Raila Pledges To Set-Up Grants Kitty for Youth To Combat Poverty in Kenya

25 Nov
For those who may have missed it, the import of the blog Reflections From A Field Trip To Medical Clinics In Poor Communities of RV of Kenyais the question of poverty and the widening gap between the poor and the rich.I in particular posited in that blog that we should judge and decide on who to vote for based on their stand and/or proven record as to helping the needy or at least doing something about it besides promises of what they can do once elected.One would have to assume in the weeks ahead we shall see these records come to bear witness as to where these leaders stand on this critical issue but in Congratulations To PM Raila Odinga For Looking After The Education of Our Children I noted some of what Raila and our other First Lady Mama Ida are doing in their individual capacity to educate poor children.

I am also happy to note the PM has reiterated his commitment to doing something about closing the gap between the poor and rich in pledging to set-up grants for the youth to start businesses once he is reelected as our next president as it has just been reported in Raila Pledges To Set-up Grants Kitty for Youth appearing in the Standard.

It goes without saying the PM is once again providing solutions for our country’s myriad of problems when all his opponents are spending all their waking hours even in their dreams is trying to figure out how best to gang up against Raila and “stop” him from being reelected as president without offering any solution for any of our country’s problems.

In their view, the country’s biggest problem is Raila crushing their individual or collective political ambitions, which is really a shame not because that should never be and cannot be a valid reason to oppose anyone for office, but because we have well informed and educated adults of voting age that support that shortsighted and outdated view of engaging in politics far removed from what really matters as far as our beloved country is concerned and that is, electing leadership with skills and ability to bring about progress and development, not merely advancing their narrow-minded and entirely selfish political ambitions.

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