Our Development Partners Better Get It Right As To The Political Situation and Developments In Kenya

05 Jan

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In Our Development Partners Better Get It Right published in the Star today, I urge our development partners especially those in Kenya to get it right in what they share with their respective bosses back in Washington, London or as the case may be.

As I note in the column, a reliable source tells me a small select group of individuals has been putting together a report commissioned by the US White House (not Obama, he emphasises) that is supposed to provide an assessment of the political climate in Kenya and the prospects for the various candidates, especially Raila and Uhuru.

What is very disturbing, if not annoying about this report—which the source has shared some parts, is how glaringly wrong this group has it both in terms of information and analysis.

It is obvious from this report that those contributing to it have bought much of the propaganda being put forth by Uhuru, Ruto and their allies.

While it goes without saying that Raila and his team must obviously counter the propaganda directly with our development partners and the US in this particular case, it would also be prudent for those who have friends and contacts with any of these partners to make sure they know what the truth and reality is as it’s obviously contrary to the propaganda they may be prematurely buying into.

As I also note in the piece, it’s not unusual for the US or our other development partners to make mistakes in assessing our political situation in Kenya or elsewhere as they initially did during PEV but much as we managed to have them shift their policy by showing them facts and making the case they were wrong in their own assessment, so too are we called upon to make sure this time around we prevent them from making the same mistake of misreading the situation and political developments in the country.

A handful or so of concerned Kenyans will soon be making rounds in Washington to meet with key policy makers to share with them our views as to what the stakes are in this election, where things stand and what our development partners can do to make sure we have an open and transparent election in Kenya.

This is a non-partisan effort informed by the fact that what we need as Kenyans and what will have us finally breaking with the past and its evils to a bright future of peace and prosperity is not and cannot be any different regardless of what coalition or alliance one is affiliated with.

For example, unchaining many from the yoke of hate, tribalism and negative ethnicity must be a common objective for anyone who cares about peace or prosperity for our country regardless of party affiliation and this is at the core of this mission which does not end in Washington, but an ongoing effort everywhere until victory against this vice is declared come March 4, 2013.

Any efforts to reward or do the contrary must be rebuffed at every point and vigorously so, which shall come to pass if Kenyans of goodwill and love for our country have anything to do with it.

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