Congratulations To Raila Amolo Odinga For Being Picked As CORD Flag-Bearer

22 Dec

Raila and Musyoka

In a colourful ceremony the Standard describes as reminiscent of the rally by National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) leaders at the same venue on October 14, 2002, where Raila endorsed Mwai Kibaki as flag bearer through the famous ‘Kibaki Tosha!’ declaration, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka repeated the same lines with Raila being the beneficiary this time.

It is fully expected that much as Kibaki rode to victory virtually by the force of those words and the euphoria they created through election day, so too will Raila ride to victory by this endorsement even though one can say unlike Kibaki in 2002, Raila’s endorsement was a foregone conclusion only because he long ago earned it.

Congratulating Raila is nonetheless still in order if anything as a recognition that even as he has earned the nomination through his own hands and sweat–and what a contrast to others who have done nothing but want to have nominations handed to them on a silver platter–the man is now at the pinnacle of his political career and is has now embarked on his last fight for the country with this nomination and it’s a fight he must win to seal his legacy as the enigma who has done and sacrificed so much for the country along the way.

I am proud of Raila for this accomplishment and wish all of us can join in wishing him well and doing what each one of us can to make sure the man, indeed, is reelected but this time sworn as our next president.

It’s the right thing to do if we care and/or love our country or have any respect for the rule of law of which ending corruption and impunity is a part of and none is a better champion of all these among those vying for the presidency than Raila himself.

Go CORD go!

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