Raila Flexing Muscle In Mudavadi’s Own Backyard

14 Jan

It is said pictures can sometimes say more than words; well, here below are some doing just that for Raila and Cord team in Luhyaland.

Every one of those faces you see there are saying, “a hah! We know what you’re up-to Mudavadi; can’t fool us no more you [each with their favorite adjective describing him]

The faces also tell you our brothers and sisters from Luhyaland have decided–at least a super-majority of them that Raila is the man and will give him a ringing endorsement come March 4, 2013.

Compare this crowd with those of Mudavadi in the same area who clearly don’t want to be there but are only either because they have been bused there from far distances or simply because they feel sorry for the man.

“I came to see and hear you speak but my vote is for Raila because he’s the best of you all vying; because I don’t believe one thing you are saying and certainly because a vote for you will be throwing away my vote because you have no chance of being elected president!”

Many can be heard saying the same thing silently and some even loudly so.

They are certainly saying the same thing in many a household and everywhere in Luhyaland.

They are in good company wanting to vote for Raila.

They’ll also be on the right side of history.

Its a vote and support they’ll never regret.

And now the pictures:






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One response to “Raila Flexing Muscle In Mudavadi’s Own Backyard

  1. Barnabas Mattai Duoth

    January 23, 2013 at 4:33 AM

    Raila Amolo Oginga Odinga is the man to watch and is the next Kenyan President in 2013


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