Many Depressed Over Raila Winning Coalition

05 Dec


In Raila’s Coalition Will Carry The Day, published before Raila announced his teaming up with several notable politicians, including Wetangula, Musyoka and Ngilu, I noted Raila will once again put together a winning coalition much as he has previously done and not a single coalition he has put together has failed to meet it its objectives; on that count, he is 4 for 4 but now make that 5 for 5 because there is no doubt CORD will carry the day come March 4, 2013 as it has everything going for it and therefore the thing is theirs to lose.

The other side (read Uhuruto) or the so-called “Third Force” can’t say the same thing.

In fact, the former duo is burdened with heavy loads of unwanted baggage they must first offload before even becoming close to being something of a force to reckon as CORD is now.

They may fool some of their supporters they have something going, but the reality is they don’t.

You cannot possibly have two suspects of crimes against humanity making the case what they are doing is not all about themselves and their escaping the hangman’s noose than it is anything to do with the country or even those they are busy hoodwinking and lying to in hopes of securing their vote.

Much more and even one can say comfortably a vast majority of the country doesn’t buy and won’t buy the bunk and that’s a good thing because doing otherwise will throw our country in reverse gear in all measures that matter, including our reputation mostly as a peaceful nation and one that has now embraced reforms to usher us in a new direction that can only be reversed in the unlikely event the ICC suspects are elected.

Because of realization of this fact, namely, that Raila has once again formed a formidable coalition, the mood on the ground among Raila haters and/or non-supporters, especially the former is extremely gloomy and depressed.

Ditto on the Internet forums where even the most avid Raila hecklers have gone silent not knowing what to say as they witnessed formidable formation of this very powerful, convincing and genuinely people’s coalition that shall obviously carry the day come election day.

This even as Raila and ODM have yet to officially launch the 2013 campaign and what a site that’s going to be!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

That’s what Raila and ODM have done and are good at everyone else are amateurs incapable of mounting such a toughness to weather the storms as Raila has and now look where he is headed.

State House.


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3 responses to “Many Depressed Over Raila Winning Coalition

  1. ndungu mureu

    December 5, 2012 at 12:48 PM

    I think clearly you are drunk with excitement and when you sober up and the dust settles, you will be able to see the reality of the tragedy that took place yesterday. This group has nothing that will hold them together. Yesterday was the wedding day. After the wedding comes the hard part. Living together and discovering the monster you married. Tell me for crying out loud how Raila and Kalonzo or Kalonzo and Ngilu will work together without spite and suspicion. Tell me where you will place Njenga and Kalembe ndile and how all these different opinions will be accomodated. How will the run off be done And what will follow?? Where are Sally,Henry and Franklin in the equation??? The luhya block what is in there for them? These too many cooks and they will sure spoil the brooth. Get serious about your praises and give us the truth!!!!!

  2. mrbrandsombati

    December 5, 2012 at 11:12 PM

  3. Gibon Mwakichi

    December 6, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    I disagree with all what has been said,now what i know there will be a problem on how to maintain Henry K.F.Betty and others when kalonzo named as running mate,things will change and the ration will be 1:1 and the groups have to go to the drawing board again and this will be re run to get the winner.


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