Al Jazeera Headline Says It All: “War Crime Suspects In ‘Kenya Poll Alliance'”

03 Dec


Every once in a while, all of us either have or know someone who does or has done something that leaves one wondering why or how could someone do such a dumb thing. That people do dumb things is therefore not all that much surprising or rare.

What is always surprising and rare is where people do really, really dumb things, especially those flying in the face of common sense resident in a child barely old enough to know something like that is dumb.

What Uhuru and Ruto have done in joining hands to vie for the presidency when both are charged with serious crimes against humanity committed against the very people they purport to want to lead, is very, very dumb.

It’s also wrong.

The Al Jazeera headline “War Crimes Suspects In ‘Kenya Poll Alliance’” says it all.

If a reputable and neutral news organization like Al Jazeera can splash an headline like this, can one imagine what it would be like were the country to be so unfortunate as to have this duo elected as president and deputy president?

That’s an outcome no one who loves or care anything about our country should not ever even as entertain the thought.

To be sure, the Constitution does not expressly bar these two from vying for public office but there is a case pending challenging their eligibility it’s likely the Supreme Court will have to look with a magnifying glass at the law and many hope the court will be able to find a basis to bar them from vying.

Whether they are barred by law or not, basic wisdom or common sense for that matter dictates that these two should abandon their presidential ambitions and focus on defending against these serious charges they face.

We simply cannot have a situation where our president and his deputy are both out of the country defending themselves against serious criminal offenses!

Are these two out of their minds?

What makes them think they are so indispensable in vying for the presidency they must do it regardless of what the implications are in the unlikely event they are elected?

There is no doubt the two are united not just in crimes they are accused of, but also in their dogged determination to “stop” Raila from being reelected but this time sworn as president.

But surely even with that there has to be a point beyond which it makes no sense for these two to pursue this bone-headed strategy of putting themselves first, country second!

On the other hand, and now speaking as a Raila and ODM supporter, let them go full throttle with this ill-advised strategy as it provides an even starker distinction between them and Raila/ODM.

In essence, the case to be made by Raila is the country must make a choice between the following, given what is known and indisputable as facts:

Do we want a country governed by a president and his deputy both of whom must be out of the country in significant and extended periods of time tending to their trials for the serious crimes against humanity they face or do we want a president and his deputy spending 100% of their time trying to resolve the myriad of problems our next president and leadership must address to put our country back on track to peace and prosperity?

Do we want a country its president is convicted and hauled to jail or one who is convicted but thumbs his nose on the ICC turning our country into a pariah nation like Sudan whose president is a fugitive wanted by ICC and is accordingly constrained as to what he can do as a country leader?

Do we want our country to become a laughing stock for even seriously considering to vote for two individuals suspected of having masterminded crimes against humanity in which thousands of innocent Kenyans were hopelessly slaughtered in cold blood and hundreds of thousands of others displaced, or do we want the country returned to its glory past, even better?

Do we want a president and his deputy who are committed to full implementation of the constitution, or do we want one who is not as it’s not in their selfish interests and the interests of their cronies to do so?

Do we want an end to, or at least an effort to significantly reduce corruption and an end to impunity or do we want to maintain status quo or worse as to these two diseases that have so impeded and chocked our country’s economic development?

These are the choices the country must make come 2013.

Representing one side are these two crimes against humanity suspects, Uhuru and Ruto and on the other side shall be Raila and ODM.

There is talk of the “third force” representing the middle but let’s be realistic, there is no chance in hell they each get 20 votes even in their own backyards, given the two sides named above everyone is resigned to be the face-off in 2013.

If Kenyans vote on the basis of answering and making a choice between the foregoing, there is no question which way they should vote and who shall stand to gain and that’s, all of us.

Going the other way can only but assure us a backward regression of our country in every respect and that’s not something anyone of reason and objectivity can or should stand for, which means the Uhuru and Ruto duo team must be rejected.

The good thing is, we have been here before where Kenyans smelled a rat and said heck no, we just need to do the same thing again come March 4, 2013.

That shall come to pass for the good of our beloved country.



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2 responses to “Al Jazeera Headline Says It All: “War Crime Suspects In ‘Kenya Poll Alliance'”

  1. mrbrandsombati

    December 3, 2012 at 11:57 PM

  2. Francis

    December 5, 2012 at 9:32 AM

    only Kenyans know the truth, they have to be the judges…


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