notwithstanding the many decades he has said and done great things as a civil servant, businessman and politician.

It is my hope and wish my good friend Nyachae can have a moment of reflection and reverse what he has done for he will be harshly charged in history in these graceful sun-setting days of his illustrious career.

In the least, Nyachae has to and must retract the public humiliation of his son Charles, whom he also challenged to sue Kibaki over the non-gazettement of the land reform commission.

As a father and senior elder, he owes his son that much.

As a previously highly regarded Gusii leader and still in some respect still is, he owes the community either a retraction of his obviously hasty endorsement of Uhuru or better reasons for the endorsement for his own legacy;

I doubt my good friend Nyachae can come up with any reasons that would persuade the more than 70% of Abagusii who will vote for Raila and Cord candidates come March 4, 2013, but he can try.

The least he can do, is erase or at least try to erase the embarrassment and major stain to his legacy that would remain were the not to retract or modify the reasons he gave for the endorsement and even above all, his dissing of his own son, which I would have to believe and must believe was not done with much reflection.

Were Nyachae to reflect on the latter, I have no doubt he would agree with what I have said at least with respect to that blunder.

It’s also the right thing to do under our community’s traditions and culture, which he knows very well and is a major part of.

His own father, Senior Chief Nyandusi will demand nothing less.

As for Raila and Cord, Gusii is fully corded no matter what Nyachae does the only counsel I’ll give him as both a friend and political mentor is, people do make mistakes that’s why pencils have erasers; he has made one, but it’s not too late to erase the mistake.

No hurt feelings.

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Raila and Cord On The Campaign Trail; The Momentum Is Building!

Raila in Estleigh

Raila in Eastleigh yesterday

Raila took his campaign back to Nairobi yesterday when he held rallies in Eastleigh, Moleem and Jerusalem.

At Eastleigh, Raila reminded the PM reminded the residents he has been visiting the area during good and bad times, including most recently after the area suffered an attack that left area MP and other residents injured while his opponents have not stepped foot there.

The PM promised to continue the roads construction projects he started in the area but have since been frustrated by money not being allocated to complete the road projects in Easleigh, putting the blame squarely on the feet of Uhuru Kenyatta.

“As a Prime Minister, I formed an inter-ministerial committee that made proposals on how to improve the state of roads here but you all know who the minister for Finance was then. Uhuru failed to allocate money and I want you to ask him what happened with the money when he tours here,” he said.

Raila also promised to deal with garbage collection in the city and once again turn Nairobi into the shining city and jewel of Africa it once was.

An aspiring candidate from the area speaking both in English and Somali said it’s be a shame if any Somali voted for other than Raila and Cord, given what the PM has done for the community and promises to do once reelected but this time sworn as president.

The PM assured the audience he will usher in desired police reforms as president and refocus the force on the tenets it was founded and that is serving wananchi in the “Utumishi kwa wote” spirit.

In Jerusalem, Raila told the audience many of whom may have not known this that he was actually born and raised in the area after the family moved from Bahati.

Indeed, the rally was held on the field where Raila said he used to play soccer in his boyhood days.

This is something this writer and am sure many readily recognized Uhuru cannot say about any village or area in Nairobi, namely, having any connection there that can help him understand the needs of those who live there.

Uhuru can only talk about being raised in Gatundu and State House both being totally removed from what ordinary folk go through in both raising their children, or being raised as children.

This is an important distinction and one of many that separates Raila from Uhuru and the reason why Raila is by far the best candidate of the two because even though his father was at one point our country’s vice president, Raila comes from a relatively humble background reflecting Jaramogi’s values as a champion of the oppressed and underprivileged, a mantra Raila took on and has fully embraced as his own.

Uhuru, on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and cannot possibly relate to anyone other than those also born with silver spoons in their mouths.

It is a proven fact leaders who can’t relate to the needs of ordinary folk never know how to neither are they interested in meeting those needs and if they tell you they are, they are lying.

Raila was later joined by his running mate, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula, the third of the trio at the top of Cord hierarchy

As Raila says on the campaign trail; mambo bado.

He and Cord have yet to making their closing argument expected to be in the next few days, culminating just a few days before the elections when Raila and Cord hold their last and possibly the largest rally ever held in Kenya as they sprint to the crossing line ahead of everyone else.

They promise to show Jubiliee dust by that time and that shall come to pass.

When it’s all said and done, this won’t even be close as recent polls seem to suggest.

It’s Raila/Cord victory rivaling only that of Narc in 2002 and certainly at par if not better than ODM’s 2007 when the party swept the country only to see Raila victory stolen from him.

That will not happen this time.

It’s clean victory and the winner shall be sworn as our next president after an election everyone who loves or cares about our country wants and insists must be peaceful and transparent as any can be.

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