Evidence of Ongoing State Interference With Elections Uncovered In Kisii

03 Jan

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There has not been any doubt in most observers minds that Jubilee alliance has and continues to do whatever they can, including outright buying of support especially among hapless MPs or otherwise trying to gain office by other than making the case people suspected of having committed crimes against humanity are suitable to lead the same people they are accused of having committed crimes against, which they cannot make.

While that is condemnable as it is, what cannot be tolerated at all besides being condemned is where anyone can use a position of public trust to engage in partisan politics of the kind the County Commissioner of Kisii is accused of in this story by the Standard:

Three ODM ministers from Kisii are now demanding the removal of area county commissioner Lydia Muriuki whom they accuse of being partisan.

Public Works Minister Chris Obure, Assistant Ministers Simon Ogari (Information), and Manson Nyamweya (Trade), Bonchari MP Charles Onyancha, and ODM Kisii County Secretary Joash Maangi claimed Ms Muriuki was involved in the activities of rival Jubilee coalition.

The leaders held a news conference in Nairobi on Thursday to ‘report’ what they termed as unusual activities by a civil servant. “We have convened a press conference here to inform the public that we have evidence of the county commissioner’s involvement in activities of our rivals. She has been calling some MPs to lure them to join Jubilee,” said Maangi, who read a statement on behalf of the leaders.

When challenged to substantiate the claims, Nyamweya said the provincial administrator had personally approached him to defect from CORD and “since there are only two major coalitions, it’s clear who she works for”.

No evidence

“We as leaders are not here to just make unsubstantiated allegations because my other colleagues and I have been called by her to defect,” he said. Nyamweya added: “The officer has simply turned herself into a lobbyist and we are telling her to resign and engage in full time lobbying.”

When reached for comment, Muriuki said she could not comment on allegations that lacked evidence. “I have no comment. Ask them to provide evidence because I don’t know what they are talking about,” Muriuki told The Standard.

Obure said if Muriuki was not removed immediately, voters in the region would not have any confidence in the integrity of the coming elections. He asked the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) to investigate the matter, saying they were ready to provide evidence.

The Bobasi MP claimed there was a plot to ensure the recruitment of returning officers was skewed to assist in a scheme to manipulate the polls. IEBC Commissioner Thomas Letangule said the electoral body would not react to the claims until a formal complaint was made.

“Some of those officials have come to the IEBC but we advised them to make a formal complaint,” he said.

End news story.

If this is happening in Kisii, you can count on it happening everywhere, especially where we have County Commissioners from the suspect class.

This woman Muriuki should be flog-matched to the Office of the President and have her behind sacked on the spot, if Kibaki is to demonstrate–or at least pretend to stand for the proposition we must have open and transparent elections.

Anything less is confirmation we may be in for another election replete with fraud and mischief  but the people’s wish shall prevail this time around.

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