What Republicans In the US, Beyonce and Raila Have In Common–Or Not

23 Jan

Politically, there is hardly anything Republicans in the US have in common with Beyonce and Raila.

However, Beyonce and Raila have at least one thing in common and that is, they are the recipients of unwarranted whining and baseless criticism, always in the case of Raila, and at least once in the case of Beyonce as noted below in the name of politics and no one is better at dishing out both politically than the Republicans in the US who often remind me of anti-Railaists and opponents in Kenya.

Indeed, many of the strategies and tactics pursued by anti-Railaists and opponents mirror those of the Republicans in the US who are in equal measure if not more mirrored by the Tories of the United Kingdom and vice-versa as between the latter two.

What Republicans and Tories are good at, is incessant whining and are quite frankly possessed with a penchant to whine, complain and criticize even where there is nothing to whine about or criticize all because they incredibly want people to believe they are the know it all and their opponents or those associated with them, including their supporters can’t ever do anything right.

Take President Barrack Obama, for example; there is a Right Wing Nuts (RWN) radio and television industry that came to be during Clinton years but has since boomed with Obama’s coming to power and is entirely predicated on the general proposition that Democrats are there to take away people’s guns and give the store to the less fortunate at the expense of those who have made it, which is entirely false and specifically that Obama does not deserve to be president because he’s black–something this RWN media doesn’t forget to subliminally remind their audiences daily.

Just the other day when Obama was inaugurated for the second time, no soon had these RRWs recovered from severe stomach upsets from watching the beautifully done ceremony did they start whining at how terrible Obama’s speech was and when later on a British paper twitted that Beyonce, perhaps one of the most beautiful women in the universe–our wives aside (do you think I am stupid? I’ll be in the dog-house for days if I didn’t make this qualification)–anyway, the paper twits that Beyonce lipsynced her own rendition of the National Anthem, which she did so flawlessly and now the Republicans want her hanged for lipsyncing the song!

What a bunch of whiners!

This had me thinking and the reason for this blog:

Republicans, just like those who hate or don’t support Raila, can never find anything good even in something as beautiful as the beautiful Beyonce who beautifully sings the national anthem, much the same way Raila haters and those who don’t support him can’t ever find anything good in all the good he does and continues to do.

What a shame.

Can these people not get over the dislike or hate and start appreciating the good things in others they so irrationally refuse to appreciate–publicly anyway?

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, Beyonce continues to be beautiful and beautifully performing, Obama is doing his thing and Raila no doubt will continue to do the same when sworn as our next president.

Such is life; enjoy while you can by doing what’s good not just for yourself but for others as well, including country while appreciating the good in others or chose to be miserable by refusing to do either and soon or later discover all that was for naught.

For me, I am doing the former; what about you?

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One response to “What Republicans In the US, Beyonce and Raila Have In Common–Or Not

  1. NK

    January 23, 2013 at 10:58 PM

    Ha ha…Raila…Beyonce..Yes…but does Raila also lipsync? 🙂


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