My Response To Yet Another Anti-Railaist And His Spurious, Lame and Outright, Way Out There Lies

27 Jan

opinionA blogger cut and pasted the following lame arguments by Ahmednasir Abdullahi in various Kenyan forums and suggested that Jubilee use them as “articles of faith.”

The lame arguments first appeared in the Daily Nation

I have taken the liberty to address them and show why Jubilee and their supporters should not even bother parroting any of these if they don’t want to be laughed at.

The lame arguments are in italics, my responses follow.

Jua Kali opinion polls by Infotrack, Ipsos Synovate, et al, should stop. Pollsters play a critical role in predicting elections. But in many developing countries, pollsters simply don’t have the capacity to conduct scientific polls.

It’s also idiotic and the same mentality that has denied Africa the kind of progress we would have had by now but for mindsets like these because every time someone makes progress–mark you these polling firms are first and foremost business enterprises employing people–highly educated for that matter–with families to feed, yet fools like this Ahmednasir trash and dismiss them as “primitive” because they are not run by whites who have brainwashed these idiots to believe only things by Whites are worth trusting as reliable and dependable, not those by Africans while at the same time camouflaging the trigger for such trashing and that’s simply because the polls consistently show Raila winning. What a shame!

But, they have no shame.

On the other hand, Ahmednasir will be on the roof-tops, jumping from one to another shouting how badly Raila is losing in the polls were these same polls showing Raila losing ever ever so slightly.

What an hypocrisy.

We don’t want false predictions that will later create an impression that the polls were rigged.

As a lawyer, Ahmednasir knows this is a completely useless assertion unless he can back it up with facts or logic based on fact, or extrapolated from same.

He can’t or let him do so and I show you an idiotic attempt at doing anything.

If you’re doubting what I am saying, here is the stupidity of what Ahmednasir has just said:

First, polls are not a prediction of what is to happen in the future; they simply tell you what’s happening at the time the polling is done.

Second, even if you were to assume for the sake of argument as this [use your own adjective here] is purporting to say, a prediction cannot be true or false unless it fails at the time the outcome is expected. Thus, there are no “false predictions” to speak of regarding the elections of 2013 until and unless those elections occur!!

Third, while it’s true nobody other than those who stand to benefit from it wants “false predictions,” as stated above no prediction can be known to have been true or false until and unless the time for expected outcome comes to pass therefore to take this [use your adjective here]’s argument to its logical conclusion, no one should make any predictions about nothing!

We don’t want leaders to refuse to concede defeat and shout loud that their imaginary votes have been stolen.
This is saying a mouthful about nothing.

It’s true we don’t want leaders to refuse to concede defeat but that’s not the same thing as “shouting out loud that their imaginary votes have been stolen!” The two are separate and distinct for you can have a case where there have, indeed, been proven election fraud or irregularities in which case not conceding is appropriate and ditto for taking appropriate legal action, which is different from where there is no evidence of election fraud or irregularities in which case not conceding is not appropriate. Yet, this lawyer seems to think or doesn’t know that these two are separate and distinct situations requiring corresponding analysis as to which is which relative to appropriateness.

Foreign observers like the European Union must realise that their primary function is to observe the election. It is not their business to act god.

Another empty assertion.

What is “to act god?” Can this [that adjective again] tell us what that is and give us examples of how the European Union is acting as one?

They must learn from their calamitous mission in 2007.
What exactly was the European Union’s “calamitous mission in 2007?”

The American, British and European Union embassies should respect the desire and will of the Kenyan people.

Goes without saying.

Kenyans are tired of diplomats on temporary visa who pretend to know or love Kenya more than Kenyans.

Again, this may or may not be the case if this [your choice adjective] wanted to make a point, he could be more specific and give us examples of which particular diplomat is pretending to know more than Kenyans for clearly there are many who would readily concede they don’t much as there those who think otherwise.

Finally, but not least, this [the word] says of 2007 election results:

In 2007, Mr Kibaki won re-election from a narrow ethnic base and was greatly helped by voters from smaller tribes.

Let me not even get started on this assertion, which tells you all you need to know about this man but the latter part of the title of this blog best sums it up as all of his assertions.

God save us from these mindsets.

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One response to “My Response To Yet Another Anti-Railaist And His Spurious, Lame and Outright, Way Out There Lies

  1. Fazul Abdullah (@Fazul_)

    January 28, 2013 at 6:16 AM

    About leaders refusing to concede defeat;
    Abdullahi is talking of DEFEAT…..only the defeated are expected to concede defeat. So it is the same idiots who incite by alleging rigging. This incitement is what caused 2007 PEV more than anything else

    About polling
    it is obvious voodoo maths are at play here. that is the only reason 2 pollsters using the same methodology and over the same period arrive at ridiculously different results

    read Kriegler Report and see their role how they contributed to the perception of rigging

    If you are going to tear down arguments, use sense


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