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My Response To Yet Another Anti-Railaist And His Spurious, Lame and Outright, Way Out There Lies

opinionA blogger cut and pasted the following lame arguments by Ahmednasir Abdullahi in various Kenyan forums and suggested that Jubilee use them as “articles of faith.”

The lame arguments first appeared in the Daily Nation

I have taken the liberty to address them and show why Jubilee and their supporters should not even bother parroting any of these if they don’t want to be laughed at.

The lame arguments are in italics, my responses follow.

Jua Kali opinion polls by Infotrack, Ipsos Synovate, et al, should stop. Pollsters play a critical role in predicting elections. But in many developing countries, pollsters simply don’t have the capacity to conduct scientific polls.

It’s also idiotic and the same mentality that has denied Africa the kind of progress we would have had by now but for mindsets like these because every time someone makes progress–mark you these polling firms are first and foremost business enterprises employing people–highly educated for that matter–with families to feed, yet fools like this Ahmednasir trash and dismiss them as “primitive” because they are not run by whites who have brainwashed these idiots to believe only things by Whites are worth trusting as reliable and dependable, not those by Africans while at the same time camouflaging the trigger for such trashing and that’s simply because the polls consistently show Raila winning. What a shame!

But, they have no shame.

On the other hand, Ahmednasir will be on the roof-tops, jumping from one to another shouting how badly Raila is losing in the polls were these same polls showing Raila losing ever ever so slightly.

What an hypocrisy.

We don’t want false predictions that will later create an impression that the polls were rigged.

As a lawyer, Ahmednasir knows this is a completely useless assertion unless he can back it up with facts or logic based on fact, or extrapolated from same.

He can’t or let him do so and I show you an idiotic attempt at doing anything.

If you’re doubting what I am saying, here is the stupidity of what Ahmednasir has just said:

First, polls are not a prediction of what is to happen in the future; they simply tell you what’s happening at the time the polling is done.

Second, even if you were to assume for the sake of argument as this [use your own adjective here] is purporting to say, a prediction cannot be true or false unless it fails at the time the outcome is expected. Thus, there are no “false predictions” to speak of regarding the elections of 2013 until and unless those elections occur!!

Third, while it’s true nobody other than those who stand to benefit from it wants “false predictions,” as stated above no prediction can be known to have been true or false until and unless the time for expected outcome comes to pass therefore to take this [use your adjective here]’s argument to its logical conclusion, no one should make any predictions about nothing!

We don’t want leaders to refuse to concede defeat and shout loud that their imaginary votes have been stolen.
This is saying a mouthful about nothing.

It’s true we don’t want leaders to refuse to concede defeat but that’s not the same thing as “shouting out loud that their imaginary votes have been stolen!” The two are separate and distinct for you can have a case where there have, indeed, been proven election fraud or irregularities in which case not conceding is appropriate and ditto for taking appropriate legal action, which is different from where there is no evidence of election fraud or irregularities in which case not conceding is not appropriate. Yet, this lawyer seems to think or doesn’t know that these two are separate and distinct situations requiring corresponding analysis as to which is which relative to appropriateness.

Foreign observers like the European Union must realise that their primary function is to observe the election. It is not their business to act god.

Another empty assertion.

What is “to act god?” Can this [that adjective again] tell us what that is and give us examples of how the European Union is acting as one?

They must learn from their calamitous mission in 2007.
What exactly was the European Union’s “calamitous mission in 2007?”

The American, British and European Union embassies should respect the desire and will of the Kenyan people.

Goes without saying.

Kenyans are tired of diplomats on temporary visa who pretend to know or love Kenya more than Kenyans.

Again, this may or may not be the case if this [your choice adjective] wanted to make a point, he could be more specific and give us examples of which particular diplomat is pretending to know more than Kenyans for clearly there are many who would readily concede they don’t much as there those who think otherwise.

Finally, but not least, this [the word] says of 2007 election results:

In 2007, Mr Kibaki won re-election from a narrow ethnic base and was greatly helped by voters from smaller tribes.

Let me not even get started on this assertion, which tells you all you need to know about this man but the latter part of the title of this blog best sums it up as all of his assertions.

God save us from these mindsets.

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Uhuruto Mini Documentary Part I


Sometimes saying less says more than enough.

Let’s pray for God’s intervention that what is feared in the documentary does not come to pass and that Kenyans going to the polls on March 4, 2013 have the wisdom to make the right decision and vote for Raila and Cord as it’s the only team to save our country from certain thrust to the past dark days of the very maladies we are desperately trying to get away from and have made some progress.

We simply cannot afford to go in reverse just because two individuals facing serious crimes against humanity of murder, maiming, rape, loss of property and the displacement of more than 600,000 people callously insist they must be elected president and vice president as though Kenya ni yao.

We can do better and we must do better for the sake of our beloved country.

There isn’t any one person or group of person more important than our country.

Do not be fooled for a second that this is about democracy.

It’s not.

It’s all about two individuals trying everything the can–and let’s hope we have seen the worst, to burrow their way into State House and no doubt try to flip the middle finger to the ICC and the world community for that matter much to the great and immeasurable suffering of our people unlike anything we have in the past.

That’s the truth even their hardcore supporters know and would privately admit.

The only thing standing in the way of implementing such madness and treacherous plans are the good people of our beloved country with a sense of patriotism and at least some minimal care for her and her future.

Again, may their wisdom prevail in the majority come March 4, 2013.


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Jubilee Has Confirmed Not Ready For Leadership


In Jubilee Has Confirmed It’s Not Ready For Leadership published in the Star today, I make the case why this is so and urge Kenyans to reject the coalition, especially its flag-bearer Uhuru Kenyatta who is not only less qualified than Prime Minister Raila Odinga who seeks reelection but this time be sworn as president, Uhuru’s facing the serious crimes against humanity he faces alone disqualifies him from being elected president.

I know there are those whose heads are buried deep on the ground and refuse to see, hear or accept the reality of this but in the end, I am confident a majority of those going to the polls on March 4, 2013 do and will do the right and only right thing by voting Raila in as our next president while giving a nod to as many Cord candidates from governor all the way down enough to give Raila a working majority to effectively govern and take our country where we should have been a long time ago in peace, progress and prosperity.

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Official Launch of Raila’s Presidential Bid


The Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat wishes to announce that the eagerly-awaited official launch of Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s presidential candidature under the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD)ticket will be held on Wednesday, 30th January, 2013, at the Uhuru Park, Nairobi.

On the same day, prior to the launch, Mr Odinga accompanied by his running mate, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, and CORD principal, Minister Moses Wetangula and other coalition luminaries; is scheduled to hand in his nomination papers to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) at Anniversary Towers.

Monday, 28th January, 2013, will be another big day for CORD, when the coalition launches its harmonized manifesto. The ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) from 11.00am.

You are kindly invited to cover these landmark events.


TEL: 020 2712496/97/98
CELL: 0711 649 066/0733 766 204

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The Kibaki Succession Game: Unfolding Truth and Other Revelations–An Update


[You think I should tosha you?] Hmmmmm; let me see…would be nice, but no thanks; I have this in the bag.

In The Kibaki Succession Game: Unfolding Truth and Other Revelations Part IV, I penned in June last year, I noted the following:

The schemers have put the overall price tag for their invidious scheme to retain control of the presidency at 9 billion, 900 million, with 6 billion of that already pledged by one individual who is key in KSG.

The rest is to come from—guess where?

The tax-payers.

Supporters who have for a long time been strategically placed in various ministries, starting from Treasury are under instructions to start stealing and piling in a fund to finance this scheme.

It is feared that the theft has long since started and is underway.

The rest of the money will come from a list of about 100 individuals who are each tasked to raise 100 million each.

Other plans include maximizing the use of tribalism and other divisive tactics to deny Raila the vote not to forget the good-old massive rigging.

End quote.

A couple of months later, the Standard in a story titled Kibaki Administration Pays Out Billions As Election Nears confirmed this to be, indeed, the case underway consistent with what was reported in that blog.

In updating my initial blog on this, I noted I was sure the Kibaki/UK people were saying, mta do?

My initial reporting of this was further vindicated by the Star in Uhuru To Spend 10 billion in Campaign where Jubilee in efforts to show to what extent its willing to go to buy its way into State House, leaked its budget to the media.

That my sourcing is credible, therefore, cannot be doubted.

The same source I relied in my initial blogging on this now tells me even though it’s all along been the plan and, in fact, the case that public funds and resources have made their way to the Uhuru campaign, all is not well with this strategy.

In fact, the source tells me there is an altogether new strategy I’ll disclose in Kibaki Succession Game: Unfolding Truths and Other Revelations Part VI coming soon.

Heads Up: Raila and Cord will like the strategy much as that sounds oxymoronic or a contradiction of terms.

The schemers may have had no choice but to nonetheless go this direction, even though a case could be made otherwise or either that someone is seriously trying to have Raila elected from within the schemers.

Cannot rule that out and am mulling whether to posit as to why for fear of jinxing a good thing coming Raila’s way if, indeed, that’s the case.


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Hon. Robert F Godec Has Been Sworn In As New Ambassador To Kenya

Robert Godec

Hon. Robert F. Godec has been sworn in as the ambassador to Kenya. Ambassador Godec was sworn in by US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton.

According to the US State Department, Ambassador Godec served in numerous senior positions within the Department of State in Washington, was U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia from 2006 to 2009 and also served at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi from 1996 to 1999.

Robert F. Godec is currently the Principal Deputy Coordinator for Counterterrorism in the Department of State. From 2006 to 2009, he served as U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia. Ambassador Godec has also served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and was Deputy Coordinator for the Transition in Iraq, charged with organizing the transition of policy and operational elements of the Coalition Provisional Authority and the standup of U.S. Mission Iraq.

Prior to his work on Iraq, Ambassador Godec was Acting Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs at U.S. Embassy Pretoria, South Africa. He has also served as Economic Counselor at U.S. Embassy Nairobi, Kenya, Assistant Office Director for Thailand and Burma in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, and Director for Southeast Asian Affairs at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Before joining the Foreign Service in 1985, Ambassador Godec earned a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from Yale University as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia. He attended the State Department’s Senior Seminar and has received a Distinguished Honor Award and numerous other awards and commendations.

Ambassador Godec speaks French and German.

In a Statement issued during his confirmation hearing before the US Senate, Godec said the following:

The upcoming March 2013 election is the next key moment for Kenya in the implementation of its new constitution and in advancing political reform. The responsibility for the election rests squarely with the Kenyan government and people, and success, frankly, is not assured. If I am confirmed, one of my top priorities will be to support Kenyan efforts to make the election free, fair, and peaceful.

We have a strong and varied set of programs in place to assist institutions charged with carrying out the most complex election in Kenya’s history. We are working with government, civil society, religious leaders, community leaders, and youth across the country to promote peaceful participation in the election.

With the nomination, confirmation and now having been sworn as US Ambassador to Kenya, let’s hope this career diplomat who has previously served in the country can do as he has outlined above for that’s all we ask him at the base level.

His first order of business ought to make it clear what the consequences of electing Uhuru and Ruto shall be for the country from the United States’ perspective and not take the usual middle, dodgy and going to the extreme not to offend anyone or raise eye-brows on matters such as this as most a diplomats are wont to do.

To her credit, though, outgoing US Secretary of State and Godic’s boss, Hillary Clinton, made it clear in basically reading the riot’s act to Kibaki–according to leaked reports from the closed-door meeting, that it would not be business as usual were Uhuru or Ruto allowed to vie and are elected to office.

Publicly, the US hasn’t said much, though, weighing the situation as it evolves before doing so.

That kind of silence or muddled pronouncements is exactly what we don’t need at this time.

There are times where clarity of purpose and objectives must be made clear and in no uncertain terms.

Nothing cries for just that other than this ICC situation.

I commend the UK envoy to Kenya Christian Turner who made it clear the other day the UK will not have anything to do with Uhuru or Ruto in the unfortunate circumstance either or both are elected as president and vice-president, the new US envoy should do the same and ditto for all other envoys so it’s even more clear to all that it’s not business as usual in Kenya anymore as these two ICC indictees seem to think or want others to believe.

We are way past this exploitation of people’s lack of information, poverty and tribalism to advance narrow and selfish agendas as Uhuru and Ruto are clearly pursuing.

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What Republicans In the US, Beyonce and Raila Have In Common–Or Not

Politically, there is hardly anything Republicans in the US have in common with Beyonce and Raila.

However, Beyonce and Raila have at least one thing in common and that is, they are the recipients of unwarranted whining and baseless criticism, always in the case of Raila, and at least once in the case of Beyonce as noted below in the name of politics and no one is better at dishing out both politically than the Republicans in the US who often remind me of anti-Railaists and opponents in Kenya.

Indeed, many of the strategies and tactics pursued by anti-Railaists and opponents mirror those of the Republicans in the US who are in equal measure if not more mirrored by the Tories of the United Kingdom and vice-versa as between the latter two.

What Republicans and Tories are good at, is incessant whining and are quite frankly possessed with a penchant to whine, complain and criticize even where there is nothing to whine about or criticize all because they incredibly want people to believe they are the know it all and their opponents or those associated with them, including their supporters can’t ever do anything right.

Take President Barrack Obama, for example; there is a Right Wing Nuts (RWN) radio and television industry that came to be during Clinton years but has since boomed with Obama’s coming to power and is entirely predicated on the general proposition that Democrats are there to take away people’s guns and give the store to the less fortunate at the expense of those who have made it, which is entirely false and specifically that Obama does not deserve to be president because he’s black–something this RWN media doesn’t forget to subliminally remind their audiences daily.

Just the other day when Obama was inaugurated for the second time, no soon had these RRWs recovered from severe stomach upsets from watching the beautifully done ceremony did they start whining at how terrible Obama’s speech was and when later on a British paper twitted that Beyonce, perhaps one of the most beautiful women in the universe–our wives aside (do you think I am stupid? I’ll be in the dog-house for days if I didn’t make this qualification)–anyway, the paper twits that Beyonce lipsynced her own rendition of the National Anthem, which she did so flawlessly and now the Republicans want her hanged for lipsyncing the song!

What a bunch of whiners!

This had me thinking and the reason for this blog:

Republicans, just like those who hate or don’t support Raila, can never find anything good even in something as beautiful as the beautiful Beyonce who beautifully sings the national anthem, much the same way Raila haters and those who don’t support him can’t ever find anything good in all the good he does and continues to do.

What a shame.

Can these people not get over the dislike or hate and start appreciating the good things in others they so irrationally refuse to appreciate–publicly anyway?

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, Beyonce continues to be beautiful and beautifully performing, Obama is doing his thing and Raila no doubt will continue to do the same when sworn as our next president.

Such is life; enjoy while you can by doing what’s good not just for yourself but for others as well, including country while appreciating the good in others or chose to be miserable by refusing to do either and soon or later discover all that was for naught.

For me, I am doing the former; what about you?

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